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Entertainment News For Friday 5/30/14

Updated on May 30, 2014

Ant Man Replacement Director Front Runners Announced

After the big news of Edgar Wright dropping out of the big Ant Man project he was attached to for almost 8 years.Marvel is acting in a quick and swift manner to get a new director to work on the project so it will continue its production schedule and stay on course to having a July 17th 2015 release date.Some of the names that are some front runners for the job are Adam Mckay,Ruben Fleischer and Rawson Thurber.Two of the three names are notable for putting out big comedy films and it might be noted that Marvel wants a more comedic approach with this one.From what I last heard Thurber was the one who was in the lead for the job so far but you know with Marvel anything could happen.On other sites who have reported this news it was announced that with big news coming for directors for their films that this one is a reach for a director for them now that having someone like Wright on the property before and the other two names that Thurber is going against as well with their highly known resumes.

Cliffhanger Getting A Remake As Well

Just after the news of there being a Stargate reboot film and even a trilogy announced that will be a new retelling to the story that was told so long ago.Everybody knows this Stallone action thriller that basically put everyone at the edge of their seats because of the crazy camera angles when you see Stallone climbing the mountains and everything that takes place with the story.Another thing I mentioned with the story yesterday was that the whole remaking of older films was becoming a little exhausting but at the same time other peoples words and thoughts won't stop studios from making money if it means getting millions for a good Cliffhanger remake.There isn't much news about who will take the character that Stallone played or the other characters but at the same time this is another film that doesn't feel like it needs to be redone at all.

Sons Of Anarchy Adding A New Sheriff And A Rockstar

For the new season of Sons Of Anarchy actress Annabeth Gish has been cast to play the new sheriff in the series and her character will be an arc character so it will last more then one episode for obvious cases for the character she is playing.Also although this one might be debated by some Marilyn Manson will be another arc character and he will play a white supremacist in the new season as well.Now for people that know Manson and his weird sense of how he does things this does seem kind of perfect for him.For the next season coming from what I hear from fans who watch it each season does tend to load it up a notch more and more throughout the story and when FX was talking about ending it soon then it could be time in a season or two but for now we will have these new characters adding more to the story and to see what happens with the crew.

Bryan Cranston Drops MAJOR Hint

While talking to CNN Bryan Cranston was asked if we would ever see the amazing and notorious drug lord/father again on TV or film again? He just replied with that it will be during some time in the season of Better Call Saul because him and Aaron Paul will be back as their famous characters Walt and Jesse.But then the reporter asked what about the future? and he responded with well "You never say never right?".He also added that "In the series finale you never really see him go into the body bag or anything along those lines and you know Jesse is good and got away so anything is possible".After many people started to lose their minds deep down inside Cranston has basically planted the seed that if the famous Walter White were to ever come back and people were to say NO WAY to it then you have this interview to go to because like Cranston said "Never Say Never".

Brad Pitt Files Restraining Order Against Fan After Maleficent Premiere

After Brad Pitt's eventful night supporting his wife Angelina Jolie during the Maleficent premiere.With most people knowing by now that when he walked the red carpet a crazed Ukrainian man by the name of Vitalii Sediuk just ran up and punched Pitt square in the face.This wasn't his first offense either as he was known as the man who climbed up America Ferrera's dress,possibly squirted water out of a water bottle at Tom Cruise and 3 other offenses that are known about.But today Pitt filed a restraining order against him so that they couldn't have it happen again.But now after a later announcement Sediuk was placed on 20,000 bail and remains in custody for the time being but when he appeared in court the judge made it apparent and one of the things that he wanted to make 110% CLEAR that he will never step foot on a red carpet again as long as he has a breathe in his body because he has played too many games already and it has come back to bite him in the worst way.

Mad Hatter Has A Father In Alice 2

The good people working behind the sequel to the billion dollar blockbuster Alice In Wonderland remake have found the father for the Mad Hatter who will be played by Johnny Depp again.As far as it has been stated it will still be called Through The Looking Glass still instead of being Alice 2 or Alice In Wonderland 2.But the actor they cast to play the father is Rhys Ifans who is last seen playing Dr.Curt Connors or The Lizard in the first Amazing Spider Man film.He was also in a lot of other films like Anonymous,Mr.Nobody and Pirate Radio.So adding this casting is seeing this film move to the right direction and I am hoping to see this film have some visuals soon in the near future.

The Simpsons Adds New Character That Will Be Featured On App

The Simpsons is one of those special shows that seems like it will be have legs forever and ever and it could be on for another 20 seasons while it is on season 25 right now.But while people play Simpsons Tapped Out on their phones or iPads or what have you and it is one of the most downloaded games in the market the world from the Simpsons is adding a new character that will be featured in the show.The characters name is Chester Dupree,His story line is that he is family to Dr.Hibbert but he is the slacker who drags Hibbert down at times.The basic look of him is that he wears a purple beanie and headphones and that is all that is stated so far but at least you get a little bit so far until his big release on the your phones or on TV.Also the channel FXX will run EVERY Simpsons episode that has ever been released by the series and it will be a 12 day marathon with 552 episodes going from August 21st to Labor Day.I myself will most definitely be keeping this channel on for the most of the time but it will be nice to go back and watch some of the classic episodes over time.

Anna Camp Is Back For Pitch Perfect 2

Anna Camp is mostly remembered for her role in Pitch Perfect as the girl who had a really good singing voice and also could vomit all the way to the 8th row if she really tried.But now with every original member going back for the sequel and even adding some new ones Camp has added herself into the mix as well to make it a complete film almost because when you look at who has come back it looks like the whole cast is back now with this announcement.With each announcement coming from this film I am excited to see the first full trailer for this film because I did like the first one SO much because it was so different from everything else out and yes their was Glee but still it was better then that even and had WAYY better music too and had fun with the story and music as well.

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