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Entertainment News For Monday 6/17/14

Updated on July 31, 2014

Simon Kinberg Reveals Apocalypse's Release Date

With the release date of X-Men:Days Of Future Past and it just soaring beyond expectations the more that time goes by.Simon Kinberg has stated that the new film Apocalypse will take place a good 20 years after X-Men First Class did so it gives a good chance for people like Mcavoy and Fassbender to age a bit into their characters as well as does Apocalypse will need to over the time that you see him in the after credits of Days Of Future Past.So people will know that the big year for Apocalypse is 1983 which should be interesting to see since we just got to see the 70's in Days Of Future Past.Now I will be honest that out of every superhero film out there I don't know the X-Men storyline as much as I should but when it comes to the whole Apocalypse story and I understand having to grow into the person they actually have to face but when it comes to the origin story of him I don't really know much to begin with but I am also learning at the same time so hopefully by time of release in 2016 I can have the story down like everybody else who isn't a die hard X-Men fan and will know what is what by the time the next film comes.

Batman Vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice Adds Another Character

Anything involving this film needs to be taken with a grain of salt until you see the words CONFIRMED next to it much like it is being more and more clear that Jason Mamoa IS in fact playing Aquaman in this film and Justice League as well.But that is besides the point when it comes to this little tidbit of information that came across the superhero wire a few days ago.People were either A thinking how you could get them all to form together for the Justice League film and B if the Dawn Of Justice film was becoming too crowded already as it is? But the big rumor was that while on set they shot a bank robbery scene that is foiled when you see the footage on screen and end up seeing blurs flying by in the bank and it dragged of red color and the blur's basically foiling the robbery and saving the day only to find out that the whole time it is of course The Flash.Now it is not known whether or not they used the actor that is playing Flash in the TV Series or they just used a stunt actor since you never really see the outfit or actors face.Either way if this is for the TV show or ends up finding its way into Dawn Of Justice then it could be something of a great little thing people look at and say "Oh Look!!" when you see all these things happening and falling into place while also having one of the biggest and most epic battles ever witnessed on screen.

Dawn Of Justice Explains Statue On Set

Last week there was pictures released involving on set looks of Lexcorp and even a pieced together 15 foot statue of Superman that is being built over time and will most likely be put together by the end of the film and shooting.With hearing this news it is much reminisced of The Dark Knight Rises when you see Batman save Gotham from the atom bomb and they end up building a giant statue which I myself have seen in person because it is set up in the Warner Bros lot.But if the film somewhat has to go off of Man Of Steel which you think it will you know that many people will still be rebuilding the city because of the MAJOR mass destruction that had happened during the first film but having a statue of the hero in the city would be something of conversation and even something that you could see Lex and Bruce talk about in the film.Another thing that was filmed last week for this film was the big military scenes that involved the thousands of soldiers that were being used as extras for the film and when you hear such a high number and when it also comes down to something like soldiers too it makes you think it is going to be one crazy fight.

The Raid Remake Gets Grillo

Frank Grillo who is known for being in the films Captain America:The Winter Soldier,Warrior and The Purge:Anarchy has signed on to be in the US update to the cult classic of The Raid.I think after hearing this news and minimal crowd that ended up seeing Warrior knows that Grillo has the chops to do his own thing and handle what he wants in this film because he has been doing Jujitsu for 20 years and is of course a blackbelt as well.Grillo mentioned that he really does like the script and he is one of the 3 main characters in the film so more will come of who will be joining him in this much beloved film remake.It will be directed by Patrick Hughes and will begin production early next year with the release at a TBD for the time being.

Kevin Costner Returns To Field Of Dreams Site

There are some films that just stand the test of time and never get old no matter how old they are.Whether it is Forrest Gump,Saving Private Ryan,Jurassic Park are just timeless films that never get old and Field Of Dreams is definitely one of them.On its 25th anniversary the main character and actor of the series Kevin Costner went back to the famous and iconic baseball field site in Dyserville Iowa.He returned to the site of the film to talk to reporters and local reporters during the Fathers day weekend and he did mention that while making this film the location definitely left a special place in his heart and will always be remembered to him,Did he leave a mark on Iowa itself? he doesn't think so but when you watch that film and the mark it left on society and how it is one of the best sports films EVER created then you know he left his mark the best way he could.

NWA Biopic Finds Its Dr.Dre And Eazy-E

The NWA Biopic film that has been worked on over and over for some time is finally getting pushed in the right direction.First with the news a week ago with Ice Cube's son O'Shea Jackson Jr who is getting the big honor of being able to play his dad in the film and in my article I did covering that story I said more would come soon involving the other members of the group and Dr.Dre and Eazy-E are now covered as well.Marcus Callender has been announced to playing Dre which in todays standards in what he has done in his career and being one of the mainstays of the group is like winning the acting lottery.Jason Mitchell will play Eazy-E which will probably be the toughest character to play because yes he was arguably the biggest outlaw of the group but at the same time when he got sick late in his young career and ended up dying because of it this could really be a task for the actor knowing that they will have to cover everything in the film to span the career of the group.Director F Gary Gray has decided to go with the "Unknowns" route and choosing people that aren't big A list actors to give some younger kids the chance of a lifetime and possibly even some awards as well if the movies stands up and is good.

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The Purge:Anarchy Trailer

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