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Entertainment News For 8/1/14

Updated on August 1, 2014

Guardians Of The Galaxy Opens And Soars Beyond Expectations

Last night was the big night that every comic book fan and Marvelite was waiting for with the 7 PM releases all over the US for Guardians Of The Galaxy and whether or not you saw the film in IMAX 3D,3D itself or just in the regular format originally it was something special and during this film summer season and everything that I have seen I have only given two films 5/5 perfect scores and they were Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and this film.I was sitting in the back back row with the people I went with and had a friend in the dead center enjoying it and literally being there watching it and seeing the peoples reactions it was unlike anything I have ever seen before in years and it was definitely something special.You had everyone laughing and clapping along with certain cheers like when the definite Stan Lee cameo popped up EVERYONE in the theatre clapped for him and it was a big thing instead of the first Amazing Spider Man where people saw him just went "Hey!!" and then moved on.I can also say and most definitely agree that even though it isn't a competition that Rocket and Groot basically rule the comedy and drive the film's energy where you obviously still had Chris Pratt to do more comedy as well because his character was also very great in his own way.The other big players in the film like Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista made the character very memorable and something that if you saw someone else do it it would be weird to see and a lot of people looked at Batista as a wild card for Drax but boy he did deliver.The other players on the bad guy side is Karen Gillan as Nebula who Saldana's sister in the film but sticks to the bad side of the court and then you have Lee Pace as well as Ronan The Accuser and he was someone else who I saw in some different roles and seeing him in something so dark and different was great ands shows he could pull it off.But back to the full aspect of the film cause if I went into the whole cast there is SO many other names and even some other ones that are surprises because a big thing that makes this film great and different from the other Marvel films in their coveted Cinematic Universe is that they have TONS of easter eggs in the film so its something that really benefits to see more then once because you can look at the actors in the film and the story but then when you really take a look around and see EVERYTHING around in every scene going on.But to finish this off there is reports coming out saying that the film was projecting 65-70 pre release and now that it came out for less then a day its might make slightly more then 100 million which is WAYYY over expectations and another home run for the Marvel camp.

Quentin Tarantino Shows Off First Poster For The Hateful Eight

Anyone who knows and follows and Quentin Tarantino's career knows more then anything that when this film was conceived when it was being thought up after he was living sky high from the success of Django Unchained but when he went to getting the script done and making it another one of his major steps forward in having his career being more legendary then it already is then the stuff hits the fan.Someone leaks the script and everyone thought he would have to start from scratch and then out of nowhere it was thought the film would either never see the light of day or be released in 2020.But he let it go a little bit which for him was big thing to do and let people in a big table read of the script and now we can fast forward to the beginning of this week and having the news on The Hateful Eight be sort of quiet at best he decides to drop the first REAL poster for the film that we will have to see for a while until we get a full cast and everything that goes along with making the film great.But looking at it from a poster aspect it is something that looks like it will be the style of Django of course but still be as violent as Inglourious Basterds or Kill Bill in some scenes.Like with the wagon riding away and then you suggest that the red on it is blood then you get a good sense that whoever is starring in this is gonna get messy in the near future.

Lionsgate Fires Back At Leakers Over Expendables 3 Leak

With the film coming in the next 2 weeks and the trailers looking great and promising and possibly for me better then the second installment but with it leaking everywhere online and you know those people who have the chance to see the film in the way its meant to be seen in the highest and best quality from your couch and not pay a thing then people will do that instead of paying 10 bucks to see it.But now apparently Lionsgate Entertainment has found out where the source of the leak has come from and now they are deciding to strike in the worst and quickest possible way which seems right since the people who decided to leak it decided to do it weeks before release which is gonna hurt the pirates longer in court and in the long run and possibly add another 15 years to their jail time if they end up getting any and if not then 100's of thousands of more dollars of debt to put them in and possibly drown them that way instead because since this has happened and they are now known there is no way they are getting out unhurt in this now.

Ridley Scott's Next Film "The Martian" Release Date Set

Ridley Scott's next film after he was done making his epic film Exodus which after watching the trailer does look like it is going to be an interesting film to see but on a grander scale it looks like something HUGE and he goes big with everything he does it so lets hope its good.But for his next title he decided to work with Matt Damon in a title called The Martian and some people are cracking slight jokes and basically calling it "Gravity on Mars" because people don't get what it is about as a whole although he just went way back into the Exodus time and then out of nowhere now he's heading back to space to be on Mars for months and if you see the Exodus trailer and you've seen Prometheus or Blade Runner those visuals for the films are just amazing and it just tells you that he can REALLY show off Mars in the right light and basically have the right actor in Matt Damon to bring it and tell the story right.

Another Trailer Released For Call Of Duty:Advanced Warefare

I do state before I do these stories that I don't often cover music,gossip or video games as an everyday thing because I normally stick to just movies and the basics of movie news but with this and it is a very awesome bit of info that the two pieces of video games and movies intertwine.A longer trailer was released a few days ago for this all over Facebook and Twitter and it basically tells more of the story from another person's perspective and it still has the time and space in the storytelling of it to show off Kevin Spacey and how glorious he looks in the game and how he followed the same path that Andy Serkis does whenever he makes a film like with Apes or when he did the King Kong stuff or when Andy was Gollum in the Lord Of The Rings series.But when Spacey comes into the scene you basically know that he is someone not to be messed with just like his character Frank Underwood on House Of Cards and they show off in the new trailer that the company he works for is unstoppable and you can do whatever you want but it wont work because they are an unstoppable force and the day for the release of that game can't come soon enough.

Red Band Trailer For Sin City A Dame To Kill For Releases

The new trailer for Sin City A Dame To Kill For came out earlier this week and it basically did it right by showing off the Red Band Trailer and showing everyone footage of the film the way it was meant to be seen.It does show a little bit more because the trailer is about 45 seconds to a minute longer then the first trailer everyone has seen by now.But it does show off the whole cast mostly with a lot of shots of the big bad governor who is played Powers Boothe and he does an awesome job at it as well.But watching the trailer you also have the whole basic team up of Mickey Rourke,Josh Brolin and Joseph Gordon Levitt trying to get back at Boothe's character because he basically screwed all of them and on a side note if you haven't read any of the original Sin City books they are GREAT like I watched the movies then bought both books and read them cover to cover back to back and was totally into it.But on the other side note of having the same characters come back from the first one and having some new people in it as well including the actor who had to replace Michael Clarke Duncan for playing his character for his untimely death and the most notorious one by far is Eva Green.She was sort of put in deep because they released her character poster and she is colored in a very sexy way in the black and white with minimal color but then you see her wearing a sort of silk robe that is see through and yes if you REALLY REALLY look you can see things.So the poster was pulled on some places and wasn't shown anywhere but online and now with this trailer she literally brings the sexy in a big bad way and it makes you think if her performance is going to involve some nudity as well because she's been practically naked in everything she's been in so I'm not sure what will happen on that front.But for me personally some people didn't care about this at all because its years and years overdue and too late but still for a fan I am all over it and can't wait for this and it was even one of my most anticipated of the summer for sure and is sure to hit with a bang when it comes to the action.

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Sin City:A Dame To Kill For Red Band Trailer

Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

Call Of Duty:Advanced Warefare Trailer


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