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Entertainment News For Monday 9/1/14

Updated on September 1, 2014

Joaquin Phoenix Inches Away From Doctor Strange

Just when you thought you couldn't get anymore sick of the Doctor Strange casting news with Phoenix becoming the 6th or 7th actor to possibly fill the position it looks like he is in final talks to actually play Steven Strange himself.With all the speculation of it possibly being Benedict Cumberbatch,Tom Hardy,Jon Hamm or even the slightest possibility of it even being Jared Leto into the conversation as well it looks like Marvel has found their man and has gotten him to want to sign on the dotted line and get the story started on the Sorcerer Supreme.There is some reports that are being called rumors at the moment of him being very reluctant to sign the contract and move forward with the film because it is something that is so out of his wheelhouse because it is going to be a BIG BIG budget film and make tons of money no matter what it is.If he does indeed sign more then 1 film deal which knowing Marvel once they sign you they like to do it for life it will be more then 3 movies and you could possibly see him showing up sooner rather then later once he signs and he will be able create his character and story his way since the people over at the Marvel camp have decided to ditch the origin story with him this time and just go with it since he was already mentioned during Cap 2.You have to think in the next week or two if not sooner we would hear something because the more time that goes by the more time they waste on being able to use him as a character.

Da Vinci Code Sequel To Start Shooting In April

The 3rd installment in the Da Vinci Code saga that will be titled "Inferno" is set to start shooting this coming April.The 4th book from Dan Brown's series will have Tom Hanks come back as his character Robert Langdon for a 3rd and what seems to be final time you would think.When the second film "Angels And Demons" came out you thought people would run out to see it like they did with the Da Vinci Code but it was quite the opposite and it ended up making less money so hearing news of a 3rd film in the series is a surprise but will complete the Trilogy and make it a full series then if that's what the studio was intending on doing.No word yet on if Ron Howard would come back to be the director for the film but you have to think it is only a matter of time and if he does maybe he can rekindle some magic with Hanks to finish the 3rd movie on a good note instead of having its spudder off like Angels and Demons did.

Martin Scorsese Wants To Make A Movie About The Ramones

With the death of Tommy Ramone happening this year and it basically saying it is the fall of the Ramones as a whole as their estate is left to remaining family members now with no band members left alive.The band and their legacy wants to be remained intact and in the best way possible with Academy Award director Martin Scorsese at the helm.He expressed interest in the film and the idea of making a history biopic type movie some time after Tommy's death.The 40th anniversary of The Ramones all together is in 2016 so don't be surprised if you get a release date then and he shoots to have it done then.Also since it is a Scorsese picture you might not also be stunned if he releases it around awards season and casts a great set of people to group the band and the players that will make a great film.The last film Marty made was Wolf Of Wall Street and that movie literally turned Hollywood on its ear and was so shocking and different and amazing that it took the world by storm and it will be interesting to see how Marty will handle this if he can get all the licensing and everything in order in time as well because that will be needed if they want to use all of their key songs that drove and skyrocketed their career to where they were when they left this earth.

Ben Kingsley Gets People Guessing About The Mandarin

When Iron Man 3 came out and many people expected a crazy and psycho performance by Kingsley himself it turned out that Ben was just a pawn in a bigger plan the whole time during the film and he ended up just being a british actor who loves to watch his soccer whenever he gets the chance.Of course for everyone who saw the 3rd Iron Man knows what happens and how he just roughs him up and he ends up getting arrested for being part of Guy Ritchie's master plan.But when Marvel started to release the one shot videos with certain shows and movies on Thor:The Dark World you got a one shot involving Kingsley that told more into the story then expected.While Ben is in prison you see him just hanging out then out of nowhere he is released by someone unnamed and when he comes to see who sprung him out of jail then you see him just frightened and relealizing that the REAL Mandarin bailed him out to keep playing him and continue the story and now Kingsley has brought up more of the story.He says that there will be a brand new twist involving the Mandarin that you wont expect and he even mentions a name by saying it might be crazy if the person was the Mandarin and saying Trevor Slattery could be it and just replying with "Wouldn't that be a twist?"

