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Entertainment News For Friday 8/22/14

Updated on August 22, 2014

Sin City 2 Shooting For 10 Million Dollar Weekend

The 2nd installment of the Sin City story has finally been released and knowing that it wont make the mountains of money that Guardians Of The Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made but it was expected to at least be the number 1 film of the week for sure.But now with it being out and having time to stretch its legs a bit that doesn't look to be the case as it looks like the sappy love/romantic story "If I Stay" is going to nag the top spot.From the projections given for Sin City it looks as if it is only going to make 10 Million while the first film easily got the 1st spot for the week with 27 Million.They are also projecting If I Stay to get about 17 Million so don't expect the box office to be huge this week but at the same time for a comic book/graphic novel film I thought this movie would be or do better for having so much promise and doing so well with marketing as well.

American Horror Story:Freakshow Releases New Teaser That Will Make You Squirm

A few days ago I reported on FX rolling out teasers for one of their most popular shows in American Horror Story.This installment is going to have the tagline Freakshow and take place in a circus area and town from what I am seeing but the first teaser which was called "Admit One" had the creepy hand holding the ticket with the release date in hand but now this one shows a man licking his very own lollipop and its very VERY close and personal view then when he goes to lick it again you see that his tongue is split in two and he continues to lick around the lollipop in a slimy nasty way then the title is revealed along with the release date along with it on the bottom as well.This show was gaining traction over and over with every bit of news released because it is such a hot button topic show and they literally leave everything on the table when it comes to filming what they do and that is one of the BIG reasons why I love it so much.The first season is so great and by far my favorite out of the 3 that have aired with Coven being the weakest sadly but then again watching it again might make me change my mind when it is released on DVD and Blu Ray.

Jason Reitman's Men,Woman And Children Set For Awards Season

Jason Reitman is known for making great films that normally get recognized in the months of January and February and by that I mean awards season.A good example is either Juno or Up In The Air which basically caused MAJOR buzz when those movies were released and some of them did.But his next movie called Men,Women And Children is set for a release and it is being aimed for October 17th and stars the likes of Ansel Elgort who can recently be seen in The Fault In Our Stars and Adam Sandler is also in this film so it will be interesting to see how far he can go on a dramatic level since he has done it before with Punch Drunk Love and his past few films like Jack And Jill and Grown Ups 2 have been nominated for Worst Film Of The Year at the Razzies.This movie does have quite the remaining cast when you look it up and go down the line as well so this could end up doing some major damage when the time comes for the Globes and Oscars.

Love Is Strange Stirs Up Controversy

This movie sort of caused some controversy because the basic story of it is 2 very older men decide to FINALLY tie the knot and they are played by Alfred Molina and Jonathan Lithgow and when it starts and you see them married you think it is going to be a great film about the situation but then Molina's job cans him for the fact that he just got married and they don't want to straight up say its because of that but they sort of do.Then when Molina basically loses his main source of funding him and Lithgow have to live at friends houses until it can get sorted out and things get awkward when people walk in on others and they try and just be close with one another and it never can really work out for the best.It does look like a good and funny movie with two of the most talented actors of the time but it got slapped with an R rating and unless theres curse words every other sentence,ridiculous sex scenes or major amounts of bloodshed this doesn't need to be rated this.But people in the LGBT community are sort of ticked about this decision and when you see the trailer it doesn't give off that idea at all and when you rate a movie R it only give a percentage of the audience the chance to see it so if it were PG-13 then everyone could go and actually enjoy what could be a great film.

Horrible Bosses Writers To Team With Relativity On Prison Comedy Film

The Horrible Bosses writers Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley have worked up a new script that in my mind honestly sounds genius.Now picture this just when you think you have seen too many of the found footage paranormal activity type movies then you hear about this film that these guys are making which is going to be titled "All Day And All Night".The story is going to follow a TV crew who documents 2 prison guards throughout their day at the jail they work at but what they don't know on that day is that happens to be the day when a riot will break out.When I read about this story on Variety I literally got excited for it and wished there was a trailer attached to it already but there isn't sadly.It sort of reminds me of like I mentioned before a mocking of all the found footage movies before and the scenes in Natural Born Killers that Robert Downey Jr. shoots when he tries to cover the killers and everything goes crazy.I know its not EXACTLY the same but damn it would be funny if it was because since Horrible Bosses is pretty funny in itself you can bet this is going to be a damn good ride when it is released.

Kevin Costner's New Sports Drama Pushed To 2015

Kevin Costner must be in the mood for the sports movies after making the NFL based film "Draft Day" because his film "Mcfarland USA" which was slated for a November 21st release is being pushed all the way to February.Most times when this happens to movies like this it is for major changes or more filming needs to be done in time for the release or the biggest threat of they showed it to the studio's when they had a finished product and they ended up not liking it and telling them to basically go back to the well and fix it.Another scary bit for it is that it is being released in January and February smack dab in the middle of graveyard season for the bad movies that don't need any recognition and it is very VERY rare that movies get noticed and end up making eyebrows raise when the year is over.The basic story of Mcfarland USA is the story of a coach in the mainly hispanic are of California he builds a track teams and overcomes all the obstacles needed and everything else to make a great team and amazing story.The people who made the story also made such films as Million Dollar Arm,Invincible and Secretariat so you know this movie will have heart 100%.

