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Entertainment News For 5/9/14

Updated on May 9, 2014

New Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer Released

Late yesterday a brand new trailer for the film Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.After watching this trailer I believe that after the first one came out in theaters this trailer is literally like day and night to the first one because it shows SO much more of the trailer involving the story to the best of their abilities and they shows ALOT more of Caesar and the ape colony and even Caesar talking and directing the giant crew of apes.Including two big stand out parts that are the apes are finally on horses in this one and just roaming everywhere and you finally hear Caesar talk and say things like "Apes together strong!" and just simply saying the words "War Has Begun" shows you where this film could go and possibly go off the rails quickly which will be exciting to watch in July when it is released.

Another Character Added In Fantastic Four Reboot

Actor Reg E. Cathey who can be most known for being the TV show The Wire and most recently being one of Kevin Spacey's good friends in House Of Cards.But the character he is going to play in the new Fantastic Four film will be the role of Dr.Storm.So now when the main cast was released and everybody was wondering how Michael B Jordan and Kate Mara were going to end up being a related family and Cathey is your answer.Cathey previously has had history with his new found family members in Jordan and Mara when he worked with Mara on House Of Cards and he worked with Michael B Jordan on The Wire.

Transformers:Age Of Extinction Adds 2 More Roles

The new Transformers film has added two more actors to play voice over roles for the Autobots and other bots respectively.The two actors were John Goodman and Ken Watanabe in the new roles and with the film being in post production the people behind the scenes are mostly only looking now for voice actors to complete every role and then it will become a finished product.Watanbe can be seen in next week's Godzilla film and his voice in the new trailer for it has scenes where Ken's voice is being used and in a big dramatic way as well so it will be interesting to see which role these characters play in the story and how it will all come together in the new film.

Apple Is Completing Deal To Buy Beats

Now I know that this isn't hardcore movies or entertainment news but when the word broke on this and the given dollar amount it is almost breath taking to see how it all came about.Creator Dr.Dre has sold his Beats franchise over to Apple for a whopping 3.2 Billion dollars.Like with movies making a billion dollars or a studio making billions of dollars over time makes sense because they put out numerous films and this just for a headphone company is just an insane number and I mean not a bad thing to snatch up since everyone and their mother's uncle has a pair of those Beats headphones and I mean kudos to Dr.Dre also since most things in rap music are a competition for being the first billionaire in rap music.So I mean I hope that apple doesn't take it all in and change it completely to them like being all white like every Apple headphone is.So it is like a match made in music heaven for these two to make this deal and in the end I hope it works out for both in a good way.

Constantine TV Series Is On The Way

The big debate is now that comic book films basically rule the world when it comes to movies and entertainment and now with Marvel doing Agents Of Shield and just releasing today the news of an Agent Carter series as well DC will come with two series as well.The first being the sort of prequel series to how Batman all started in the series Gotham which will air on FOX and now they have released news that DC will be starting a Constantine series as well.The series will start its airing on NBC so if possible since NBC is also the channel that hosts Hannibal it could keep that dark vibe that everyone likes and sort of loved in the Keanu Reeves film that was released back in 2005.

Star Trek 3 Has Director In Talks

For the next installment of the Star Trek series with it being Star Trek 3 has found a new director in Roberto Orci in talks to take over the helm from JJ Abrams.Abrams had to leave from the news a year or so ago since he was asked to helm the next trilogy in the legendary Star Wars series.As we keep hearing about that day by day and keep hearing that everything with that is full steam ahead the Star Trek camp also needs to get its best foot forward in finding a new director and looking for the person who wrote for the first two films along with all the new Spider Man films and their standalone films as well.So if they end up getting a deal done with Orci I don't see how it couldn't be a great thing and the next great step forward for the Star Trek world and in a year or 2 here we could get the 3rd film.

Fantastic 4 Producer Gives Update On Reboot

Fantastic 4 producer Simon Kinberg gave a lengthy update on the reboot to the new Fantastic Four film and that while being on set he is more then impressed watching director Josh Trank do his job because he is really taking the reigns of it all and everything on the set feels great.Simon also mentioned that the energy on the set with everyone is great and as opposed to the earlier Fantastic Four films that not a lot of people liked is going to be more "Grounded" and more "Scientific" then the earlier films and it wouldn't be as goofy and crazy as the other ones were either but at the same time I doubt it will be totally gone whatsoever because the character of Johnny Storm is a fun and crazy guy and trying to make him straight laced might hurt the character so I hope they don't totally stray away from it at all.But nonetheless I am very excited about this film because of the actors playing the Fantastic Four as they are four of the biggest and most talented young actors out right now so its a win/win either way for that.

Hugh Jackman Set To Shoot Back To Back X-Men Films

Hugh Jackman who is most known as The Wolverine in the X-Men films and has been for over a decade now.But instead of hanging up the claws he will do something more ambitious in shooting two X-Men films back to back to sort of end his position as Wolverine if he decides to leave.The films that are being spoken of are the film after Days Of Future Past in X-Men:Apocalypse and also doing a second Wolverine film as well since the last one that came out last year was a very good and very profitable film for the franchise and was able to tell Wolverine's story in the best way possible.

Trailer Released For Chris Evan's New Film Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer has finally released a trailer which stars Chris Evans in the main role and it is based on Bong Joon Ho's comic book adaption.The story is about a futuristic world that has people trying to attempt to bring an end to global warming that has brought in an endless winter to the scene.The actors also live their days on a train and it travels all around the globe and the people one it are divided by a strict hierarchy and set of rules.This film does seem interesting and is nice to see Evans in something new that doesn't involve America and a shield so at least it is good to know that he is broadening his horizons all over.

JJ Abrams TV Series Get The Axe

Famous and known all over the geek world director JJ Abrams is mostly known for creating some of the best and most creative films in Sci-Fi and everything that is geek.But when it comes to him trying to get his hands on TV he just doesn't have the same touch.He released 4 shows over time this past year and now that today is the day that a lot of TV shows get cut 3 out of Abrams 4 shows were cancelled today and in the past weeks.His show on FOX called Almost Human just about lasted a full season then it was announced that it got the axe.His NBC show Revolution actually has some legs to it for some time and was able to last for a bit before getting cut out of the mix today.The other being the series Believe which also aired on NBC but had some help from Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron and that one was also added to the lists on cancellations.The only show that was left standing was Person Of Interest and that one will most likely last for a while because it has been on for more then one season for a while now so that one has the safest bet by far.

NBC Renews And Cancels Shows Today

It was a very busy day for TV shows just waiting and chomping at the bit to know whether or not they would be able to start another season or not.Now NBC has released a full list of shows that made it and some that didn't.One big surprise was the return of the show Hannibal for a third season because during the whole second season it was on the fence for a return the whole time and I guess the high praise from the crazed fan base that it has has helped it in a big way to keeping it on one more season.NBC has also renewed the series About A Boy which is in its first season and has enough gas apparently and viewers to move on to its second season.The absolute BIGGEST surprise on this day for any network is NBC choosing to end the run of the highly popular show Community.The show was on its 5th season and most people thought that maybe if it made it to 6 seasons it could get a film sometime in the future but NBC has chosen to stop making new episodes on the series that will be dearly missed by a lot of the hardcore fans out there.

What TV Series Will You Miss The Most Now Thats Its Done Or Cancelled

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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer

House Of Cards Season 2 Trailer


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