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Entertainment News For 5/21/14

Updated on May 21, 2014

Batman Vs Superman Finally Has A Full Title

Today was the day that comic book fans have been waiting for and is something came on the scene in a big way.The news broke around 11 or 12 in my area and it started to cover the internet like wildfire.Zack Snyder and company finally gave an official title to the film coming out in 2016 and it is being called Batman Vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice.With the title giving the obvious hint that it will involve the Justice League somewhat and then lead into that film like every comic book fan knows already very well.With all the talk recently of the color of Affleck's suit being blue and grey instead of all black is still in much speculation but we now have a complete and definitive title that everyone can stick with.Also they released a little teaser image with the iconic logo mashing the Superman and Batman logo's together and under the logo's it says "Dawn Of Justice" under it with just 2016 below.With so much rolling out for this film and so much being done at this time for this high valued film it makes me wonder if the people at Warner Brothers are planning a double back to back year punch releasing new stuff this year as well like 5 mins of footage or possibly showing the Batman,Superman and Wonder Woman suits all on stage with a poster maybe to stick with as time goes by.If you didn't already know last year at San Diego Comic Con they released the news saying that their would be a Batman Vs Superman film and had Harry Lennix come and read the famous passage from Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns and then the HUGE reveal of the logo that everybody loves and knows to this day.It just seems that the more news that comes out with this film the higher the stock rises and that is amazing for Warner Bros and the film together.

Steven Spielberg Taps The Coen's To Write His Next Project

Steven Spielberg's next film that he has chosen to do will be a period piece again but this time he will be doing something about the Cold War.When it came time to get someone to write the film he thought who could I get to assist him in creating an amazing story about that time.So why not get two academy award winning brothers who do nothing but make great work whenever they step behind a camera.Spielberg has decided to get Joel and Ethan Coen to write his film and having these three making a film together is like an equivalent to the big 3 in the NBA because nobody thought that this would ever happen but Steven is really pulling out all the stops on this one.If that wasn't enough the one person they want to star in the leading role is Tom Hanks to add the talent to an all time high and make everyone who is a fan of anyone that is listed in this article will want to see this movie.All of them are coming off of good things with Hanks doing Captain Phillips,The Coen's doing Inside Llewn Davis and Steven doing the great Lincoln which starred Daniel Day Lewis playing the role of a lifetime.So if having these 3 together as a brain trust is a start to something then it will definitely be something to look forward to when awards season comes along.

The World Better Be Prepared For An It Reboot

Just after the news of Stephen King's book Gerald's Game finally getting an on screen adaption it was announced today that the Stephen King Classic IT will be getting a reboot in the coming months.The news that was also attached to this was that it will two films instead of one very long horror film like the one they did way back when.Now with Gerald's Game getting it's legs and this news announced too shows that this could hold up more then Gerald's will because this one is so iconic and beloved throughout the Stephen King community.If it's done right they can have be just the right amount of violent and not like the reboot of Evil Dead violent but enough to where it will make you want to bring and wear an extra pair of shorts when you see it cause it just might be able to terrify movie goers that much.Me myself I am excited for this because yes it is another reboot but after hearing about another Lethal Weapon or Top Gun or Point Break like doing this doesn't all seem that bad and since the other horror characters like Freddy Krueger and Jason and the Scream killer have been beat to death it almost makes it something fresh to the horror world that already has a classic touch as well which is a win win for both sides.

J.K. Simmons Talks Terminator Genesis

During an interview J.K.Simmons was asked about his take on the new Terminator film and how he felt about it overall.The big thing that stuck out that he said was that the film was going to have that classic Terminator feel but at the same time still be a "Smart Reimagining" for the new film.Adding him in the role was just one of the big steps taken when they got Matt Smith to play an unannounced role and Emilia and Jason Clarke along with many other new actors joining Arnold as he returns as the iconic robot.Another thing Simmons added was that all the characters Cameron created in his world will be there but for his character that he is playing and his sake he is someone who is in a smaller role and a newer character as well.So with Stars Wars and Batman Vs Superman basically destroying the movie news I'm curious to see when we will get our first taste of Genesis whether it be a poster with graphics on it or something shown at Comic Con even to keep the fans interested and remind them that "Oh yeah! There's a new Terminator coming out along with everything else!" So it will be interesting to see what steps the studio takes next.

