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Entertainment News For 5/16/14

Updated on May 16, 2014

JJ Abrams Reveals First Marker For Star Wars Episode 7

After the back to back days of news for Batman Vs Superman JJ Abrams decided to give all the Star Wars faithful a little taste of something on the Bad Robot Twitter with the caption reading #DayOne.The picture showed the marker for film with the title in it's iconic yellow banner and the director and other coordinators with the same deal.With the news of the picture from the set and now this it is definitely getting Star Wars nation excited and amped for the much anticipated film.There was also another little bit of news with the possibility of two more casting choices coming soon here in the next few days as well so all the speculation of who may play who might come to a halt when that is finally announced.

The Cast Of Pitch Perfect Releases New Picture

Basically a year from the release of the film the ladies from Pitch Perfect 2 have released what it looks to be a full cast picture with Hailee Steinfeld added into the mix of girls and Elizabeth Banks at the end with the group all scrunched together posing.The group of Barden Bella's all had track jackets on with the name of their group and showed some spirit in the group and something different that will be shown in the second film that the first one didn't have although the first one is remembered by so many fans and quoted throughout which is a major reason why it spawned a sequel and I personally liked the first one and am interested to see what songs they use in the second film as well.

A New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Coming Tuesday And Poster Released Today

The good people over at Marvel films decided to give us a way better and updated poster for their film Guardians Of The Galaxy.The film that will be released on August 1st is like the Guns N Roses crew of the Marvel groups and adding some oddball characters and having them totally pay off in Bradley Cooper in Rocket Racoon and Vin Diesel as Groot the living tree partner to Rocket.Showing off the poster first is a good marketing strategy in my eyes because it gets fellow fans amped for the new trailer that you know will have new footage and new funnier moments and the only thing I hope they keep is Hooked On A Feeling because that worked amazingly in the first trailer and it being sort of the Guardians unofficial theme song makes it great and awesome at the same time.

Two More Images Were Released For On Set Photos For Batman Vs Superman

Just when you thought that the half showing picture of the batmobile wasn't enough and then seeing Ben Affleck as the caped crusader himself right next to the batmobile in full costume didn't get you going then Snyder released mock pictures of the batmobile on wheels and just the body itself.Now today two pictures have surface from the set with one having Zack Snyder directing people in the middle of the street and there isn't much else to it but since it is such a big deal movie people will love it and the other is Gal Gadot who is playing Wonder Woman wearing a blue dress and walking out of a building and going to her car.After these pictures were leaked they made their rounds online and on Twitter very fast the hype for this film is at an all time high and if the news keeps breaking like this it's only going to grow faster.

Viggo Mortenson Sets Lord Of The Rings Fans In A Rift Over Comments

Viggo Mortenson was asked about the legendary Lord Of The Rings series and The Hobbit series because the series is coming to a close with its last film coming next in the series.When asked about the films that Mortenson was apart that won many Academy Awards he said that the second and third films being The Two Towers and Return Of The King in the series were made in a "Sloppy" manner and mainly based off of CG and that was one of the only saving graces that made the series great.When he was mentioned about the Hobbit series he said he personally didn't care and thought they would be treated the same way as the last two Lord Of The Rings movies were treated.When these comments were released a lot of die hard and dedicated fans were taken back by it because these films sort of put his name on the map and he wouldn't have been able to make the films he did after that if it were for him playing who he did but instead he decided to knock those very films today which was a very odd thing to do and in some peoples minds a not very wise thing either since the fan base is just as big as the comic book movie fan base and the Harry Potter movie fan base as well.

The Coen Brothers Are Going Back To Old Hollywood

It was reported today that Joel and Ethan Coen have picked their next project and the title of the film is "Hail Caesar".The main story of this film is about a fixer in 1950's Hollywood named Eddie Mannix who helps contracted celebrities stay straight on their path to being clean and being a straight arrow in the public eye.It is definitely different now since everything celebrities do is caught on camera or video and can be picked apart with a fine tooth comb but at the same time hearing about what goes on with certain names back then in the 50's could be a very interesting story and the news is that the Coen Brothers actually had George Clooney tapped for the role of Mannix but at the same time it wasn't a official announcement so only time will tell who will play the character.

The Purge Has Become A Horror Show On Wheels

In anticipation for the second installment in The Purge series called The Purge:Anarchy.Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions thought of a clever idea to bring an attraction to about 6-8 cities lasting 4-6 days and every night will last 12 hours just like the film.It will basically be like the horror nights that certain theme parks have in Los Angeles where lately they have involved The Walking Dead and Evil Dead but now instead of having people come to one city they will travel to them to get the scares and try and see how it all plays out in the end in anticipation for the next big film in the series.

Motley Crue Biopic So Shocking It Impressed Tommy Lee

After the news was announced about a Motley Crue biopic being made off of the book that will also be the same title of the movie that will be called "The Dirt".After getting a script done and getting some things in order the higher ups working on the film thought it would be a smart and good idea to have the band come in during a script reading and when the reading was all said and done it was very hard to make Tommy Lee speechless who is the drummer for Motley Crue but he was after hearing the story and script because he said that he didn't know how they would be able to get all of that on screen and have it not be NC-17.His quote was "How are they going to rate this thing? Triple R?" because the film is apparently so bold and so true to the story that they didn't hold anything back and to me as a fan of biopics of these kind of films I like that better because I don't want anything sugarcoated but at the same time for a band like Motley Crue I don't want pornography on the screen during half of it as well because that would just seem wrong and out of place.Nonetheless I am excited for this film after hearing about it and especially excited after hearing Lee's response.

Who do you think will be cast in the additional Star Wars roles?

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

The Purge Anarchy Trailer


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