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Entertainment News For 5/25/14

Updated on May 25, 2014

X-Men Sets Franchise Best Globally

The brand new installment in the X-Men franchise has made such a huge bring in at the box office that it even broke a record set by one of the biggest films ever.The film in question is Avatar and with this film getting glowing reviews it is no surprise that people went to go see the film in packs.The estimated gross stateside so far without marking Memorial Day Monday is up to 90.7 Million.The complete total so far is at 261.8 Million so far with both being about 110 Million in the US and anywhere from 270-280 million worldwide which is huge for a 4 day haul.

Frozen Moves Forward In The All Time Box Office List

The mammoth that is Frozen just keeps on going and going and going and going because the film has now made 1.219 Billion dollars and it even passed Iron Man 3 in the all time rankings making it Number 5 on the list of films ahead of some like Titanic,The Avengers,Avatar etc.People are still going to see the film where they can and buy the movie and the hit song "Let It Go" is number 13 at on the Billboard hot 100.Alot of people were wondering if the force of Frozen will ever stop and if it is possible that the film could end up passing the ranks of Titanic and possibly even Avatar and then get the higher ups at those studios shaking since a little animation story made SO MUCH money.The fourth spot is owned by the very last Harry Potter film and has a bit of ground on Frozen but then again nobody and I mean NOBODY thought that this would get where it is at now and it is at an unstoppable rate.

Ridley Scott To Begin Shooting Prometheus 2 And Blade Runner 2

Well Ridley Scott fans,We will all get what we want in the end in the next couple of years because after Scott's big Gods Of Egypt he has a mystery project locked up that he has stated now will be Prometheus 2 and after that he will then shoot the next Blade Runner film hopefully with Harrison Ford but as for that we will see.As of right now he has people working on both scripts for both films and will be able to start production on the second Prometheus by the end of 2014.Now while many don't even want to see another Blade Runner see the light of day he will still make it with hopes that the die hard fans will love it and the same goes with Prometheus and the continuing of the so called Alien story that people want to see connect with the classic Alien film.

Gareth Edwards Still In For The Godzilla Sequel

As Gareth Edwards is boarding a ship to a galaxy far far away he will also remember to be back for the next installment in the Godzilla franchise.After hearing about the making for a Godzilla sequel it was under much thought and patience of who could take over the mantel and do the next film since Edwards was going to do the first standalone Star Wars film.But now he puts all thoughts to rest and says he will direct the second film and give that same direction that he had for the first film that has been so wildly successful.Legendary Entertainment CEO Thomas Tull wanted to remind people that the franchise is in good hands and will be done sometime but I hope that it wont be in like the summer of 2018 or 2019 because that is such a gape where some people might not care anymore and it will be a afterthought since the first film was so good.

Edge Of Tomorrow Receiving Rave Reviews

The Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt led film Edge Of Tomorrow which little fun fact used to have the title "All You Need Is Kill".But close to the release of the film and with the time for the critics to finally see the film they are saying nothing but good and exciting things about it.Alot of people say that it is like Halo or Titanfall with the giant robotic suits and the immeadiate respawning whenever he dies over and over again and when the basic assumption is to compare the film to the classic Bill Murray comedy "Groundhog Day" but Groundhog Day didn't have robots and guns so there's a little bit of difference to that.Another thing added is that both actors played their roles fantastically and it is well worth admission so it is actually something to see when the time comes for the films release.

Hugh Jackman Wants Deadpool Back In The Universe

After the almost criminal use of the Origin film for Wolverine and everything for the way it was done Hugh Jackman said that he would like to get another go at Deadpool if he could before he hangs the claws up.Now the "Retire" word has been floating around with him a bit when his contract ends because he is the only X-Man to be in every film released which is tapped in at about 6 or 7 now.But with the Apocalypse film coming after this super successful Days Of Future Past and a solo Wolverine film to fill out his contract there is a possibility that he could face a better version of Deadpool in the series and it could possibly be the good starting point for Deadpool that could be whatever every fanboy has wanted for a long long time coming.Also having a solo film for Deadpool telling his origin story as well could have some comedy and tell a story as well and be just as good as the Gambit film they are making with Channing Tatum in the near future so really the people over at FOX cant lose in the next couple years and they are just really going up from here on out.

Jay-Z And Beyoncé Set The Scene For Their Run Tour

This news is a little old but totally came out of left field and was something that was totally unexpected.When a 3 and a half minute video was released for Jay-Z and Beyoncé's new tour coming in the summer and it is full of drama and it is definitely star packed with actors and comedians and big named people.Some of the notable faces in the video are Sean Penn,Don Cheadle,Guillermo Diaz,Emmy Rossum,Jake Gyllenhaal,Blake Lively,Rashida Jones,Kidada Jones and obviously Jay-Z and Beyoncé.It is a story that looks like it would be out of GTA 5 and for it being as short as a music video and trying to get people hyped for a tour it definitely does its purpose for sure.

Anthony Mackie Will Play Jimi Hendrix

Anthony Mackie was basically the bad guy in the rap biopic about rap superstar Eminem in the film 8 Mile and now he is known as The Falcon in the new Captain America film but his next project will be taking over the reigns as THE greatest guitar player that has ever picked up a guitar in Jimi Hendrix.Hendrix completely changed the game when it came to playing electric guitar onstage and performing.When the time comes for the movie I am really hoping that they show the big performances from Woodstock and all the major things that happened there because then once they get the look down the sky is the limit from there because Mackie already has proven to most that he has amazing acting chops so this one will be an interesting one to see in the future.

Edge Of Tomorrow Trailer

On The Run Tour Trailer


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