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Entertainment News For Friday 6/20/14

Updated on June 20, 2014

Solo Batman Film In The Works For 2019

Coming straight out of reports from the Latino Review which has been bringing some big reports with the Ant Man news and most of the comic book movie news as well has dropped another bomb that DC has finally released news involving a solo Batman film which will obviously involve Ben Affleck in his first full fledged role as the character.The given year for this isn't for another 5 years in 2019 but if the news that Nikki Finke had reported last week about DC's big slate of films it would be perfect to have this come along after all their big films are already in stride with each other and it would also be right after the 2nd installment of the Man Of Steel series where we will get more of the Superman we have finally grown to love with Henry Cavill playing the caped hero.Now having all these news stories being taken with a grain of salt until it is totally confirmed it would be very great and ambitious for DC and Warner Bros. to take these steps and properly set up a universe that they need in order to make something people can get excited for like everyone goes crazy for over at Marvel world.The given title for said Batman film is just simply being titled as The Batman but that is all that is being stated for now and it looks like they are keeping the style of suit the same with the Frank Miller logo and design that goes along with as well.

Paramount Releases Movie Schedule For Future

The future is a great time to look forward and see what's coming in the time of film and what to get excited for.While most people are looking for to either Batman Vs Superman,Star Wars or the second Avengers film there are many other releases being announced and listed every day to get excited about and put down on you calendar if you are a fan of said series and Paramount has laid out a schedule just so you could do that.With the big report coming from Collider and The Hollywood Reporter the schedule that is being released shows many types of films covering superhero,horror remakes,sequels and not one original surprising film out of the bunch but I guess that what makes the money nowadays.In the beginning of 2015 we have another SpongeBob film that looks to be in the vein of The Smurfs because it will be CG and live action with the title being SpongeBob Squarepants:Sponge Out Of Water.Right after that the next one on said list is the hotly anticipated Terminator Genesis and whether this film bombs or makes a billion dollars I have a feeling fans will be happy that the Terminator name is back in theatres for all to see.The next one is Mission Impossible 5 which had an around Christmas release date but may have moved with Star Wars moving overheard the movie world now.Another reboot to Friday The 13th is set in 2015 as well and the big rumor for this film is that it could be live action instead of the same thing we have seen time and time again.Another sequel is on the tail end of 2015 with Hot Tub Time Machine 2 for all the people who are fans of the goofy comedies and the first film since it was so off the wall and different.When we move into 2016 from the director of Wanted it looks like he is taking a stab at one of the most famous movies ever created and redoing Ben-Hur.March 25th 2016 is time for the 4th installment for the Beverly Hills Cop series and we will see if the films hold up or start to turn into the Die Hard series where they are just making them just to make them.2016 also adds another Star Trek with the 3rd installment in that franchise with the original writer Roberto Orci directing and having Abrams be a loose producer and helper on the project so he will still somewhat be in on the 3rd film just not as much as he was.2016 will bring on ANOTHER Paranormal Activity with the 5th installment of the series and this is slowly becoming the ugly red headed step child of SAW when it comes to how many can come out before they get old and played out? After that we get into the money makers with the 5th Transformers film and this is before the Age Of Extinction is even out yet! So when it comes to this film we wont know if Wahlberg will be back or the young actress who plays Tessa in the film either but what we do know for sure is that there is a 5th film in the series no matter what.Right after that down the list is another G.I. Joe to make it a full trilogy in the series and a lot of people thought the 2nd one was going to take but adding the Rock to the cast was a major jump and having him back could be something to make it that much better.The last film on said list is sort of a surprise with it being a sequel to the Hansel And Gretel films since the first one didn't make much money but they did become something to see in the 3D format and make some money once released on DVD so I guess the series got lucky and earned itself one more film in the franchise.Thats the whole list as of right now and it is a lot of sequels and some of them are something that when people see the title they are have the money in hand ready to pay for their tickets so the next couple of years that don't involve superhero movies will still be good otherwise in the world of film.

Dr.Dre Releases Picture Of Straight Outta Compton Cast

Dr.Dre has taken the Straight Outta Compton film to the next level with a picture release on his Twitter of the cast which does include himself and Ice Cube who will act as Producers on the film and help out whenever needed.But also below Cube is his son looking like a mirror image of him which is scary because when they try and make it look like the time of the group and when they really became famous you might not be able to tell the difference between the two people.Between Dre and Cube is director F Gary Gray who is taking this project on full steam ahead and with this project sitting on the cutting room floor for the longest time he was more then happy to pick it up and move forward with it and make it his own which is great cause I LOVED The Italian Job and his many other projects.I can't wait until they have the whole group cast and try and recreate that famous album cover then it could be a perfect teaser poster for all the die hard fans out there to latch on to for the film and also show how committed Dre and Ice Cube are to letting them use whatever and have fun with it as well.The film did get a recent shot to the heart yesterday with the recent Bourne film moving slots to 2016 and this film taking its slot over so now this biopic will be released on 8/14/15 which was also a part of Dr.Dre's tweet which he had sent out with the picture of the cast.

NBC Constantine Series Shows DC Universe Tie In's

In the new trailer for the NBC series Constantine which is by the way getting RAVE reviews from what people are seeing when people got to see that and Gotham a week or 2 ago at a press review.But for the trailer it kept you intertwined in the story much like the first one did until you see someone grab a shiny helmet which is known by every comic book nerd as Dr.Fate.So knowning that Constantine will be battling the dead in the series to begin with is just basic knowledge but also knowing that he is going to battle a wicked sorcerer with a bad attitude to boot this series is listed way WAY up there with Gotham and The Flash series as anticipated and ones to look out for.I am happy series are finding their feet and being able to be awesome and good on television without having to take 2 years to take the time to be made into a movie everytime which again isn't an issue but again having shows like Arrow basically being one of the driving forces for superhero shows right now it will be awesome to see what comes of the next 3 series.

Max Landis Set To Polish Ghostbusters Script

Max Landis who is most known famously for writing the script for Chronicle has been tapped to write and polish the script for the overly and holy anticipated Ghostbusters 3.Nikki Finke is bringing the report again with this one and she has mentioned that his changes to the script will be minor and that the studio is very high on him and they believe on what he can do to make the story great.Apparently the brain trust over working on Ghostbusters 3 had asked Phil Lord and Chris Miller who are the top dogs at the moment for making The Lego Movie and 21 and 22 Jump Street movies passed on the film but did take a look at it.They had mentioned that all the parts were there but it still needed certain things and not all the mechanics were doing there jobs.They had mentioned Rueben Fleischer to be the one chosen to helm everything on it but looking at his resume they also didn't want him chosen after he had made Gangster Squad which was a giant miss for him in his career and which also puts this film in development hell yet again.

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Constantine Trailer

22 Jump Street Trailer-Just For Ice Cube And Cause It Was GREAT


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