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Entertainment News For Friday 9/5/14

Updated on September 5, 2014

Mockingjay Part 1 Shows First Poster With Katniss

With every trailer that comes out or slew of posters that are released at any day you know that fans will love it.With the trailers you got to see new bits of the last book and even showing a hack of the video feed with the "Rogue" group or community hacking into the system and calling out for the Mockingjay and that its coming.Another one showed a little more involving Julianne Moore and Phillip Seymour Hoffman's characters then showing Jennifer Lawrence being asked if she will fight for the community she is in and other brief images.So today after a good amount of 10 plus posters have been released for this first part of the last movie its time now that you see Katniss Everdeen in all of her glory and you don't really get to see her at all in the poster.To me its very reminiscent of The Dark Knight Rises poster but with a little less pop.It just basically shows a close up shot of Katniss in a jet black outfit and she is wearing her arrow holster that looks remodeled and upgraded and also reminds you that she might be joining the group of people that were released in the character posters a few weeks back that involved Liam Hemsworth's character and many newcomers as well.Apparently the big news with this book since this was one highly read series I didn't get around to reading is that it is the most violent and some were wondering how it would even get by being a PG-13 movie and if it is it would have to be a HARD rating because of the violence and everything else involved in the story.

Shadow Of Colossus Finds A Director

Some time ago it was reported that Josh Trank wanted to make the Shadow Of Colossus movie that is based from the popular video game that was made back in October of 2005 on the Playstation 2.Now when we fast forward to now when some countdowns have their "Best video game ever countdown" or "best games on certain consoles" Shadow always either makes it in the Top 10 or Top 5 of the selected lists because it is such a remembered game and really puts you in the world your playing in much like Skyrim does today but with less mind blowing graphics obviously.Another bump in the road was Josh Trank is officially hung up and busy for the next 6-8 years lets say with a crazy group of 4 heroes so he cant make the movie but would still like it to see the light of day someday of course.Enter the director of the film Mama Andy Muschietti who was reported to be tapped to do the reboot for The Mummy and get the cinematic universe going for the classic monsters but now he has turned his sights towards Shadow instead.Whether or not Muschietti has played the game or knows about as much as Trank does about the project you have to think he will bring something dark and different to it because in a nutshell that's what Mama was.There isn't any other news attached to it other then the director addition so we could find out about casting and other things soon here if this film does end up sticking course and he doesn't turf it to the back of his plans like he just did with The Mummy.

Gone Girl To Debut At New York City Film Festival

The much anticipated film from David Fincher and stars Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck among many more and it is based off of the book written by Gillian Flynn.Gone Girl is something that as soon as the book was released and started to really catch its footing with readers and many others alike you knew it was only a matter of time before it hit the silver screen and was made into the "Next big adaption story from a book".But when the casting came along and you heard the rumors about why it took so long for Warner Brothers to cast Ben Affleck as their Batman this was the reason why because the big rumor was he said he HAD to make this movie and it was a MAJOR priority in what he was going to do for his film career.Then after getting your guy who is going to play the well known Nick Dunne then you had to find out who was going to be forever known as the missing and "Amazing Amy" and Fincher turned to Pike to pull off the role in the best way possible.The first time the trailer for the film came out I honestly did not know what to expect because just coming off reading the book I didn't know how Fincher would handle it but with him being one of my all time favorites I did have a lot of hope for it as well.Then while I am watching the trailer you see he grabs a bunch of big name people to be in the film along with Pike and Affleck with others being Tyler Perry,Neil Patrick Harris,Patrick Fugit and Scoot McNairy among many others.Then when you see how he strung the story together like a beautiful ensemble playing during an orchestra you knew this was one to watch that could possibly be something you would be hearing about when awards season starts up.But now with the release less then a month away the good people in the bigger New York City area will get to see the movie a week early if they so desire at the film festival happening around there because it will be the kickoff and debut film for the festival.Another big plus for Fincher and company is he is joining forces with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross again for a 3rd time after using their talents on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network which the Social Network earned the team an Oscar for their work so more from them is a home run in my eyes.With the release of this film coming up faster and faster everyday you start to think if it ends up being as good as The Social Network was or as shocking as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo then you may see the cast and Fincher walking the red carpet almost guaranteeing themselves a win in one category.

Supergirl TV Series Coming To The Air

If you look at a hindsight at what the world sees then you know that when it comes to movies then you know right now that Marvel is ruling the storytelling part of it and DC is just getting started to have their story told.Then when Marvel decided to branch out to TV with Agents Of Shield you thought that possibly they could take that over too and the reviews popping in on it weren't stellar and some thought it was going to get another season but it did.When you look at DC's plate when it comes to TV they are ruling with an iron fist because Arrow is on the CW and just about to start their 3rd season and shows no signs of stopping whatsoever.Another one is The Flash which is going to start around the same time as the 3rd season of Arrow and will be another show for the CW to have on their superhero foreground and lastly FOX is premiering Gotham this month and will be a origin story and telling the story of Bruce Wayne like we have never seen him before because he starts out as a kid and just circles around Gordon's story against the biggest crime in Gotham and he fights the bad guys everyone knows and loves.Just when you thought they would stop for making TV shows DC has pulled it out again and is in development on making a Supergirl show which doesn't have a channel to launch from as of yet or at least that's what being reported and it will show an origin and rise of Supergirl so people can get to know her as well and the rise of Superman during the Man Of Steel films and Dawn Of Justice.If the Supergirl show follows in the footsteps of Arrow and Flash then it will have no problem getting a full season and being one of those shows that is going to be here to stay.

X-Men Apocalypse To Start Filming In April

Just when you thought the X-Men have taken a break from the spotlight in the world of comic book films and everything else involved they decide to pop back out with news that the next film will start shooting in Montreal next April 2015.This film shot to becoming one of the hottest commodities around after the credits rolled for Days Of Future Past because the latest X-Men installment was such a giant leap forward in the world of comic book films now and still being able to stand out when the year is almost over with Guardians Of The Galaxy and Captain America 2 making headlines left and right you know that it definitely made a HUGE impact on the world and the comic book society all together.The franchise sort of need Days Of Future Past to be amazing because after the Origin movie and the 3rd one being so poor just having a decent First Class film wasn't going to cut it so showing how far they could take it with both camps of First Class and the original X crew you know now that when Apocalypse is released the sky is the limit on what you could see on screen and how amazing it could really become.

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Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer

Gone Girl Trailer


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