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Entertainment News For Friday 6/13/14

Updated on June 13, 2014

DC Entertainment Lays Out Future Plans For Universe

Reporter Nikki Finke used to do the daily news for until she ended up losing her job and basically becoming a rogue reporter.But now she has a very BIG reason to stand up and give Deadline a big "I told you so!!!!".Finke is reporting and basically breaking the news single handily about a giant layout plan that will be released during San Diego Comic Con involving the DC film universe and from the grounds of her report they went from being the guys who slowly played the game to packing a big punch one big report.Last years Comic Con had Zack Snyder giving some of the biggest if not THE biggest news showed when the news dropped about Batman Vs Superman being made and now this year it will be about the future of DC films.Finke listed a group of 7 films ranging from 2016 to 2018 in May.It obviously starts off with Batman Vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice and in July they are shooting for making a Shazam film a few months after.Christmas of 2016 brings on the Sandman film which was the one that most people heard about and was up to big rumor until now.Then in May 2017 we have DC's big team up with Justice League and by this time DC's plan will be full steam ahead as well.July 2017 brings on a film that has been developmental hell and fans minds for a long LONG time now and fans of the woman can rejoice because Wonder Woman is getting a film then.Christmas of 2017 is going to be something a little different that hasn't been on screen yet again with the arrival of Flash and Green Lantern team up film.Now I know that Batman Vs Superman is a good example of the first team up/battle on screen that's HUGE for comics but being able to knock down two characters and introduce them in their own film could be what's best for DC.Then finally in May of 2018 it looks like the Man Of Steel will get another film that is his own and continue the story that the first one laid so well.With this announcement coming from just Nikki Finke some were wondering if it was totally legit and 110% but at the end of the day if it gets reported by more sources which I am guessing it will that this is a very bold and brave approach for DC and is basically giving their fans the promise during Comic Con that things are in order and you have BIG things to look forward to and obviously they wont be on Marvel's level because having a layout plan for 15 years is ambitious but its also insane at the same time for the length of it.But no matter what if you have been watching superhero films and following them since Batman Begins and the first Iron Man this is the best news you can ever hear cause more films are coming for sure.

Jon M Chu In Line To Direct "Now You See Me" Sequel

Jon M Chu's film resume lists him as doing the 2nd and 3rd films in the Step Up series,GI:Joe Retaliation and of course both Justin Bieber concert films.But now he is tackling another sequel yes but with a bigger and well known cast with "Now You See Me 2".THE WRAP reported and broke the news today involving the film.The report stated that Chu was just finishing up his touches on the remake to the 80's TV Series Jem And The Holograms and Chu has emerged as the front runner to direct the Sequel to magic based film.The first Now You See Me was a surprise hit when it was released in theatres making way more at the box office then predicted at the given time of release.So far the sequel has no release date and it is only known that Mark Ruffalo,Isla Fisher,Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg are back on to return leaving Dave Franco,Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine undecided at the moment but more will come as time goes by.

Tom Hiddleston Set To Play Hank Williams In Biopic

Tom Hiddleston is taking a break from playing the fan favorite villain Loki in the Marvel world and now he is set to play one of the biggest contributers to Country music that has ever lived in Hank Williams.The title of the film will be called "I Saw The Light" with director Marc Abraham at the helm for this film.Production for the film will begin in Louisiana in October and you will get to see Hiddleston play such classic songs as "Hey Good Lookin" and "Your Cheatin' Heart".He did take a very dramatic turn during the Loki run when he was cast in the film War Horse that was directed by non other then Steven Spielberg so I doubt we will have to question whether or not he can do it or has the chops for it.Although Country music isn't my first choice for music I am excited for this film because seeing someone who is known worldwide as 1 character much like Robert Downey Jr is for Tony Stark he will be able to transform himself into someone else and impress a lot of people and maybe even get the big heads in the awards department to take notice as well.

