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Entertainment News For 5/22/14

Updated on May 22, 2014

Godzilla Director To Helm First Standalone Star Wars Film

It was announced later on tonight that director Gareth Edwards has been tapped to direct one of the first standalone Star Wars films in the continued universe.Now first off for people that don't know this isn't the Episode 7,8 and 9 that are in the main saga these film will be stories that are like origins stories like X-Men and Marvel has done with it possibly being a Han Solo or Boba Fett film with those being the two most talked about and most requested characters.Also having Edwards riding high off of the huge success of Godzilla this is a very smart move by Disney and Lucasfilm and everyone who is working behind closed doors on planning the rest of this cinematic universe.After the announcement was made it was put on twitter and many other areas congratulating Edwards for recieving the position and putting him into the universe along with JJ Abrams and one that is constantly growing by the day.

Fast And The Furious 7 Is Getting In Deep Weeds With Budget Costs

First with what happened to the very tragic death of Paul Walker and how that all played out months ago.The studio was able to bounce back from that and got his brothers to help him close out his character and got his other two brothers to film the rest of the 7th installment and when you look at the set photos it looks like you are looking into a mirror from Walker's house so that worked for them.But now news broke that there is re shoots that are so huge and so drastic that it is causing the budget to shoot past 250 Million dollars which is pure insanity for one of these films.With the last one being so successful and people dying to see another film this one hopefully better have that classic touch because having re shoots that shoot the budget to that high is a cause for concern and may be something that could delay the release a bit if anything.Just when they thought they were out of the woods after Walkers death then they get this horrible punch to the gut and I just hope that once this film is released when it is released that people will still care and want to see it like they did with the 6th film and continue the tradition like they have been planning on doing for a long time coming now.

More Regulars Back For Pitch Perfect 2

The second installment to Pitch Perfect has just gotten some more familiar faces back into the sequel with Skylar Astin and Ben Platt coming back to their roles for the next film.Astin's role in the first one was the love interest of Anna Kendrick's character and he ends up joining the rival team and Platt's character is Benji who is the Star Wars geek who joins the group Astin is in later on and ends up shining later on in the film.I was watching all the regulars come back and kept saying to myself that I wouldn't be set until Astin was back as his character because his comic relief and that connection he has with Kendrick in the film is something that is dynamic in the film and can be continued and carried on for the sequel.It will be interesting to see how Elizabeth Banks who is directing this sequel works with the characters that are returning and the story because it is a fan favorite throughout the world and could work out great for them in the end.

Character Posters Released For Sin City 2

More character posters were released for Sin City:A Dame To Kill For.I know before they released some other posters that had more of the noir type to it with each character but these have like 5 characters and have each actor and actress in color showing them in how they are supposed to be seen to get you hyped for the film.Now the big downside I'm hearing about the posters so far is that since these posters and the film are like 6 to 7 years past the first film some people might not care enough to see the second one anymore.Me personally this is one of my most anticipated of the year because I loved the first one so so much to the point where if it's on tv I will leave it on wherever it is and finish it or turn it on and complete it without getting sick of it.So I do have my fingers crossed for this one and I don't expect it to make like a billion dollars but at the same time good comic book and graphic novel fans will have something awesome to see in August when the time comes for it's release.

2 More Actors Join Black Mass

The Johnny Depp fronted crime drama Black Mass has added two more actors to the group of people in the film.One being Benedict Cumberbatch who can be known as Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness and The Fifth Estate And Adam Scott who can be seen in more comedy roles like Parks and Recreation and Step Brothers with his big drama role being in The Aviator.The roles of their characters is Cumberbatch playing Billy Bulger and will be the brother to Depp in the film and Scott will play a detective in the film for his role.Having Cumberbatch and Depp like family together is an amazing team up that hasn't been seen on film in a while since Affleck was basically family with Jeremy Renner in the Town and the flat out amazing performances they gave in that film.This film just got THAT much more exciting and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Michael Fassbender Let's Details Go For X-Men

For the people who are already seeing X-Men:Days Of Future Past right now you will already know about the little tidbit that Michael Fassbender let go during the press junk it.When a reporter asked about the character of Quicksilver who is played by Evan Peters the reporter just straight out asked "Is Quicksilver your child in the movie?" And with no thoughts or anything he just said Yes.So director Bryan Singer being the awesome director he is at these films was able to stick to the comics and actually have Quicksilvers father be Magneto.The one thing that FOX has over Marvel since Quicksilver is going to be in the second Avengers film as well is that since FOX owns both of the rights to Magneto and Quicksilver as well they can create that story even if it's for a little tidbit that fans of the movies and comic books will only get but still.So far with the major releases for this film being tonight I am hearing nothing but glowing reviews and on review sites IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes the scores on them are climbing daily and it is rare when that happens so this film is definitely something to look for and could end up being the best film of the year.

Del Toro Provides His Twist To The Strain

Director Guillremo Del Toro has decided to take the reigns and helm an FX show called "The Strain".This will have the pilot being directed by Del Toro and will be a total different take on the vampire trend that keeps having legs when you just think that it's dead.So if anyone can revive this and make it scary and good it would Del Toro because he is someone who knows how to get to people and make them jump out of their seats in the will be interesting to see who else works on this and who else is involved in it and if the show becomes a hit like American Horror Story and Nip/Tuck was for it.

Do you have faith in the Fast And The Furious franchise after today's news?

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Sin City:A Dame To Kill For Trailer

X-Men:Days Of Future Past Trailer


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