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Entertainment News For 5/13/14

Updated on May 13, 2014

Zack Snyder FINALLY Unveils Ben Affleck As Batman

As promised yesterday when everyone saw the back end of the bat mobile and with the caption saying "Tomorrow maybe? had everyone in a tizzy wondering what the car would look like as a whole or if Snyder would live up to his promise.Now the day has come and Zack has lived up to his promise and then some by posting a picture to Twitter of Ben Affleck in the full Batman suit and with him standing next to the bat mobile giving fans a very good look of what the vehicle looks like in full.When it was released around my time at like 11:15 it was noted that Snyder wasn't like HERE IT IS!!! he just stated that he shot it with said person and with one of his cameras and the picture was below and in no time the picture got over 5,500 favorites and thousands of retweets to carry the loads and their was times I would scroll through on Twitter and see the picture 3-5 times in a row because of how high the popularity was getting on it in the span of a hour.The basic look of the outfit is much like the outfit that is used by Frank Miller in The Dark Knight Returns which has the short stubby horns and the big symbol on the chest but at the same time it isn't just showing out of the rest of the uniform compared to the rest of it and I myself am over the moon with this in a BIG BIG way.Now with the car it is a mix of Burton's creation and Nolan's Tumbler giving it the mashup of two great things and with it being a very very long two years until the release of this film and if anybody was scared that the 2nd Avengers was going to suddenly take over then fear not because I think this is here to stay for a long long time.

The New J.K. Rowling Story/Film Gets A Release Date

The J.K. Rowling Book "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" has finally gotten a release for the film and will sort of continue the Harry Potter franchise that everyone knows and loves.Although this film will be a good 50 years before the major events that everyone knows with Harry and all the other wizards but still having a core story that die hard fans will read is something that could bode well for the studio making the film and with its release date being November 18th 2016 this could be the Thanksgiving movie people will go see during the holidays and hopefully will give the franchise that juice that it has to carry it through until the book series is done since I heard that the book isn't bad either I mean it isn't the Harry Potter series but at the same time that was almost a once and a lifetime series and the chances of lightning striking twice is up there but we will see when the film is released.

Channing Tatum Confirmed As Gambit

Channing Tatum was in talks about a month ago to play the character of Gambit in the X-Men universe and it was now revealed and announced by Lauren Shuler Donner who is like the head honcho over at FOX and kind of handles all the casting properties with X-Men says that if Tatum was willing to accept the role then they would be more then happy to take him in and having him play the character at some point in the series would be a very great thing because his acting style and the way he would carry the character is something that the studio is very excited about and can't wait to get going on.When Tatum was asked about the role he said he was working out more and said that he was also working on his New Orleans accent and trying to get everything about the character down to a T so most people that know and love the character will be able to relate with it to the best of his ability.No one knows quite yet where he will come in but people think it might be after Days Of Future Past and he could join Apocalypse somehow or just have his own standalone film then maybe do something past Apocalypse which may be another option but for now we know that FOX has their Gambit and it is a good option to have.

X-Men And Fantastic Four Producer Shoots Down Rumors Of Tied Down Universe For Now...

Producer of the upcoming superhero films for X-Men and Fantastic Four Simon Kinberg basically shot down whatever thoughts were up in the air on the possibility of a crossover film for the X-Men and Fantastic Four after their respective films come out.During the premiere it was asked whether we could see that sometime in the future and he stated that their universes were very "Discrete" and hard to just match together in a day or however long it is planned to take.Because he also mentioned that it could also hurt to have them together right away because having SO many characters in the same place might kill the whole "Amazing" in the normal world part of it might just get dull fast and then by the time the film released nobody would care anymore and it would be a done thing so hopefully if it ever gets done then the people over at FOX will do it right and it can be done to everyones liking.

Gordon Levitt And Rogen Getting Back Together Again

Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen are getting back together on screen again after working together in the dramaedy film 50/50.This time they will once again be working with 50/50 director Jonathan Levine and they are adding actor Anthony Mackie into the mix of the casting and the story of the film revolves a group of friends who get together in New York City around Christmas time and their big thing is to all hang out together on Christmas Eve and go out together.Now this film doesn't have much else going for it and it doesn't even have a title as of yet but if it is anything like 50/50 it won't be a horrible film because that film for them was funny and sort of took a awkward situation and made it a funny and uplifting film at the same time which was nice.

Character Posters Released For Sin City A Dame To Kill For

There was some character posters released today for the new Sin City film A Dame To Kill For.In true Sin City fashion all of the character posters take a shot from the trailer shown a while back and have the character in the classic noir style with the title below.The two that are shown the most are Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba's characters but after seeing the films trailer for the first time it really has gotten me hyped for the second film after the first one being so great and true to the graphic novels and also having such a great cast as well.

Alien Artist Passes Away At 74

Alien Artist H.R. Giger has passed away today at the age of 74 and while he was known as one of the main people to bring the Alien to life in the Alien films and also being a well known artist from many of his other pieces that can be known as very very dark,creepy and scary.One statement he made to a reporter was there are two types of people that normally like his work and that is A creative geniuses and B psychopaths.So his work is very dark in the sense that you will either get it and not think its just a horror piece or for some it can also be taken as what can be considered as "Dark Art".But in any sense H.R. gave way to something that scare thousands and thousands of people when the first Alien film came out and his art is something that made people stand up and take notice so he will be missed.

What Do You Think Of The New Batsuit And Batmobile?

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Sin City:A Dame To Kill For Trailer

X-Men Days Of Future Past Trailer


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    • profile image

      Tyler Tschida 

      4 years ago

      Yeah I like the suit as well I mean with the passage that was said at Comic Con when they announced the film it just makes it that much more apparent that they would use it if they are taking looks from the novel too.With Tatum as Gambit I mean I heard people saying to get Taylor Kitsch back as him because he already was Gambit in a poorly done movie in the origins Wolverine film but at the same time when you have someone like Lauren Shuler Donner who seems to be backing this 110% it makes you wonder if she thought about how he would REALLY be in the film..

    • ironangel89 profile image


      4 years ago from United States

      I am in love with that new Batman suit. It does have the Frank Miller vibe to it in a BIG way but there are also some elements of New 52. Very minor, but like the lines in the suit where it looks sown together almost resemble the lines in Batman's suit in the New 52 comics.

      I hate the idea of Channing Tatum playing Gambit.


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