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Entertainment News For 6/8/14

Updated on June 8, 2014

Ant-Man FINALLY Finds Its Director

The people over at Marvel can finally rest easy for now with the announcement coming yesterday that director Peyton Reed will be directing the Ant Man film.Another added addition to the new team working for the film is Adam Mckay will help rewrite the script as well to help Reed in his process with making it as well.When Mckay dropped out a lot of people thought that he didn't want anything to do with the film but I guess he is going at it from another angle.It is good that they finally found a director and they can get going on this film should be somewhat into filming already if it wasn't for all the drama it is has been in as of late.The background on Reed is that his resume reads that he directed films like Yes Man,Bring It On and The Break Up.So with 2 out of 3 being chick flicks I don't know how the Marvel faithful is going to feel about that but in the end the 3 films were successful in their own right so for now he can steer the ship in his direction and hopefully make a good comedy Marvel film that will make the release date.

Jeremy Renner Confirms Involvement In New Mission Impossible

The talks of the new Mission Impossible film which would be the 5th in the franchise is looking like that it is getting another ramp up in the casting department with having Jeremy Renner come back to cast that was the perfect group of people in Ghost Protocol.2015 looks like it will be the release date for the 5th film Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise are already signed on to return and obviously the movie wouldn't be in its place where it is without Cruise.I know for the rest of the summer or at least a bit of it Cruise will be supporting his new film Edge Of Tomorrow but as soon as his tour is done with that then he can dive right into all things Mission Impossible and hopefully we can get the film by late 2015 for when they are shooting for.

Marvel Adds Two More For Doctor Strange

Upon getting a new director for the down on its luck Ant Man film Marvel has added two more big names for the role of Steven Strange that was started with the rumor of having Jared Leto be one of the front runners.Upon Leto being on the short list you also have Marvel's brain trust looking into Tom Hardy and Bendedict Cumberbatch as the big 3 that they are looking into right now.Now everyone who has talked about this character and who can play him has said "Oh Johnny Depp!!" But you don't want someone who is almost bigger then the character for who he is and who's last 4 to 5 films didn't even cover what they cost to make.So it looks like if they don't add anyone else and it stands at 3 then by the time of Comic Con it is a big rumor that Marvel's big panel at Hall H could be their Phase 3 announcement and they will announce everything they have on Ant Man and bring out the director and then bring out Scott Derrickson who is directing Strange along with the new Doctor Strange.So whoever it may be and if this is a true statement it is BOLD for them to just lay out what they are doing with their big Hall H plans since Warner Bros could have something big with Batman Vs Superman or the many other project they are attached to.

Dawn Of Justice Teases BIG Announcement For Monday

There has been reports going around on Twitter and Facebook from other branches being shared so once its been passed around and around and around and around this batch of news should be taken with a big baseball sized thing of salt.But on Twitter a picture of the Bat signal was posted and then the Superman costume with General Zod and the other ladies outfit from Man Of Steel in the background with the person doing the posting saying "Get ready for Monday with a BIG secret regarding Batman Vs Superman".The big speculation here is that you could see Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman outfit so you can see every outfit and all the speculation will be out the window but then again they could really floor all the Marvel news since as the days go by in the year its always one big ego contest with them but DC could release a picture of Affleck,Cavill and Gadot in full costume standing together but if that doesn't happen I think that's what they will keep in their canister for Comic Con to use against Marvel so everyone in the house will go nuts and lose their minds over being able to see the closest thing to seeing Batman and Superman on screen is seeing them like 10 feet away from you.

Fault In Our Stars Opens Big

When most people looked at the weekend films to see most people thought for sure that Edge Of Tomorrow was going to take the box office haul and Tom Cruise would have another win but things were very different this weekend.The book turned film "The Fault In Our Stars" made BIG money over the weekend when it carried in a 58 Million dollar haul with 26.1 of it coming from Friday debuts alone and getting 8.2 during the late night Thursday shows.This film is getting great buzz with the performances given by Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley as the main characters in the film but the one big thing that is flying around with this film is if you see it you need to bring tissues because it is literally a tear jerker on wheels and is worse then any Nicholas Sparks movie which in some peoples mind is very hard to do as well.Another added incentive for the film is that the film was made on a measly 12 million dollar budget and now basically quadrupling their budget today is a good day for the people who made the film and everyone who works over at the studio as well.

The Stand Is Making Some Head Way

The Stephen King book that has been slow going and moving into a film adaption because of the length of the book with "The Stand".More information was released regarding the film and it isn't anything mindblowing but the film has been finally decided to be rated R which from what I am hearing is a very good choice because I think it is the one King book that takes a lot of your free time to read because it is a VERY thick book.It will also be 3 hours to a little over 3 hours long with time.Now that shouldn't be an issue with The Wolf Of Wall Street being like 3 hours and 3 minutes long and that film did AMAZING at the box office and had multiple viewings by many people.Another thing with Stephen King adaptions into films is that they are always adored and they have the multiple viewing ability attached to it as well like The Shining is something I haven't heard anybody get sick of before because it is such a classic film and if it is done right and with the right director to do the epic film and cast this could end up being one of those films as well.

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