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Entertainment News For Friday 7/18/14

Updated on July 18, 2014

First REAL Image For Dawn Of Justice

Now I know this is a couple of weeks overdue now and like EVERYONE and their mother has covered it already numerous times but for how my site has sort of been on vacation for a bit I am going to add it on todays listing because it was something that sort of set the internet on fire as soon as it was released.With this picture being released on Twitter which seems to be the breaking spot for Warner Bros for this film since they showed the first Affleck image on there and even the Batmobile photos on there as well.But with the photos a lot of people either didn't care because they have and are on the Marvel train and for some reason can't like both or they just didn't get into it.But for me and as someone who has both superheroes tattooed on my body I am VERY excited for this film and do enjoy the image and I mean at the end of the day it is just a picture where you see subtle slight differences in his suit as to with the Man Of Steel one and him just staring in the rain which made people ask if he is possibly staring at Ben in the Batman suit and that is what they are going to unravel at the Con next week but nonetheless its moving in the right direction.

The Ring 3 Moves Forward With Production

Yes you read the header right…its been however many years since the release of the 2nd Ring film that not that many people enjoyed seeing in theaters and actually liked the first more then the second but I guess the company making the series thinks there is more water to be had from that fountain.Paramount Pictures has tapped F.Javier Gutierrez to direct the film and he is also attached to direct the reboot of the Crow that keeps being thrown on the cutting room floor every chance that it gets.But with having him doing this now I am guessing that Gutierrez will choose this over The Crow and it will take 5 more years for a reboot but thats another story.Apparently the series had become quite the sensation over seas mainly in China and Japan making a big chunk of money so that is the studio's desire right there to make a new film I guess.The films main star Naomi Watts hasn't been attached to return as of yet if at all since it has been so long you don't know if Watts will want to even do it anymore and go back to playing that character again.

Entertainment Weekly Releases First Avengers Images

EW released a new issue this week but instead of it having another lame cover that nobody is really driven into reading instead you got Iron Man,Captain America and you very first look at the big bad villain Ultron in all of his glory.With it being Entertainment Weekly's double issue for Comic Con covering possibly everything they can on the convention they had The Avengers being their main focus with brand new pictures from the film even new shots covering Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver who are being played by Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olson playing those respective characters.Now with the other new shots in the magazine being great and cool they do look just like shots from the other first film but at the same time I think it is something where they are not going to tease everything just cause they got an exclusive from a magazine.But showing off Ultron was cool in its own right because now the world knows what he looks like like 1000% with no motion and can definitely say whether he is amazing looking or whether its crap.Also there was a little tease if you look at the copy of the magazine you happen to be reading where one of Ultron's robots just running towards them in the backward has a caption above him and he's saying "Domo Origato" which I found a little funny that EW would take a little bit of a joke in that since everyone would just see the title cover and lose their minds respectively.So we do have to wait a week until some more does come out but it is guaranteed that they are gonna bring it and bring it hard at the Marvel camp since DC and Warners is pushing Batman and Dawn of Justice 110% down the pipeline like no other so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Releases Trailers And Posters Galore

The people over at Guardians are sure learning about making something special with Marvel.Now I do know that on my Youtube channel I listed Guardians as my 3rd or 4th most anticipated because I thought that Apes was going to just knock everyone on their rear end with the acting and how amazing the story is.But with everything I have been seeing with Guardians I have been on board with it but I am just loving the direction they are taking with it with releasing the great trailers basically spacing out each character for each trailer and telling you what is going on for each story and how rich of a storyline it is without showing so much of the same thing.Also I am like counting the days to see and hear Bradley Cooper just go buck wild as Rocket because when he does that obnoxious laugh and says 'ITS REAL!!" it was almost like ok! sign me up now take my money!! The latest thing on the Guardians front was they are releasing posters of other characters including villains and just other characters in general so if you are a poster geek like me and wanted a rocket poster and maybe a poster of Karen Gillan's character Nebula then you can because I think all in all they have released like 9 or 10 posters since they have started ramping up the release for the film that is coming in like 2 weeks now.

The Overlook Hotel Finds Its Director

It looks like after much speculation of hearing that Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron was going to helm the prequel for the classic film The Shining that will be titled "The Overlook Hotel".But now after he did a double punch to the gut and passed on that and the new Harry Potter film that is slowly making its way as well the studio has finally found a director to work on Overlook in Mark Romanek which honestly is a bold and interesting one because when you pull up his resume over his career he has only made 3 films like One Hour Photo and he has made about 20 music videos which he might be more well known for.His most famous one might have to be the Scream video from Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson which in that area of filming is already legendary as it is but when you look at the price tag for how much it took to make such a great a different video(Somewhere north of a MILLION dollars!!) then he is going to stick out.Jay-Z has even used him twice with his songs 99 Problems and he made a 8 minute music video that was like a short film for his song Picasso Baby that ended up being directed by him as well.So this film being directed by Romanek is an interesting choice since the story is coming through the eyes of the owner of the Hotel and apparently he is attached to direct the Boston Stranger film as well so he does have good things going for him its just with his resume this is an interesting take for it.

Transformers:Age Of Extinction Headed Towards First Billion Dollar Film Of The Year

So with this being the 4th Transformers film that has been released and while many went to go see it and were stunned that with trailers attached it runs at about 3 hours which is about ungodly and insane for a Michael Bay film especially Transformers and when I got around to seeing the film and got the feeling back in my rear end and legs and left the theatre I did agree with most people that are flying around online that it is going to make money here of course but it is going to make boatloads of money overseas and that it did because if it keeps performing the way it does then it will beat out films like the new Apes and X-Men to become the highest grossing film of the year and break that illustrious BILLION dollar mark.I myself am over here shaking my head and asking why god why????? but at the same time you know whats coming next since this film is headed to become the highest grossing Transformers as well that of course a 5th one will be coming in due time and Bay will have his hands all over it in the next 3 years so we will have to see how much more he can drag on the story until he simply runs out since everyone else has been asking him about his other projects as well and he's so Transformers heavy he just wont do them so well see..

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Making Waves

When the news on this film first came out people were mocking it and laughing as hard as they could behind the peoples backs who were hyping it up because this is a old school throwback because it is the most real thing we have to this 2 films that came out forever ago.But now with more pictures coming out and an actual trailer showing the world that these are Turtles you DO NOT want to mess with any way shape or form even if the mad man himself Michael Bay is helping produce it.Now having footage of Master Splinter fighting what looks to be a 12 foot tall Shredder and hearing news that possibly that William Fictner WONT be playing Shredder since he is normally portrayed by a asian kung fu master in all of the other films and its just the way that it is.From the way they are making things go other then the over amounts of Skrillex they use in the trailer it did look great and I am anticipating this because we do need a goofy throwback group of guys to watch and having the turtles still be around would and will be a great feeling to have for all the old nostalgic people who still watch the cartoon and movies today.

Now that I am back is there anything you wanted to add to the site on a daily basis?

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer


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