The Amazing Spider Man 3 May Be Pushed Back

Now with The Amazing Spider Man 2 being in theatres a little over a month now and still being able to make a huge haul worldwide at the box office with its total shooting at 699.1 million.But in Sony's eyes and many people in the entertainment world the second film in the series is considered as a step back in the barely there series.With Sony's plans to do a Spider Man movie every year starting in 2016 along with a standalone Venom film and the anticipated Sinister Six film you would think they would be ok and brush it off.But with the sequel being 60 million short then the first film and that this might be the first time ever that when 2014 closes out that an X-Men film will make more money for Sony then a Spider Man film does which NEVER happens so people are asking will they possibly push everything back and sort out their game plan.Now it is something to take with a grain of salt at the moment but reports are flying around that this might actually happening and in the already enormously overpacked 2016 season of films we might go without seeing Spider Man the year.

Big Star Wars Rumors Around And Even An Injury On Set

One of the big rumors flying around the set of Star Wars Episode 7 is the fact that a lot of people who have been taking pictures and scouting reports for news have possibly seen Simon Pegg on set and just walking around right before they finished their shooting in Abu Dhabi.Now people thought maybe he could have a small role in the 7th film because he has been in both Star Trek films,Mission Impossible 3 and Ghost Protocol so he is well known in being in the world of everything Abrams.Also with the fact of the famous Cornetto Trilogy being over he would have the time to make the film and join the cast.Now everyone has known every storyline for this and most people will try anything to get the story out and possibly much like with the secret of Benedict Cumberbatch being Khan in the second Star Trek film this could be the one secret Abrams might keep in to have fans jump in their seats in the theatre when he shows up on screen.Another story that was going on in that world was while filming it appears that Harrison Ford broke his ankle during shooting and everything will be put on hold until he is able to come back to work and be 100%.

Game Of Thrones Writer To Pen Magic:The Gathering Film

Bryan Cogman who is the writer of one of the biggest shows on television right now with Game Of Thrones is ready to tackle one of the biggest card games ever created with penning a script for a Magic:The Gathering film.Now all the people in the world who play the game and collect the cards know how vast and rich the story and characters can be.So Cogman has quite the task because it is something he can take from scratch and totally make it own and since everyone who watches Game Of Thrones totally eats up everything that is written involving the story I don't see how he could knock this out of the park.It was added to it that 20th Century Fox would help with the production on the film and X-Men:Days Of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg will also help with producing duties and after hearing that and the absolutely amazing job he did with X-Men I don't really see how this film can go wrong.

Seth Rogen And James Franco Release Trailer For "The Interview"

Comedy power team Seth Rogen and James Franco have teamed up with the braintrust behind Neighbors for their next wild ride on screen with The Interview.The film's story revolves around a news reporter and his partner/Publicist who get invited to interview Kim Jong Un over in his home and native land.But the twist is before they leave for the big interview they are asked by the CIA to assassinate Jong Un while they interview him.For anyone who has already watched the trailer you already know that the whole story just starts and pure insanity just starts to ensue much like the story for This Is The End.From the looks of the trailer it looks like a very funny and promising film and having Rogen and Franco together on screen just seems to be working for them whenever they do it and I think they should continue it more as time goes on.

Jurassic World Releases New Images

Jurassic World is one of those films that has been talked about and talked about for years and years and when it came time to where it was actually a reality and the film is being released next year.Being able to see more images from the film are comforting to know because after all the rumors that are being thrown around it looks like the pictures still have the same tone as the other films did.The first picture that was released shows Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt just talking in front of what seems to be a trailer but at the article are pictures of Chris Pratt on a motorcycle and the two younger kids in the forest with one holding a helmet.Now their isn't any dinosaur pictures yet which isn't a surprise because I think that this is the big bullet that they are saving for Comic Con to really wow fans and blow them away but then again if not there it could be later on during a trailer in September or October possibly.It is so much up in the air for now that all you can do is speculate until it is finally shown on screen for all to see.

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The Interview Trailer

Now You See Me Trailer


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