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Entertainment News For Saturday 5/10/14

Updated on May 10, 2014

Neighbors Grabbing The Reigns At The Box Office

The recently released comedy Neighbors was released late Thursday night and on friday to people coming out in packs to see the film.Neighbors big competition of the week was The Amazing Spider Man 2 which was released last week and was determined to give it a run for its money this weekend.But when the final tally came through it looks like the team of Rogen and Efron have beat out Spider Man this time with having about an 8.7 Million take in on thursday night shows and over the complete haul getting what seems to be a total of 49 million which is huge for a comedy during the huge movie summer where almost every week you have either a new action epic or a new comic book film out.

Colbert's Replacement Has Been Named

After much speculation and talk about if Stephen Colbert would take over for David Letterman on his nightly talk show when the word came through about him taking the job the next question was who to replace Colbert? Well now after about a month has gone by with the news it has been reported that Larry Willmore will take over for Colbert when he decides to switch over and take Letterman's big seat.Willmore was previously with The Daily Show for some time and is a well known comedian in some circles along with doing several TV spots on certain shows.The obvious change is that instead of it being called The Colbert Report now the name had to be changed and Willmore thought that it would be great to start calling the show The Minority Report when he takes his reign in as host.

Mission Impossible 5 Script Has Found It's Writer

The next installment in the popular Mission Impossible series has found its new writer to pen the script in Will Staples.Staples had spent most of his recent writing time in the world of video games and some of his known workings are Need For Speed Rivals and the insanely popular Call Of Duty:Modern Warefare 3.So if anyone has the right dose of action and everything else that is brought along by the Tom Cruise assisted film then he is the perfect guy.It was also added that Cruise being a producer on the project had tapped Staples to do the writing for it himself so having the main star in the film having your trust is a very big plus towards making a great film.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Is On The Right Track Says Costar

If you are excited about the book to film adaption of the very erotic "Fifty Shades Of Grey" film then you will have reason to be even more excited about it because co star in the film Victor Rasuk says the chemistry between the two is fantastic and described as "Hot,hot,hot".Rasuk who plays Anastasia Steele's friend Jose in the film says that now that the film is well into production if not almost finished that the acting from Dakota Johnson has been quoted as "Amazing" for her performance as the main character in the film.He also noted since the casting of Christian Grey was at first cast by Charlie Hunnam and then he backed out to stay with his Sons Of Anarchy family so in a quick and swift move by the studio they had hired model and recent actor Jamie Dornan to play Grey and with all that surrounding around it Rasuk says that he believes that for all the millions of fans out there that love the book he believes that everybody on set did the film justice in the best way possible so it will be exciting to see how this comes out next Valentines Day 2015.

Sigourney Weaver Plays Transformative Role In Avatar Sequels

Actress Sigourney Weaver has stated that in the next 3 Avatar films that are going to shoot simultaneously together so all 3 films will release in December of 2016-2018.Weaver stated that her character over the time of the films said that her role will transform who is was and played in the first film.Not a lot else was stated about it and everything else about the film has been kept under wraps in the best possible way so we will have to wait for some sort of trailer or brand new picture to show us the direction that James Cameron is taking with the films which will undoubtedly be box office smashes every year they come out but until then we will just have to wait and see.

Franco Tapped To Play Character In Making Of The Room

The film is quoted as a cult abomination in the film "The Room" that was released 2003.Now it was announced that James Franco would direct and play the character of Tommy Wiseau who was the director of the the said cult film.He will have help from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg in the producing area and the script is being penned by Greg Sestero who has written also for the original film The Room but his work went on as uncredited.There isn't a set release date as of yet but Franco having so much involvement in the film might show that he really cares about the story he wants to tell and direct and it could turn out being a good retelling of the story that is the making of "The Room".

CSI Spinoff Gets Series Order

A spinoff for the long running and very popular CSI series has been set for a full season order with the title of the show being "CSI Cyber".So with it having all their inside and in depth looks to crime scenes and the technology that comes with everything they do now the people who create CSI have decided to take on the cyber crimes area of it and it would open what they are doing to a whole different level because going to cyber crimes is such a rich and interesting world that I think this series could go the full season and maybe longer since every CSI series has gone more then one season and some have lasted 10 seasons especially the original CSI set in Las Vegas that is going to be going into its 15th season sometime in September since every one has started then and the 14th season just ended a few days ago.The main cast member shown is Patricia Arquette so far and it will be set in Quantico,Va which to some is known where it is the major training ground for detectives and others people in the branches of the FBI and government business.

Gotham TV Series Is Back In The News Again.

The FOX TV Series Gotham which has yet to be released has just released a group shot of all the characters in one shot in the middle of the street surrounded by buildings and that "Dark" feel that they are trying to go for in the series.But what was realized later on is that there are many things you can see when you look around the photo and what details they used in it to get you excited for the series in a more subtle way then the series trailer was perceived by some.The first thing you would notice is a poster that looks like its for a business or concert flyer and it has a giant penguin on it hinting at the fact that he is in the story and the flyer is posted right above the actor who is playing Penguin and his second hand help who is being played by Jada Pinkett Smith.Then behind the Penguin crew you have what looks to be who will play the Riddler and a little girl who is wearing a green and black sweater and on her hand is a vine streaming down her arm giving that subtle hint that she is Poison Ivy.Of course in the front you have Ben Mckenzie playing Jim Gordon and Donal Logue playing detective Harry Bullock and the one thing that sticks out above Mckenzie is that you see a spotlight in the sky which can be intended to be the bat signal.Then right next to the detectives is Alfred and a very young Bruce Wayne with Alfred holding him close.Above them you see a young Selina Kyle on one of the stairwells above and below her is a black cat running by which is telling that she will be come Catwoman.BUT The biggest eye opener of the whole search in the picture is if you zoom in at the top of the buildings there is a neon sign that isn't lit but it has a Jester and 4 cards on it which basically tells everybody that follows the history knows that it will be Jokers Casino and the character of the Joker is going to be done again this time in their TV universe they are trying to create.It was confirmed by the creators that he will be in the series at some point and they stated as soon as they confirmed it that they will handle the character with "Much care and passion" and they both did state that they did want it done like the Heath Ledger way was done but they aren't going to totally copy it just take things from it when it comes to the attitude and look of the Batman's most menacing villain out of the bunch.

Gotham TV Trailer

Neighbors Trailer

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