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Entertainment News For Monday 5/19/14

Updated on May 19, 2014

Godzilla Smashes Way To The Top Of Box Office

As if it didn't come as any surprise to anyone the high intensity action remake Godzilla made 93.1 million dollars this past weekend at the box office holding off such films as Neighbors,The Amazing Spider Man 2 and Million Dollar Arm.It wasn't really a big shocker that this would be the top film this week but more to the fact as to how much it would make and if it could possibly break the 100 million dollar mark in a weekend that most big tent pole films look to do around this time of year.Although the film wasn't a giant achievement through the eyes of people that go for the 3-D aspects of it but it did over do the 1998 Matthew Broderick version of the film by miles and director Gareth Edwards is being praised for his job that he did behind the camera on this film and with the story all together.

Godzilla's Reign At The Box Office Means The Future For The Monster Is Bright

After basically destroying every other film that was being shown at theaters it comes as no surprise that everybody in the Godzilla camp is being asked to get the gears going on a sequel to the very successful film.There really isn't much else to go into it for now after having an almost 100 million dollar weekend it is something that could be continued on in the next year or two so expect to hear some more news on this soon.

Director Of Oculus To Adapt Stephen King Book Into Film

Mike Flanagan who is known nowadays for his horror background for making the film Oculus is in talks to helm the film Gerald's Game.Gerald's Game is based off of the Stephen King novel that was written in May 1992.The basic story of the book that will come to the screen is after a man and woman are in bed and things get a little crazy after the woman is tied to the bed,The man ends up dead and while she is handcuffed to the bed not being able to go anywhere or get away at all she starts to go mad and all the thoughts and voices in her head start to take over and drive her mad.Flanagan plans on shooting this autumn if everything falls into place and then it could be out sometime next year.It was also stated that the story Flanagan wants to use won't be a direct using of the story of the book but something along the lines of it that will still give the feel of the story and everything he is looking for as a director.

Pacific Rim 2 Isn't A Complete Impossibility

After the crazy success of Godzilla and the immeadiate talk of a sequel for that the studio's took interviews and were asked if the possibility of another Pacific Rim were going to happen.He said that the director of the first Pacific Rim is hard at work for them on Crimson Peak and when he is finished with that film he could definitely work on a sequel to Pacific Rim but there is also a possibility he could go back and do Hellboy 3 maybe and finish that series as a trilogy or do something totally different.It was also stated that Pacific Rim had a GIANT budget and trying to make that back is something that is a tough task to do even when you add in worldwide sales and they stated that it underperformed for them but at the same time the home video sales and other sales like toys and clothing were through the roof and way past expectations so anything is possible in their eyes it will just be a while and needs the suppose of the director first to even get the ball rolling before it's possible.

Warcraft Making Amazing Progress

The people doing the filming and work along with director Duncan Jones have made some comments about the film "Warcraft" and it is getting many people excited.When it was asked what the status was on the film Jones stated that he was more then happy on the progress taken and he was ready to show some of the footage at San Diego Comic Con this year and as soon as that was said all the fans who got tickets and passes were suddenly like kids on Christmas because they will be some of the first people ever to see footage for what could be a change in the tide for video game movies from here on out.Now we don't know how much and what Duncan Jones will want to show but at the same time if it's just a 5 minute piece of something then it will be more then enough to get people going and over the moon until the release of the film in March of 2016.

Jurassic World Starts It's Rumor Mill

When Chris Pratt who is one of the stars of the film was asked a few questions he gave some tidbits worth thinking about.He said that his character would be like the Dr.Malcolm of the group and they are trying to be as good as the original 3 but not take too much away from it because they don't want to be a carbon copy of those other movies.It was also stated that while on this mysterious island their maybe brand new dinosaurs that have never been seen before on screen and were made basically by the splicing and creating of Dino DNA.One of the dinosaurs mentioned was one with the classic T-Rex DNA and the dreaded and beastly raptor strain going along with a strain of one that allows it to swim as well to make it even more dangerous.Hearing this makes fans of the films skeptical because you don't want the dinosaurs to be like a Sci-Fy movie special like Sharknado but at the same time if it is done right it could be visually stunning to see and terrifying in its own sense and maybe work for the films favor.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Releases It's Much Anticipated Second Trailer

The rag tag team up film that is coming out in August Guardians Of The Galaxy got it's longer and more anticipated second trailer and it did live up to the hype that the first one left behind.It once again showed all the characters in their glory and you even get to hear Groot and Rocket Racoon talk for the first time and most of the film watching community is pleased at the result.Also having another great song with Spirit In The Sky for the first half until Groot changes it up to the Guardians unofficial theme song Hooked On A Feeling.But other then that it looks like a great film and gets you excited for it when summer starts to wind down and then you have that last ditch movie to see in theaters well then you can go see the Guardians because from what they released so far it just keeps getting better and better.

The Avengers Rally Together For A Cause

Your favorite group of Marvel superheroes has grouped together to help out a superhero fan that has been seeing all the Marvel films since the very beginning and now being 60 and stricken with prostate cancer he was stuck to his hospital with just wanting to see the new Captain America before he goes and if they could let him watch it at the hospital before he takes his last breathe.After hearing about this you had Robert Downey Jr,Chris Hemsworth,Samuel L Jackson,Chris Evans and many others holding up signs saying their character names for Strat with the appropriate hashtag to make it a trending topic worldwide.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

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