Captain America 3 Starts Shooting In April

Along with Inferno shooting in April Marvel's grand project Captain America 3 is going to start shooting as well and the Russo Brothers are making some BIG promises along with the next installment of the film.One big rumor is that you will Hawkeye show up in the movie and sort of help out Cap in times of need and the Brothers also promised that fans of the first and second movie will "Freak Out" over all the easter eggs and character driven story things they are going to drop in the 3rd film.Not much else was talked about involving the story or anything else other then everyone on the movie is denying that anyone else will become Captain America because Chris Evans was talking about hanging up the shield and working on more passion projects instead because he has been in Marvel world for almost a decade now and people cant be the same character forever.

Jesse Eisenberg Talks Lex Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg is arguably taking on one of THE biggest if not THE biggest roles of his career or most actors because playing the evil character of Lex Luthor takes a lot of talent and he said that his take on the character is going to be different then anything anyone has ever seen before and he promised a more "Complicated and Challenging" character that's going to come to the forefront of the story in Dawn Of Justice.Another thing he mentioned was when the script for Dawn Of Justice came across to him he read it and said that the script was SO good he would of done the role for FREE because he loved it that much and was that in touch with the idea that Snyder and the writers had for Lex.Now a lot of people are on the basis of knowing that he will have hair in this movie and slowly get rid of it causing his iconic bald stature but I guess set photos dropped online courtesy of Superman himself Henry Cavill and it showed Eisenberg rubbing his head with a towel and he had no hair whatsoever so only time will tell if he does indeed shave his head or sport a bald cap for this movie and how well he can actually play the iconic role of Lex Luthor himself.

Liam Neeson Wants To Return To Ra's Al Gul Role For Arrow

The storyline and series of Arrow must have really struck a chord with Liam Neeson who is famously known for playing hidden mastermind Ra's Al Gul in the first Nolan film Batman Begins and he basically teaches Bruce everything he knows until revealing himself and dying at the end of the first film and starting the scene for The Joker.But now word was brought up if Neeson would ever play the role again and he said he would play the role again "In a heartbeat" for the CW show Arrow since during Comic Con when the cast and panel teased Season 3 the last 15 seconds showed a green robe and a hand that was intended to be Al Gul coming to Starling City or getting ready to come and talk to Oliver and set the record straight.Now DC has been VERY strict about keeping their universes separate and if he did in fact join and play the role again it would be breaking that rule in a BIG BAD way.But at the same time if he did come back to do it Liam returning would be amazing and would just floor all Arrow fans and just make people think twice about him being a worthy foe for Oliver during the 3rd season when it premieres later this year.

Hollywood Gets Smacked By A Hacker

In the past day or 2 word has been spreading of someone who was very good in the online hacking world having this illustrious list of like 30-35 names of celebs who have naughty photos and this person was basically breaking them out for the entire world to see.I think everyone in Hollywood called BS on the story and even TMZ called out said hacker and said they would buy photos for a giant sum of money.But when that story fizzed out and never really had an end today rolled around and now actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and even people who wouldn't dare to go all out like Kate Upton are on the defense saying what they can because the owner of the pictures just released them for the world to see and now lawyers are getting involved and the celebs involved are saying some are fake and some are owning up to the situation and one male celeb was even nabbed in the fire with the name being Dave Franco being with a female actress.The person who released the list has quite the extensive set of people and if you want to look it up you can google it and go for it but I am not going to post anything about it on here because I want to keep this site up and going for the time being.Honestly for me when I heard about Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence I was very stunned about the situation and felt bad they had to be in the crosshairs of it and even with the Upton pictures there are some that have her BF Detroit Tiger's pitcher Justin Verlander involved as well so he might get in trouble for something he wasn't trying to do which is the horrible thing in the end.

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