David Yates Is Finally Tapped For Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

The people over at Hogwarts and Harry Potter land are sticking to familiar turf when they have found a great and a director who has directed 4 Harry Potter movies including the EPIC finale that everyone was looking forward to if you weren't a fan/reader or not.David Yates is the lucky guy who will get to direct Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and when this was released it wasn't a smash hit like the other books because no one knew it was a JK Rowling book at first until the news broke that it was then they sold like hotcakes and then the movie talk started when there was reports of past Potter directors being signed on to even Alfonso Cuaron who had recently won the Best Director Oscar for Gravity was tapped to direct the film for about a week.Now though it looks like Yates is here to stay and it doesn't seem like he will be moved or anything like that and he seems like a smart choice because he knows the world so well and can relate with it when the time comes to get back into shooting whenever they decide to get into the swing of things.

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The Simpsons Marathon Boosts Audience At An All Time Rate

FXX decided to do something amazing and unprecedented when they were advertising commercials for a 12 day marathon showing every single Simpsons episode ever.When I heard this news for me as a fan and someone who also has a Simpsons tattoo I was doing backflips in my house and couldn't wait to watch it from the start and see all the crazy stories that the Simpson family gets into.When the first day started it did feel very weird to just turn the TV on and not have to change it or anything all day and just let the good times roll.It was reported as well that in the 2 days of airing that since it was a side channel to FX that this is the highest audience they have ever had and I expect it to get bigger and bigger because word will spread of the marathon over time and by the time of the end of it I could imagine it being a big thing since they are already a trending topic on Twitter thats just the start to bigger and crazier things for them on the popular side.

ABC Developing Derek Storm Series From Their Hit Show Castle

The hit ABC show Castle end their last season with a little bit of a thud and kind of left fans breathless because you had no idea what was going to happen to Castle and how Beckett was going to deal with it or what she was going to do to get him back.But on the side of him sort of going away ABC is choosing to develop a show that will center on the Derek Storm character and his novels that Rick Castle himself created and from the way he describes that could be very VERY entertaining to watch in every sense of the word.I can imagine seeing ABC wanting to capitalize on this show because it is one of their most popular and always makes it through whenever 3 or 4 are getting cancelled every year.I expect Castle and its spinoff show to go the distance and it could possibly be just as good as Castle if they cast good enough people to play the leads because having people like Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion playing Castle and Beckett basically own that show and make it THAT much better.

The Hateful Eight Teaser Debuts

If anyone went out to see Sin City 2 this weekend or is planning on seeing it then you will most definitely see Quentin Tarantino's teaser for his brand new film.The film doesn't go too much into details and if you want to watch it you might have to dig a little online because after what happened with this movie involving the script Tarantino may not want it on the net yet.But you just see a snowy scene and it is basically like a cartoon or drawing and it is all writing the whole time so you don't see anyone or any actors at all.You just hear noises and see character names and get the idea of what your working with.I myself was too busy geeking out like HARDCORE because I love Tarantino and his movies but one of the 8 was a woman which does sort of cement the rumor that Jennifer Lawrence could be involved and that would be her character.The list of the said 8 people listed in the teaser goes as follows..

1. Major Marquis Warren — “The Bounty Hunter”

2. John Ruth — “The Hangman”

3. Daisy Dermargue — “The Prisoner”

4. Chris Mannix — “The Sheriff”

5. Bob — “The Mexican”

6. Oswaldo Mobray — “The Little Man”

7. Joe Gage — “The Cow Puncher”

8. General Sandy Smithers — “The Confederate”

When you hear about these names and that lineup you gotta think some crazy madness is going to come up and somehow somewhere something is going to blow up and someone is going to get bloody for sure.The other possible rumors in this movie were Michael Madsen,Bruce Dern,Samuel L Jackson and Kurt Russell.So if this does end up becoming true then this could be a pretty giant film and I have a hunch that when you look at the nickname of "The Little Man" what if Quentin talked Peter Dinklage into coming into one of his films because he has such a following on Game Of Thrones and from X-Men:Days Of Future Past that would be HUGE for this film.I think for a movie that was basically dead in February he went into the Operating Room and basically gave it the Jaws Of Life the best way he can and I love in the trailer that the tagline for the film is "Eight Is Hate" and it is written in blood and he promised to do something different so he shot the film in 70mm cinemascope so it will be something different for everyone who see's the film.

Shane Black To Helm "Destroyer" For Sony

Director Shane Black who can most famously known for helming the third installment of the Iron Man series over at Marvel.He has now been tapped to direct the film called "The Destroyer" which is based on the book series as well.The script will be written by the same writer who helped do Fight Club Jim Uhls and it will help give that dark tone needed since the film is sort of a darker and grittier film when you look at the basics of the story.The basic storyline for the movie follows a New Jersey cop who is framed for murder and his crime is so bad that he is sentenced to death and the execution is botched and is messed up so as a way to sort of fix the given situation the government assigns him to a different branch of the service that is top secret and the story just continues on from there.That is just the basic synopsis for this and more could come later on in the form of a trailer or just more casting news but from the looks of it it has the feel if Max Payne and Hellboy were to meet in certain aspects but at the end of the day it does sound intriguing so we will see where the writers take it once the script is done and how dark Shane Black can take it.

The Hateful Eight Teaser

Castle Season 7 Promo

American Horror Story:Freakshow "Lick"


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