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Entertainment News For Friday 6/6/14

Updated on June 6, 2014

Ant Man Eyeing New Directors

The new debacle for Marvel which some people thought me or anyone would ever have to say that is Ant Man has finally found a new group of directors to try and reel in to see if they want to move forward with making the first film in their Phase 3 onslaught of characters.Two names announced were Peyton Reed and David Wain and it is being reported that they are the front runners with both of them just together being listed as the top choices.As Ant Man seems to be falling off the rails and you have people who cover movies everyday just sort of giving up on it the more the days go by you see another Marvel film getting its legs with the Dr.Strange film getting a director that is staying and not leaving and possibly even a Dr.Strange as well.Ever since it was reported that Edgar Wright was leaving this project it was like it has been hit with this cancer and has been constantly getting worse and worse and this film had so much hype going for it up until Wright's departure.

David O Russell And Lawrence To Team Up Again

David O Russell and Jennifer Lawrence must know the good old phrase of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" because having worked together in American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook and having it just garner MANY nominations during awards season why not work together again for a third time.This time they will work on a film called Joy that will be released on Christmas of 2015.The story of it although they haven't gone into it too much is that its a "Miracle Mop" film and has Lawrence as the main character in the film so it could be time for her to get another trophy on her mantle possibly for this role if the film is right for it.

Jake Gyllenhaal Teams Up With Jean Marc Valee For Demolition

Jean Marc Valee is going to direct his next film after his critical success from Dallas Buyers Club with the film Demolition and this time instead of having Matthew Mcconauhey with him this time he has decided to tap Jake Gyllenhaal for the leading role.Jake showed the past year that he can truly bring it in that type of role when he played the detective in Prisoners and in the past he even caught some attention for his role in Brokeback Mountain as well.The premise of this film will be about an investment banker who is trying to struggle with the loss of his wife.Now with Valee's previous film with Dallas you know he can take personal and serious situations and seriously make you sympathize with the person on screen to the fullest and he can also make the actor playing the character as well lose themselves in the character which is how Matthew and Jared Leto won themselves some Oscars in February so maybe the same could be coming for Jake this time around for Demolition.

Bill Condon Helming Live Action Beauty And The Beast

Dreamgirls Breaking Dawn Director Bill Condon has been tapped to direct the new live action take on one of the best and most classic Disney tales with Beauty and the Beast.So Maleficent was the number 1 movie in the box office this past weekend so a lot of people were speculating if this news was going to be announced before and this was just perfect timing but now with one retelling doing great and a live action Tarzan coming as well why not dig into the Disney pile some more while were at it I guess? But there is also news of Guillermo Del Toro wanting to do his own take on it as well and wanting Emma Watson as Belle and that by the time this is all said and done that we could have two versions of the same movie out in theatres again much like White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen was the case last year.Now there are some people who are going for this and some who hate it because it was the first animated film to be nominated for best picture at the Oscars.But like it makes you think what can they keep and what do they have limits on using? Can they use that ICONIC song that was in the original because that song is like a basic reason of what drove that film since it was a musical.But for now since they just got a director only time will tell how this can play out I just hope they don't get the same actors or actresses to be in both cause that could be disastrous.

Age Of Ultron Halfway Through Production

Now I know we haven't heard anything from The Avengers camp in some time and this news isn't jaw dropping or shocking but in some cases this could be good news to fans counting down the days before the big release of the film.It was reported by Joss Whedon on Twitter that they are "Halfway done with shooting!" and the fact that he is "Holding up better then is normal would be!".So I guess with those statements that is a good thing to look at right since after the set photos released and everybody thought they already saw Ultron from the actor in the suit it made you think the suspense and surprise was over and since then it has been completely quiet and over at Marvel it has been ALL Ant Man basically so we will see what comes of this over time with Comic Con looming soon.

Batman Vs Superman Brings On The Troops

Zac Snyder needed some uniforms and troops for a big scene for the upcoming Batman Vs Superman film and boy did he bring it on a BIG scale.He was asking for around 8,500 soliders to show up at the facility they are working at to shoot a few scenes and even act as extras during the film which means much like Man Of Steel the military will play a decently big role in this one again which I liked having them show up every now and then but not control and sort of have that reliable friendship with Superman and Harry Lennix being the general which I hope he comes back for the big one since he did such an AMAZING job saying the passage at Comic Con and basically breaking the news of Batman Vs Superman.This one is another one to watch for news and I don't mean everyday because something will come everyday and its going to be pointless news but when something BIG breaks I will have it here FOR SURE.

Take Two Gaming Shoots Down GTA Movie Rumors

With E3 on the horizon I figured having a movie/gaming story on here would be good and with Take Two having to be asked almost daily about the chances of a Grand Theft Auto movie happening EVER?? The CEO simply shot down the rumors and chances for right now and for good by just simply saying "No,We have no plans for that at this time." Now I know like every guy between the ages of 14-40 would want to see a GTA movie right now at some point somehow but we will have to wait a little bit longer and if it ever developed it will take at least 2 years to come out so shoot for around 2020 if ever and then start asking again because I don't see Take Two to stop making the games ever since they always make them boatloads of money whenever it is released in any given year.

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Dallas Buyers Club Trailer

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer


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