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Entertainment News For Monday 6/9/14

Updated on June 9, 2014

Guillermo Del Toro Moving Closer To Making Pacific Rim 2

Guillermo Del Toro was asked about the sequel to the very beloved film "Pacific Rim" and he started with a statement that most directors wouldn't say.Some would start it out with that it is moving along great but Del Toro started it out with saying that he has "Crazy ideas" for the second film and is moving right along with writer Zak Penn who is working very very hard on the script and making it just as good if not better then the first film.Also Del Toro added that the film won't be a prequel but also added that the film will be a continuation with the relationship and partnership of Becket and Mori in the story.After the HUGE success of the first film and the giant success of the rebooted Godzilla film as well this almost seems like a no brainer but the first one took some time and two boatloads of money to actually make so it might have to take some string pulling to get done but if it makes money for the studios and has a good enough story then it will be made.

Seth Rogen Seeking Out Neighbors Sequel

After the enormous success of Neighbors during its first week of release and sort of being the standing way of how to do a good rated R comedy.Besides the 21 and 22 Jump Street series Neighbors is one of those that brought people out and people went for multiple viewings as well.But now Seth Rogen who plays the straight edge dad in it against Zac Efron is trying to get back together with Evan Goldberg and James Weaver again to try and make a sequel to the great first series.It wasn't reported if the same director would return but at the same time getting someone else but keeping the same team of 3 producers they had on the first film could have that same magic they had in the first and hopefully keep it great and continue the franchise and not have it burn out like when The Hangover made a second film and it was basically the same thing in another area.When you think about if they would have Efron come back and it would be like Round 2 again with them it could get boring like I had just mentioned so maybe they could throw in some sort of wild card that throws both of them off and they have to band together and fight against it type thing with the amazing comedy they had in the first.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Releases Best Poster Yet

With the release date of July 11th coming in a little over a month the good people over at 20th Century Fox have released a new poster for Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and my god is it glorious.Instead of it being a up front close up shot of Caesar's face with the war paint on you instead get a good feel of the world going on that you will see when you pay for your admission going into the film.One big thing that is being liked overall is "APES ON HORSES!!!" With Caesar holding up the power on a giant horse and holding up a machine gun and screaming.While in the background you get many other apes looking at him and just waiting for their next order since Caesar is basically known as the Alpha Dog of the group and runs the whole group.Also in the background you see what looks to be the bridge to the city being burned at the halfway point and making it and every other way for safety impossible.I think that with every release of each poster and trailer that has been what Fox has been trying to do with giving the impression that once everything hits the fan nothing can save humanity.On my Youtube channel I attached to this blog I listed this as my 2nd most anticipated film of the year because I do think it has the potential that it can totally knock some people on their rear end once the credits roll.

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Starts Tomorrow

The girls from Pretty Little Liars are getting ready for another big season of every week with crazed fans and people ending the episodes with "WTF!" and "OMG!!!!!!" responses on Twitter.But after a while you would think that with the start of the 5th season we would be more into knowing who the REAL A is without knowing that he or she has this little coven of minions that he or she runs with to make the plan that A has created since the pilot has come out all that time ago.With each episode becoming more and more addicting and yes I am not afraid in any way to admitting that.I could see this season really ramping up the gears even more because when they have those "Leave you speechless" type of endings with each ending people are just wanting more and more every time so it really is a great story also that ABC Family still has running since some of their bigger shows have either ended or have been cancelled as of late but now with one of their juggernauts still going strong it is great to know that this will last the legs of the whole season and then some

NWA Biopic Adds Ice Cube's Son In Film

The long talked about NWA biopic "Straight Outta Compton" That has been tried time and time again to get off the ground with a director and core brain trust to do the job needed to make it a great film always got a director and then a week later it would fall apart.But now with a director in line for some time and having a team together getting ready to do this film and making the story the best it can be for the remaining members of the group to see why not add one of the members kids to the main cast.Ice Cube has already stamped his label on being a good comedic actor in certain films that he has been in and with his history in the original group way back when why not cast his son to possibly even play him as the character.I myself personally think this is a great move because his son is a virtual unknown and he can go under the radar and basically steal the movie if need be and I am also wondering who they will get to play Eazy-E and Dr.Dre and MC Ren and so on.I just hope that as shooting goes on that they won't have any problems with anyones views from the way they are doing things story wise especially from Eazy-E's side because that can really drag a film down and make it so it can never see the light of day or actually end up coming out and end up being one of the more bad versions of a music biopic ever made and we don't want that anymore with films like Ray and Walk The Line soaring to such high expectations and hearing that the Freddy Mercury film is doing such great things as well.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Releases Character Posters

Now while the take on the original Star Wars poster is still my favorite one they have released so far the one they have come out with today was pretty awesome where it showed Groot and Rocket Racoon in all their glory just like in the trailer where Groot is screaming and Rocket is perched on his shoulder shooting his giant gun like mad man out on the loose.This film is so crazy and outlandish you wouldn't even think that it is a comic book movie if it was explained to you at times but oh yes it is and I took a crazy risk and put it at number 4 on my most anticipated of the year list for summer movies with X-Men,22 Jump Street and Dawn Of The Apes ahead of it.Now box office wise is another story as while the stories of the 3 films I listed on there may be better then guardians cause Guardians sounds like its going to be like a cheeky fun Avengers in space type film when it has the Marvel stamp its going to make 100 Million first week you would think and it would be a shocking stun if it made anything less then 40.

Who's Your Favorite Guardians Character?

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

Pacific Rim Trailer

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Tease


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