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Entertainment News For 5/23/14

Updated on May 24, 2014

Edgar Wright Exits Ant Man

In the most surprising news of the day and the news that definitely made me stand up and go "What?!" When I read it was the news of director Edgar Wright leaving his duties to direct the upcoming Ant Man film.Now this film had a lot of promise coming it's way with Paul Rudd playing the character of Ant Man and they also cast Michael Douglas and Evangaline Lilly as the possible love interest in the film as well.So with it having a strong cast and from what people saw with the test shots being absolutely amazing this was something to look out for in Phase 3 for Marvel's cinematic universe.Now if you are one of the few that are asking "Who is Edgar Wright?" He is mainly known for directing the Cornetto trilogy of films with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and they consist of Shaun Of The Dead,Hot Fuzz and The Worlds End.He is also known for directing the highly popular Scott Pilgrim vs The World with Michael Cera that is based off the comics and wasn't box office successful but had a giant cult following after it was released onto DVD.With the casting of Rudd and having Wright as the director alot of fans expected a possible more comedic take then like Iron Man 3 for example which was a little darker this time around.Now that he has left Marvel films has announced that they have picked a backup already but are not ready to release the name and that this news today would not effect the release date in any way.I reading this personally was bummed because when you go in and see an Edgar Wright film in the theatre your going in and seeing something different and it is always an enjoyable experience and now for something like creative differences we will never know what could of been for the future of Ant Man in the 3rd Phase.

Alfonso Cuaron Offered Another Big Role

Gravity Director Alfonso Cuaron has been quite the commodity of late as he has been tapped to direct the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them for the wizard and Potter world.But now he is also being asked to directed the film called The Overlook Hotel which will be the prequel to the horror classic The Shining.Now when this news was released a lot of the chatboards were stirring because trying to touch and mess with such a perfect movie is so weird to do but I guess it is happening and doing a prequel and not a sequel since Stephen King had released the sequel to the story with Doctor Sleep.Now I know that's no guarantee that will put butts in the seats at cinemas but it is better and has a better track record then something where are going in blind on.They did ask Stephen King for a comment and he said if he had full control it wouldn't happen but he doesn't so they are going to do their own thing with it.Now before I make it sound like I am totally harping on this adaption of this I am like in LOVE with The Shining and the whole story of it all and if the people at the studio and Cuaron can make an amazing film where it were to end with the Torrence's showing up for their stay and just pulling up then I could be on board for the film and if it did end up also scaring the crap out of me like the first one had the same intention of doing so well with what it did because Kubrick is a genius with that so we will see where this plays out and hopefully that it gets done right because this is one franchise you do not want to destroy.

X-Men:Days Of Future Past Targeting Biggest Opening Of 2014

First Captain America came in and floored everybody for how good the sequel could be and then you had the sequel to the Amazing Spider Man continuing his journey in his own universe and then the king of the monsters stomped through and showed everybody a good time in Godzilla and we thought that one could be the box office king.But not only 1 week later and the gang of X-Men has plans to jump Godzilla's record by at least 20 million dollars.With the estimates right now looking to have the film open at 115-125 million dollars this weekend alone this film will make a complete and udder haul this year and for the way it's looking before it is released in every location it could be the highest grossing film of the year which some still think is going to go to Guardians Of The Galaxy.This film is getting glowing reviews and has one of the best after Credit scenes that a comic book movie can deliver so if you are looking for something to see this weekend then yes you should jump on the bandwagon and see X-Men because it will be worth every penny spent whether you see it in 3-D or regular definition.

Teaser Trailer For Disney's Big Hero 6 Released

The first trailer for the film Big Hero 6 has been released and after just looking at the poster and not knowing much about it going into the trailer I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with this film.Most kid movies nowadays have that musical factor and aren't like what Monsters Inc and Toy Story was but I think this could change that trend because the story of the trailer is about like a 10 year old boy who is working in a lab and he has a giant friend who very much resembles the Michelin man and during the first part of the preview he chases after a soccer ball like a dog but then you see the boy turn into like a tiny Tony Stark and makes a robot suit for his friend that loosely resembles something iron man would put on but when he tries to put it on his friend he doesn't account for size and weight and everything pops off of him and it is that cute funny that you barely find in these kid movies anymore like the last one I believe I enjoyed a lot was The Lego Movie but that was still said to be aimed at adults this is a "kids" movie because in the header it says from the people who made Frozen and another title and I have a feeling this could be one to look out for when it comes out and I will be there to see it when it comes out because the story is just as interesting as the trailer makes it out to be without giving away too much.

Character Posters Released For The Giver

I know that at lease 85-90% of the US population has had to read The Giver in school and now it is becoming a movie and has character posters to go along with each person in the film for the classic book.Jeff Bridges is playing the guy everyone saw on the cover of the book or as everyone knows him as "The Giver" and they have other big named people in this too like Meryl Streep,Katie Holmes,Alexander Skarsgaard and even Taylor Swift has a role in this film which is a giant stretch for her being in like next to nothing but maybe she can wow the crowd and shut up all her haters by showing she can act.The release date for The Giver is August 15th 2014.

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Big Hero 6 Trailer

Ant Man Footage From San Diego Comic Con


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