JJ Abrams Gives Fans Once In A Lifetime Shot

JJ Abrams released a video today from what looked to be the desert land of Tatooine and there was a mutant working in the background minding it's own business and he explained that he was running a contest with UNICEF that if you went to the link he posted in the video and description and also donated whatever you could either win prizes or you could even win a cameo role in the brand new Star Wars Episode 7!! There was things like getting a light saber for like 1,500.00 and getting a signed script from Abrams of the film for like 10,000 I believe and there even was a chance to go see the film before anyone else at Lucasfilm and to have it brought to you and shown a week or two before it is widely released.That one actually had bidders for it and those prices were marked in the 25-50,000 range like insane prices.You would think at the same time it's crazy and Abrams would get a cut of this money but it is all 100% going to UNICEF and my god if they had problems making money before they are going to have to get tanker trucks to wheel in the money they will make from this because SO MANY die hard fans would kill to say "Hey I have the script to 7 do you?" Or even get the oppritunity to say they saw it a week early without any embargo holding them back and it is all for the kids in the end so actually spending the price of a Corvette may seem crazy but I bet Star Wars fans will do it so well played JJ Abrams well played It will be very interesting to see what else you have up your sleeve when it comes time to release something like the first trailer or iconic poster since the other 6 are so great.But for now all we have to do is wait and let Mr.Abrams work his magic.

Lego Movie Will Get A Spinoff Film

The popular Ninjago Lego toys and cartoons that are watched by many young children is the next step in between releasing The Lego Movie 2 which will end up being released in May of 2017.The Ninjago film has a release date set for September 23rd 2016 so it doesn't have a bit to go before we will see anything in Lego form again but at the same time with nothing of that kind in the pipeline for 2015 then having the Ninjago movie will remind fans how awesome the Lego movie was and how many times people actually went to go see that movie and sing the "Everything Is Awesome" song.Now only time will tell if they will have another film that is Lego based to come out in that big gap and maybe fill in the timing but at the same time having the Lego Movie being as popular as it was why not use it's second most popular format in Ninjago so it's going to work out for the studio and get an audience too and they won't have to worry about box office with this film as much because the Lego Movie made truckloads and truckloads of money so it'll make way for the second film just fine.

The Poet In Exile Gets Doors Member To Help

Now this film has been in filming limbo for some time because the basic story behind it is an updated re telling of Jim Morrison's life and the life of the Doors.Now with Morrison being gone for so long and the death of guitarist Ray Manzarek a year ago it was time to revisit the issue and the story.Who else to carry the torch to get the film made then Robby Krieger and someone who basically lived through everything that is being told and wants to be told.Now it sounds like that they just want to get this film off and running and then pick an actor who can portray Jim later on and see what pans out for them and take it step by step and actually get it done.Now this year we are seeing a James Brown biopic called "Get On Up" starring Chadwick Boseman from 42 and the other big music biopic film that is having a hard time getting off the ground is the Freddy Mercury film which they have found the actor to play him it's just hard to get everything else to move forward when you have fans who are clammering to see that.But with this Jim Morrison project they are giving the band mates some input and if they want the film perfect to what happened it could set it back a bit and end up being like the Freddy Mercury film.Now on the film side you have a Motley Crue movie coming from their book and they sat around during a script reading all agreed to it,loved it and wanted it made so let's hope this Morrison project takes that route because I would like to see a different and updated route for this film as opposed to the Val Kilmer one.

Now know about the Star Wars fundraiser would you put money into it for a shot at being in the film?

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Star Wars Force For Change-JJ Abrams Fundraiser


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    • Tttschida1988 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tyler Tschida 

      4 years ago from St.Paul MN

      I also am a BIG fan of the title and think that the film and series is in good hands with Snyder.

      I also agree that the possibility of celebrities or very wealthy people doing the 50,000 choice to get more bids but I would rather it goes to someone like yourself or a random fan because the chance to go to that legendary studio and go through make up and the whole process to be on screen would be so unforgettable.

    • ironangel89 profile image


      4 years ago from United States

      Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! So excited, love the title.

      EW did an article about the J.J.Abrams thing and they said "you don't have to worry about losing out to the highest bid by someone richer than you" (paraphrasing) but you do have less of a chance of getting chosen because a richer person can afford more entries, for instance, I can afford a $10 donation which gets me 1 entry but the highest someone can bid is $50,000 which would earn them 5,000 entries. Have you seen the fanbase of Star Wars? I don't have a chance at all at winning this thing with a measly little $10, but you know what? I'm going to try anyways, I could be like Charlie and this be like my Chocolate Factory.


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