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Entertainment News For Monday 8/4/14

Updated on August 4, 2014

Guardians Of The Galaxy Rules The Movie Weekend

Over the movie weekend it was sort of a foregone conclusion that Guardians Of The Galaxy was going to make TONS of money this weekend during its big opening week for the film and when it had a promising start of making 11.7 Million just on midnight showings alone and that is something to say when some films only make that during their whole weekend alone you knew that it was going to make bank during the week.With the projected cut going somewhere around 71-74 Million for the entire weekend after a day going by it shot like a rocket up from that projection to 93-100 million and totally blowing away everything that was projected for it.As time went by people said that Guardians has snagged the biggest August opening ever and biggest August weekend as well but the only thing it placed third on was biggest opening of the year which Captain America 2 and Transformers 4 placed higher.You might have read on my last post that this film compared to other Marvel films is something special and if you have seen it yet it is definitely worth the price of admission and I think it could most definitely be a contender for next week as well.

Transformers:Age Of Extinction Passes 1 Billion Worldwide

Well I never thought I would be writing this post because while talking amongst friends I totally thought either Captain America 2 or X-Men:Days Of Future Past was going to be the film of the summer to pass the big 1 Billion dollar mark worldwide but instead it is the 4th installment of the Transformers series and it is the second time in the franchise that one of the films has grossed more then 1 Billion dollars.Now I have to be brutally honest that I didn't honestly love this movie and the time limit for it once you see the previews and all that is done you have already been in a theatre seat for 3 hours and when the movie is sub par its not a good feeling to have.I know you could take it as a grain of salt and say its just my one opinion on not liking this movie but I have heard this film is hated universally and whenever Michael Bay makes something now its sort of the "Thing" to bash it constantly and as much as you possibly can because he never really makes good quality movies.When you look at how much the movie made here in the US it did still made a good sum of money but at the same time I think there is where you could say its Bay's "Ace in the hole" cause people overseas just LOVE the Transformers films and it almost doubled in gross from what it made and everytime it was released it was the biggest opening and it some places it made more money the Avatar and that's the biggest opening EVER so that is definitely something to be said when you put all of that into perspective.There was rumors that Bay and crew were shooting 4 and 5 back to back so he could release number 5 around the same time as Age Of Extinction but when number 5 is released you can almost guarantee it is going to make the studio,Michael Bay and the film itself tons and tons of money.

Into The Woods Shows Off First Trailer

If you went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy this weekend on a bigger IMAX screen you might have been able to see the first trailer for the much anticipated Into The Woods where for what seems like forever we have seen that picture of Meryl Streep just creeping behind a tree and she looks like a wicked witch in all of her makeup and everything but then being able to see sort of what the story is about and getting a good feel for the film it does get you excited for Christmas time when it is going to be released.The other players besides Streep in the film are Anna Kendrick,Chris Pine and of course Johnny Depp who everyone was excited to see in the trailer but in true Depp fashion hides himself behind a thick tree and only shows off his arm and hand with long fingernails.But watching the trailer you keep hearing Kendrick's character saying "I Wish" in it and it makes you think she wishes for whatever she pleases in the film only for it to come back at her and there was rumors of it also going back to the traditional Disney style and having it be a musical as well which could be an interesting take on it too since as the trailer goes by it just has this dark eerie feeling that creeps you out and if that's the thing Disney was shooting for with this one then they definitely did their job.

Big Hero 6 Gets A New Trailer

When the first trailer for this came out and you can say it was a teaser cause it didn't tell you a whole lot I was hooked from the very first minute of watching it.But now after seeing this new trailer I am at a point of take my money now whenever it comes out! The new trailer gives you more of the story and shows off the villain for who the group of kids will have to face off against.Also seeing the big poofy white man that gets carried around by the kid you know they are basically best buddies but his comic relief he brings into it by just being him is hilarious in itself.Now I know this is technically a kids movie and shoots more towards that audience but there is a scene when the kid gets home late with his friend and he is running out of air so he is basically acting like he's drunk and slurring his words and he cant get up the stairs then he starts petting the house cat it just sounds like its going to be a fun film to watch when it is finally released.

