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Entertainment News For 8/11/14

Updated on August 11, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Scores Big During Weekend

Everyone's favorite Turtles rules the movie weekend and took down the mammoth that is Guardians Of The Galaxy that won the box office last weekend with Turtles getting 65 Million and beating Guardians by a far margin with it only gaining around 41 Million.Everyone expected that the two films would go down to the very last minute of the weekend and it would be a 2 or 3 Million dollar haul that would show the real winner but instead the Ninja Turtles rocked the weekend and surprisingly after seeing it for myself it was a very good movie with that "Michael Bay" name being attached to it.When you watch it if you think in the back of you head that it is a Bay movie then you start to realize little issues he put in the movie that make it weak and have problems but the Turtles themselves were awesome and obviously the key point of the film.Now granted this film didn't blow me away with the different style and comedy like Guardians did but at the same time it was able to be dark but have that comedy that the Turtles convey every time they are on the screen and making it something worth paying to see in the best way possible.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Plants It's Flag In Marvel History

When the film Guardians Of The Galaxy was released a lot of people thought it was obviously going to make money because it was a "Marvel" film and had that title on it.But you know at the end of the day and after seeing the film you get a TOTALLY different idea about what the whole entire story of it is and how funny the film can actually be without having to have these big superheroes that everyone knows and will pay to see over and over again.They proved that this past week by how much it made and they are showing it again in full force by setting the records they are setting by being the highest grossing US film of the year ALREADY and this Marvel film has already made more money then The Incredible Hulk,Captain America:The First Avenger and Thor by this Tuesday.It really makes you think where it will be by the end of the year? Because if it keeps making money at this pace and controlling the box office with an iron fist then you know it could get up to passing the likes of Iron Man and if we start hearing the "Avengers" word passed around then people will start giving this movie some SERIOUS credit because for me personally it is something special that Marvel has released and they have chosen to take that direction in their story telling and for me it did wind up being better then the Avengers because seeing a new batch of characters keeps things fresh and good and that's what you need in the comic book movie world cause if we are going to have 4+ movies a year then we don't need core audiences getting sick of them 2 years into the big unveiling they are trying to pull off.

Evil Dead Sequel Remake Slowly Losing Life

When I heard the news they were doing a retelling of the Evil Dead franchise when everything that comes out now in the Horror genre is mostly ultraviolent and packs gallons and gallons of blood into an hour and a half of movie.But when I heard about this which is basically a classic in itself and for the genre.When the rebooted Evil Dead was released I was very amped for it and did enjoy it overall even though it isn't as riveting as people expected it to be but at the end of the day when it comes to being super violent it really cranked it up to 11 and knew what it was doing on that front.For how it ended too with the very short and major after credits scene it gives you the idea of a possible team up between Bruce Campbell and Jane Levy's characters but now with the director sort of sitting on the project for as long as he has and everybody else moving on and with Sam Raimi moving on and announcing a TV series about the Evil Dead franchise everyone over at that camp is basically saying the project is dead or on life support with someone holding onto the cord basically getting ready to unplug it because everyone over at the studios and so on are ready to move on and try and start something else involving the project instead of just sitting around and waiting.

The Green Inferno Postponed Indefinitely

The Eli Roth shock horror film The Green Inferno that has a group of people going to help people overseas for the Peace Core over whatever service is used in the film then it turns ugly and violent in the worst way possible and when you watch the trailer it makes you squirm and not want to see the movie but at the same time it does to see what happens when they wake up from the plane crash you see in the trailer.In one of the teasers you see a girl being cooked like she is a roasted pig with an apple in her mouth and then she screams at the top of her lungs and it shows the trailer and the next one which shows the mentioned plane crash shows the said main character covered in human blood shaking and in the middle of hundreds of villagers trying to survive before she is found and then starts screaming again then you see The Green Inferno again in big white letters.This film looked like it was going to be Hostel on an island and totally just leave people breathless but if I had to take a guess at why it is postponed forever is because Eli Roth showed it off to studio heads and they were so blown away and taken back by the film that it will immeadiately be a NC-17 release and wont be able to see the light of day on a theatre screen.Also for what they spent making it they wont be able to make their budget back as much as they needed to and even try and double it which would really make things perfect for them in the long run.No timetable has been given for the release but after seeing the trailer and having the hype rise for the film many people will be bummed if this doesn't ever see the light of day or this just ends up becoming a straight to DVD type thing where no one knows that it is out for a month then it will gain steam and be a thing way after the fact.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 In The Works

Yes you read that header right when it was announced earlier today that Paramount and the studios that were behind the successful first installment of the new Ninja Turtles series are going to have a second film coming in June of 2016.Just when you thought that 2016 wasn't packed enough now you will have another Turtles film to add to the bunch along with the Marvel movies coming out then and of course Batman Vs Superman coming out that year as well along with many many other big tentpole films as well.The announcement came after the first installment made 65 Million in first week box office in the US and over a 100 overall.So this big announcement was sort of a no brainer for the company and was sort of in the making.Also with Michael Bay doing the Transformers films back to back and making the 5th installment as we speak then he can do the brand new Turtles as soon as he finishes off Transformers and tries to make that franchise something better then what it is because nonetheless when it did make boatloads of money it doesn't stop the fact that it was rushed out and poorly made so hopefully Bay and company will take their time on both films and learn from their mistakes and actually get back into the business of making decent movies for once.

Kick Ass Creator Teases 3rd Film

Now lets be honest by saying that when the 2nd Kick Ass film came out not that many people got into it as much as the first one.But for me personally I took it for what it was and ended up liking it a lot and knowing that if they ended up making it a trilogy then the second one would be the stepping stone to the big finale between Taylor-Johnson's character and Mintz-Plasse's Character who are HUGE rivals in the film.The studio who handles the films and comic book creator are saying they are trying to get the returning characters from the second film to come back and either make an appearance or just have more of an open part in the 3rd film.Also possibly having Jim Carrey being in possible flash backs would be great for it since he was sort of a jolt of life to the 2nd film and brought the middle of it to a jumping start when it got slow.But when asked in an interview the creator of Kick Ass Mark Millar said that the idea of a 3rd film being made is "Up in the air" and "Always a possibility".Hearing those words just sort of gives you that tiny bit of hope and little bit of thought that just maybe it could work out and we could see an amazing and awesome close to this different and cool trilogy that distances itself from all of the DC and Marvel comics because it was out of left field when the first film was released and now he is riding high with the big boys and Hit Girl who is played by Chloe Grace Moretz is basically just as if not more popular then Kick Ass as a character because of how she plays the character and seeing that die and go to waste would be a shame in itself.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

The Green Inferno Trailer


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