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Entertainment News For Monday 6/2/14

Updated on June 3, 2014

Star Wars Adds 2 Female Actresses To Its Cast

Today the news was brought on early that Lupita Nyongo and Gwendoline Christie from Game Of Thrones fame.Now one was kind of talked about with Lupita for a bit and it was suspected that she would be in the film and nobody knows what he character would or will be quite yet and Gwendoline's being casted is sort of out of left field although she is coming from one of the biggest shows around at the moment right now but still.Now in the next week or 2 people will start to speculate what their characters will be and if Lupita will be a Sith or not or what she could even be or even if Christie's character could have her as a Sith possibly but either way this does dull down the talks and fuss about a big non female cast as well.

Will Smith Drops Out Of Brilliance

Will Smith has been long attached to this Sci-Fi film called Brilliance that has an X-Men feel about him being a human being with "Special Powers" and in the future he ends up having to keep the bad people in the future in line as well and the plot does seem very interesting.But now Smith has decided to leave the project and they don't have a star actor to go with the film.Some people think well it could be so he can put all of his focus towards the next Independence Day but then again for that film a miracle has to happen for that.So maybe with something else coming into play and now with the film moving forward and his last film being a complete and total flop in "After Earth" and he sort of being a running joke with him trying to do every movie now with his son Jaden it doesn't seem like anyone wants to work with him anymore.He also is losing his A list star status faster then Johnny Depp has been with his misses that he has had as of late but pretty soon if he releases another film is anyone going to care?

The Wolverine Director Attached For Namath Film

Director James Mangold who director The Wolverine as the one that most people would remember his work for.But now he is being tapped to direct the the biopic for football star Joe Namath that is being distributed by FOX.The story that they are going to tell with the Namath story is about his rise to football fame for the New York Jets around the 60's and 70's and all the partying and craziness that came along with Joe's career and life.Also who could forget the big game where he made the guarantee and will also add the time where he got the nickname "Broadway" Joe.This film will be very interesting to see and I am wondering who they will get to play Namath as well because that hair is hard to pull off well in itself but if you can do that and give an amazing performance I could see this being great.

Ant Man Debacle Grows Deeper

Just when you think the smart group of people at Marvel are going to be able to find a good comedy director for their Ant Man franchise everything seems to be falling off of the rails at a very fast pace.The short list that was announced a few days ago had Adam Mckay,Ruben Fliescher and Rawson Thurber.But now with Mckay being the absolute front runner and almost to the point of him being almost signing a dotted line he backs out and says that it "Wasn't for him anymore".Now with Mckay out of the frame they could just stick to Thurber and Fliescher but still at the time Marvel didn't immediately go YES! to them because they didn't see them as a right fit anymore so maybe a total dark horse might come here by the weeks end and we could see a director and a choice soon.

Josh Brolin Will Voice Thanos

It is now a definite thing that Josh Brolin will be the voice of Thanos.Who is looking to be the ultimate villain for the Avengers for the 3rd film and will be in Guardians Of The Galaxy as well.But hearing this news was sort of a surprise because many people were wondering who they were going to have play the big bad Thanos and if or whether he would be MOCAPED like Andy Serkis does with Caesar in Apes.When the report finally came out it wasn't gone into much but it would work better if they went that route more then doing a full CGI thing and it would also save a crap ton of money as well.You also want him to have emotion and have some anger when he talks since they have that caliber of an actor in Brolin.

Maleficent Rules Box Office

Not really a big shocker but the Angelina Jolie led Maleficent was number 1 at the box office this week with 69 million dollars and it is much deserved where although I heard that the story lacked a bit for the film bit Jolie's performance was one of the best of her career.Number 2 was the big killer last week with X-Men:Days Of Future Past with 32 million and it is a HUGE drop off from what it made before but it is still making it a TON of money regardless and in 9 days it is the highest grossing X-Men film ever.Number 3 is the Seth Mcfarlane led A Million Ways To Die In The West with 16 million.This film was put out in one of the busiest weeks of the summer movie season and I honestly think that if it had its own sole release week it would of made more money but with Maleficent,X-Men,Godzilla just killing everything its hard to make a ton of money.Number 4 is the king of the monsters himself Godzilla making another 12 million to add to its giant pile of revenue it brought in.Its main revenue right now in the US is at 174 million and that is great news for the rebooted franchise.Number 5 is the Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore comedy Blended with just 8 million.This film is very touch and go and I am surprised that it is still in the top 5 because the reviews have said that it is a big miss for the group of Sandler and Barrymore this time around.

Charlie Hunnam Regrets Decision On 50 Shades Of Grey

Charlie Hunnam is mostly known for being Jax on Sons Of Anarchy and controlling GIANT robots in Pacific Rim.But he did have first dibs and the chance at being someone who is being a bigger character then Edward Cullen was when he was released on the world at the time(Yes world I said it,Deal with it).But then with the Sons being the way it is Hunnam had to back out with many many women saddened by the decision he made towards leaving the film.Now he is on the same boat as them just a month or 2 after they have already wrapped filming.Now with the technical replacement Jamie Dornan having carried the torch and taking the Christain Grey name all in his own.Charlie Hunnam has now said that he feels "Saddened" by basically passing up the opportunity to play the role of Grey.Now me being a man I'm not in tears about him leaving like some of my friends are but I do have another take on it.I think he did pass up a lightning in a bottle type opportunity like Robert Pattinson had in Twilight.Because when that film first came out and I saw it with my girlfriend the very first time Pattinson came on the screen in whatever theatre you were in it sounded like a Beatles concert in there because women loved him so much and just the way he looked and his character all together.So having someone like Hunnam who is already built enough as it is just imagine the possibilities if he showed up on screen and the same thing happened?? He would basically be a god for some time and it could be an amazing thing for him and the film itself and really boost the sales for a second and third one which are basically going to happen no matter what.

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Maleficent Trailer

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