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Entertaining Crime TV Shows

Updated on March 24, 2020
Ethan Kilpatrick profile image

After years of watching television shows of all kinds, I have narrowed my favorites down into two categories, comedy and/or crime shows.

Crime Shows Are The Best

Every once in a while, you'll find a really good show, but browsing through Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu is getting exhausting. This is why I started making lists of great shows to watch blocked by thematic elements of the shows. This is a list of crime TV shows that I personally find very interesting, and exactly where you can find them. Some of the shows I haven't included are CSI and Criminal Minds. I hear great things about these shows all the time, but I haven't had time to watch these specific ones just yet. As soon as I do though, I'll add them to the article.

White Collar


White Collar is a show following a young man named Neal Caffrey who is a professional white collar criminal that constantly evades the FBI until finally he is caught. Caffrey convinces the agent that captured him, Peter Burke, to allow him to be a 'consultant'. The show follows the many different adventures that Neal and Peter have while chasing everyday white collar criminals, but each season has an intricate underlying plot that gets more complex as the seasons go on. The show is sure to have you on the edge of your seat just after the first few episodes. White Collar is available to stream on Hulu or available for purchase online in the form of other streaming platforms.



A few years ago my dad and I started watching NCIS for the simple fact that we knew if we liked it, we had plenty of seasons to binge in the future. Currently, NCIS is on its 16th season along with multiple spinoffs. NCIS follows a group of agents at the naval criminal investigative service led by Gibbs and his team, including Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David, Ducky, and Abby. They've got plenty of quirks and office disputes, but they always come together as a team to catch the bad guys. The show filters through characters as the seasons go by, seeing as there's 16 years worth of acting that's been done. NCIS is definitely a more conventional crime show than White Collar because it focuses on the 'good' guys and not the criminals. Either way, it's definitely worth a watch if you've got the time. It's available to stream on Netflix or CBS All Access.

Burn Notice

Burn Notice is a very interesting show that follows a blackballed CIA spy named Michael Westen who is now living in Miami. He lands on his feet and keeps the money flowing by hiring out himself, his girlfriend Fiona, and his friend Sam. They hear people's problems and make them go away, usually adhering the law, but legality never stops Michael Westen. The focal point of the entire show is Michael's search to find who had him burned from the CIA and why. Eventually he uncovers the plot that got him stuck in Miami, but not before he realizes the importance of family life and everything that comes with not being a spy. This show is available to stream on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Hawaii Five-0

The sandy beaches of Hawaii seem like no place for cops, but crime has no boundaries or time limits, so ex-military operative Steve McGarrett and his trusty sidekick and best friend Danny Green (aka Danno) are hired by the governor of Hawaii to create a task force known as Hawaii Five-0 that has complete autonomy from the police and an extra long leash. Steve and Danny hire some trustworthy friends named Chin Ho Kelly, Lou Grover, and Kono Kalakaua who become a sort of work family. Crazy car chases and gun fights keep the show interesting for everyone, along with the 'romance' between Steve and Danny. This is a very comedic crime show that I definitely recommend in a family setting. Hawaii Five-0 is available to stream on CBS All Access and Youtuve TV.


In contrast to the other crime shows listed above, NUMB3RS doesn't focus completely on the brawn of the operation, but rather the brains. One of the main characters of this show is a genius mathematician named Charlie Eppes who teaches at Cambridge University and aids his brother Don Eppes at the FBI. Charlie and Don find ways to find and capture criminals and even prevent acts of terrorism with the use of advanced arithmetic in the form of complex equations made by Charlie. This show was especially interesting to me because I have a passion for math, and it is already evident that I love crime shows. NUMB3RS will really get you thinking hard, and mathematically, about everything in your life, analyzing every little detail. The show is available to stream on Hulu.



To change the pace a bit, I present a great show called Suits. This show isn't really about crime, but it is dealing with criminals. Michael Ross, a fake lawyer, and his boss Harvey Specter work at the firm Pearson Hardman and they kick butt and take names in the court room every episode. Michael Ross is a genius with eidetic memory that allows him to memorize tons of legal documents, and his boss Harvey Specter is a brilliant lawyer who never loses. Together, they make the perfect team to make a big mess in New York City. This show will have you taking the LSAT next week to begin your journey to become a lawyer, despite its hardships. Suits is available to stream on Hulu and Youtube TV.

© 2020 Ethan Kilpatrick


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