Interstellar's Amazing New Trailer

Another trailer shown before IMAX screenings of Guardians Of The Galaxy was the comic con trailer for Interstellar and boy did it ever deliver.When it starts you sort of think they are just going to give you the same stuff that the last trailer did because Christopher Nolan doesn't like to show off his work until the film is released but when you watch the acting in this film and how deep it gets with the families involved and when Mattew Mcconaughey's character knows he going to save the world but asks how long he will be gone because he doesn't want to be far from his children it is definitely one that hits to the heart when you watch it and it makes you think if this film is going to be Nolan's first film that pulls at your heart strings like that since most of his other films don't really have the ability of doing that without reverting back to the action right away.But another thing to bring up is when they are in space is the visuals of it they are unbelievable and jaw dropping like when people were floored when they first saw Avatar just think of that but 5 times better because Nolan is taking his time with it and doing it right and making something truly special and I cant wait to see it all unfold on screen when it is finally released.

Big Bang Stars Ink New Deals,Show Moves On As Planned

Fans of the highly popular Big Bang Theory were sort of getting nervous at the thought of the new season of the show being put on indefinite hold because of contract disputes.But fans of the show need not worry no more because the big 3 of the show got paid and I mean got paid in a BIG way.The big 3 I am speaking of are Jim Parsons,Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting all ended up coming to an agreement with the shows producer Chuck Lorre and they signed 90 Million dollar contracts each! talk about getting paid!! I don't know the tiny details of it for what they will get per episode but you have to think with that it will be quite a bit and could mean it could be for more then one season which will make fans of the show even that more amped for it.The other two stars of the show Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar who play Raj and Howard are still at the signing table getting their contracts figured out so for the time being with the big 3 signed all eyes will point to them for having the full cast on board for next season and getting everything for a green light in time for next season's start date.

Ghostbusters 3 Finds New Director

Since this film is one that has been on life support for many many years then you will know that this report could be true one day and then just immediately die the following day so I do warn you to take it with grain of salt.The big news a few days ago was that the studio heads who are running the 3rd installment of this series and doing everything in their power to get it going and off the ground have tapped the director of Bridesmaids Paul Feige who if you count that as his shining achievement has directed good films but giving him something like this that is treasured among so many people it could be considered a problem.Then when he was interviewed about getting the nod to be the director and move forward with the project he literally blew the whole thing away by announcing he wants to have an all female group of Ghostbusters and have it be like Bridesmaids but with Ghostbusters.Now I told at least 20 people this a good 10 hours after the story came out about what Feige wanted to try and do and the majority of responses I got was NO!!! and if it wasn't no I even got a couple of "You shut your mouth!!!" and even two or 3 occasional curses in there.But honestly the big news before was it was going to be the original crew's kids taking over for them and nobody liked that idea and Bill Murray wants nothing to do with the 3rd film and some are saying he hasn't even touched or read the script as well.So if you really think about it theres a better chance that they actually go with this crazy concept then getting him back.I also want to nip in the butt right now that I am not being sexist or anything by saying I hate this Idea because when I said I did that's what I got from like 4 people and its like the Ghostbusters have been around for over 30 years and you want to totally cut them out their movie???? Its like cutting Chewbacca and Han Solo out of Star Wars you don't do it so lets just stop and try another outlet or idea cause this one has craziness written all over it and I think if this Paul Feige guy wants to make an all female ensemble film he should try and aim for the female Expendables cause people would actually pay to see that over this.

Bill Murray To Voice Baloo In Jungle Book

Bill Murray who was just mentioned in the post above is still a man who is working and trying to be one of the best living and breathing actors around which I will give a vote to but while he is in a film with Melissa Mccarthy that comes out in October of this year he still can do the big budget films if he chooses.When you have the new Jungle Book film coming out and growing and growing with anticipation for every person they add to the cast it just got a little bigger by adding Mr.Murray to the list playing the voice of the big bear Baloo and most famous for singing one of the more well known Disney songs that came out so long ago when the original Jungle Book was released.This new adaption of the story wont come out until October 2015 so it will be some time to see what will come of this new version of the classic story.

How do you feel about this new take on Ghostbusters 3?

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Into The Woods Trailer

Big Hero 6 Trailer

Interstellar Trailer


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