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Entertainment News For 5/12/14

Updated on May 13, 2014

Zack Snyder Releases Batmobile Picture

Director Zack Snyder who is now filming and working on one of the most anticipated films of the next 2 to 3 years in Batman Vs Superman.But today after mentioning that he would start shooting the film soon that he tweeted a picture today with the caption just saying "I might take the tarp off of it,What do you think? Tomorrow?" You can clearly tell that it is a dark warehouse but nobody expected to see any part of the bat mobile until possibly a trailer or the film itself and now sometime tomorrow we will get a full image of the whole vehicle.From the look of the picture it looks like Snyder took the two best batmobile's in the Tim Burton film with Michael Keaton as Batman and the wheels of the tumbler that is used in the Dark Knight trilogy from Christopher Nolan.I personally can't wait to see the full picture tomorrow and what will come of it but for now I like how Snyder went about doing it on Twitter and having it immeadiatly get thousands of favorites and retweets in no time.

Octavia Spencer Joins The Cast Of Insurgent

Actress Octavia Spencer who can be mostly remembered for her roles in The Help and Fruitvale Station has signed on to be in the sequel to Divergent that will be titled "Insurgent".This film has the same exact title as the popular teen book of the 3 part series and was basically a guarantee to come out after Divergent made over 200 million worldwide at the box office.The main casting of Shaliene Woodley and Theo James are scheduled to be back in their roles and adding Spencer in a role just adds that much more bulk when it comes to acting and the talent that she has.It was also stated that Robert Schwentke is directing the film from a script that is being penned by Brian Duffield and Akiva Goldman.

Edge Of Tomorrow Gets An Extended Trailer

The sci-fi groundhogs day type film "Edge Of Tomorrow" has recently gotten an extended IMAX trailer that will most likely show before the new Godzilla film this thursday upon it's release.The film stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt playing in sort of a battlefield that has machines that look like they should be in the game Titanfall but the twist in the story is that every time Cruise dies in battle he snaps back to before going into battle and having to live it all over again and try and change what he did before.Now this obviously isn't the first time this formula is used with Bill Murray using it in the film Groundhog Day and an episode of The X Files showed detective Mulder reliving the same day over and over that involved a bank robbery.So it will be interesting to see a more futuristic take on the story when the film is released.

New Poster Released For Transformers:Age Of Extinction

Today there was a new poster released for the 4th installment of the Transformers series and by far this one actually gets me and has gotten others excited because it shows Optimus Prime holding his sword high up in the air while he is basically riding what appears to be Grimlock.There was news leaked months ago that Dinobots would be involved in this film but basically having Optimus control Grimlock like he is his pet is something else and the way they did Grimlock is a major plus from what I have seen in the previews and everything else that deals with the marketing campaign for the film.

James Marsden At X-Men Premiere

At the big premiere for the new X-Men Days Of Future Past every cast member was in attendance and I know yesterday I had covered this a bit because director Bryan Singer wasn't at the festivities but there was a surprise person who was at the premiere and was even involved in the cast photos sparking a whole entire batch of rumors about his character and his return.James Marsden was laying low in the back of the cast photo but upon every person there in the picture he sticks out like the elephant in the room.If you weren't able to catch the third installment of the X-Men franchise then you missed the demise of his character and the moment where Wolverine and Jean Grey are on a beach and pick up his glasses which gives every one the idea that his character is gone.Now much like The Amazing Spider Man 2 wit's Norman Osborn you don't psychically see the character die so anything is left up in the air and everyone should know that by now which gives thought to the fact that Cyclops will also be in Days Of Future Past which I heard is already getting amazing reviews and nothing but good words so in two weeks all the speculation will be over and we will know if Cyclops is back or not.

New Clip Added For Jupiter Ascending

The film Jupiter Ascending which hits theaters as part of this ridiculously busy movie summer.The film stars Channing Tatum and Milan Kunis and is a Sci-Fi film that is directed by the Wachoweski Brothers who also made such great films as The Matrix and others like Cloud Atlas which are forgotten by most.But in the clip you see Channing Tatum using his gravity boots and just everything that is flying around him in the clip and how the directors are using their special direction to make it theirs.Also I know it is weird to see Tatum blonde but at the same time if the story is right then people will forget about his hair choices and start to delve into the story more because visually it is something to see just on that alone.

First Trailer For The NBC Show Constantine Is Out

The NBC show Constantine has a trailer now streaming on YouTube and timing out at almost 3 minutes long it shows that this show could end up being darker and better then the Keanu Reeves film that was released years ago.It shows the title character basically snapping his fingers and he is able to enter this dark underworld where he fights demons who do things that I am surprised that NBC is going to air on their network but again after going 2 season strong with their fan favorite show Hannibal and how ultra violent that is it gives you a good idea of how free they can be with content since it will air from 10-11 at night.The actor who plays the title character has had some roles in other things like Vikings which airs on the History channel and he plays the main title voice of Edward in Assassins Creed 4:Black Flag.So he and his voice are well known in some circles and the trailer does get you excited for the show so it definitely will be one to watch for sure.

Star Wars 7 First Set Photo

Episode 7 has released it's first set photo with what it seems like is the title attached to it in all of it's glory as well.The picture just shows someone coming out of a tent and rolling a huge metal piece and the title is just written in a silver black font to the side.The reaction to this has been fantastic and everything that comes out for this film will throw every fan into a tizzy for sure but having some actual movement is some amazing news to hear in the world of Star Wars and Hollywood as a whole.

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Constantine Trailer

Edge Of Tomorrow Trailer


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