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The EnterPAINment Industry: R.Kelly

Updated on April 23, 2020
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


When you sign anything just remember.
Those encouraging you have an agenda.

An agenda to always make money.
Even if that includes you perfecting.

Perfecting the pain that surrounds you.
They're not interested in reforming you.

Remember the late Micheal Jackson.
On screen many thought he was magic.

But his story really proved.
That the man, was really abused.

Kelly grew up in Chicago.
Showing talent that we came to know.

As one of the best we have seen.
He was soaring but had memories.

Memories of that older woman.
Abusing him and had him thinking,

That that is the way of life.
& the industry made it seem alright.

While young, he was ashamed.
He often hid the pain.

But after the allegations.
The truth came out to the nation.

Despite the truth, many didn't care.
& that just did not seem fair.

It's agreed that he needs to be punished.
But we can't ignore what really caused it.

The Position

The pain this young child has endured was ignored but the talent was not. At Jive Records, he teamed up with a group called Public Announcement. The young Kelly saw money that he never seen growing up. In the midst, he just kept going and the money kept coming. The group released their debut album called born in the 90’s. Kelly was standing out as the front man. The album had lustful hits such as HONEY LOVE and SLOW DANCE. During the groups success, Kelly was struggling with the reality that the his strong mother that raised him passed away. She lived long enough to see that her son was going places. When he chose to go solo, he did just that. His career really blew up. His first solo album was called 12 play. 12 play had hits that are still playing today. The album went six times platinum. After the success of it, more was in store. He became well known as a writer and producer. He wrote and produced an entire album for female artist AALIYAH. The album was entitled Age Aint nothing but a number. From then on, he was doing work for the artists in the music industry and each one of them were hits. They were also lustful songs but he made the money they wanted. Along with them, he too was in a position that he was comfortable in. He was living the life that he dreamed about but he was also in a position to destroy his life.

Caged Bird

During that time, R.Kelly won many awards. After success with the lustful songs there was one in 1996 that echoed his cries. The song was called I BELIEVE I CAN FLY. The song is very inspirational. It is also very symbolic. It was like a bird singing in a cage that was trying to get out, but the industry would not allow it. The bird was only allowed out when it was doing what they wanted. After the success with that song he went back to his lustful music. He started doing more features, but you still heard him crying out for help. Two Years later he released the song I believe I could fly again. He later wrote and produced soundtracks for films as well. By this time Kelly was a superstar in the industry. One that also loved the game of basketball. Kelly had undeniable success during his prime. Everything that he touched was a success, but his lustful image the industry required of him became a part of his lifestyle. He did not have successful marriages. He was married to Andrea Lee. Lee was a backup dancer to him. She is currently, the mother of his three children. By 2005, the marriage was in shambles. She filed for divorce in 2006 after filing for a restraining order. By 2009 the divorce was final. Kelly physically abused her on a regular basis. It was then the world knew that the music cannot hide the issues forever. Despite these allegations, the fact that Kelly was a caged bird seemed to go unnoticed.

The Industry

R. Kelly had a successful music career, but he also had a rap sheet. He had an illegal marriage. That marriage was to his protégé Aaliyah. Aaliyah was only 15 years old. The wedding was a secret in 1994. Kelly lied about her age and they got married. Sadly, a minister played a role in it but since it was secret they both denied it. Despite their claims, the singer Aaliyah admitted it and wanted the records expunged in 1997. It was done under parental consent. Along with this allegation a video surfaced allegedly showing Kelly and some underaged girl involved in sexual activity. Kelly denied it all but in 2003 he was apprehended. The next year the charges were dropped. As time went on Kelly’s name stayed in the air-waves. Numerous women and parents wanted him banned. In 2018 it was confirmed that those sitting on top of these labels were aware of Kelly’s past. The success Kelly was bringing them had them hide it all of his career. Not only did he hide it but so did the women he abused along the way. Kelly has his faults but so does the industry.


In reading this you could see R.Kelly was going through a lot growing up. In his interview by Gayle King it was shown to the world. Kelly showed his raw emotions and admitted that he cannot read. Now, why will the industry want that? Money. His talent was so great the label hid it. They hid it and did not help him heal. Believe it or not, this goes on in the entertainment industry. It has been for a while. One of the effects the entertainment industry could have on our lives is greed. Greed that harms the soul. This man's soul is harmed. Jacksons soul was too. The music industry's goal is to make money. These labels do not want souls saved, they want money and want those below them to do whatever it takes to bring it. R.Kelly is in his 50s and is still dealing with those demons because he was never allowed to fly to a pastor or someone to help him. His song I believe I could fly is not even played as much as the others. The list of those hurt by the industry for life varies. They screw up lives that do not have to be but because they want money, they are letting these little issues people deal with carry on. In R.Kelly’s case, the Labels say they wished they would have handled it long time ago but the actions continue to prove them wrong.

Do you agree he was not healed because of the music industry?

See results

© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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    • attainment3649 profile image


      2 years ago

      R.kelly saw a 20 percent increase in sales after the surviving Rkelly series. That's alot of bread for somebody with a huge collection of music. It ain't nothing to pay 5000 for somebody to participate in a story if 20,000 people buy your music after the allegation. Plus more people start booking you to perform and at his rate you might spend a few millions.

    • Ryan Cornelius profile imageAUTHOR

      Ryan Jarvis Cornelius 

      2 years ago from Hollywood Florida

      I sure wont be.

    • attainment3649 profile image


      2 years ago

      Rkelly makes money Everytime there is a scandal. I would not be surprised if the scandals are made up


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