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Entertainment News For Saturday 6/14/14

Updated on June 14, 2014

Jason Mamoa Playing Aquaman In Dawn Of Justice

This news since being released is set to rumor so it will be noted as being taken with a grain of salt but at the same time is news nonetheless.The big question that was always being asked to actor Jason Mamoa was whether or not he would play the aquatic DC Superhero Aquaman.After many no's and denying the question over time it appears that Hitfix has an idea that he will indeed play him in Batman Vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice.They are reporting that the good people involved with the film like director Zack Snyder already have a design for him and just haven't announced it yet and made it official for everyone to hear on a big setting.Also when the film comes out its not like we are going to hear the words "Aquaman" in Dawn Of Justice or see him in the full outfit but he will make an appearance which will lead to everything that everyone wants to see in the big Justice League film coming in May of 2017.Now I bet with people hearing this they are going to be like "Wait ANOTHER character being added to this film???" But when you really look into it the big players in the film are going to be Clark Kent/Superman,Bruce Wayne/Batman,Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman to some extant just as Diana Prince.Like with the additions of Cyborg and now Mamoa like you will only see them as civilians in the film who become part of the team in some sort of genius way that only Snyder and Warner Bros knows how to do.Everyone wants to jump the shark on this film right away because it is either taking too many risks or not taking enough and they should really think that making moves for their film is better then having nothing happen at all.

NBC Creating Series About The Beatles

NBC is in early talks and creations about making a big eight part event involving the biggest band that has ever been created.The creator for the show "The Tudors" Michael Hurst is the one on writing duties for the big epic story and it will be executive produced by Ben Silverman and Teri Weinberg.Recently NBC tried to bring back the horror classic "Rosemary's Baby" into a two part series that lasted a bit longer then the actual film itself but gave fans of the film more info into how and what happened.With the series being an eight part one you think it would be the complete history of the band along with the iconic "Ed Sullivan Show" performance.They would just have to get some young stars to play the roles of Paul,John,Ringo and George to make people believe that the series can last and gain viewers with each showing.The thing that Rosemary's Baby had going against it was that the advertising in it was great because upon its release you saw things for it everywhere which I know will be the same for this and it is a bigger subject and that almost everyone who is the age of 12 and up knows.But the things they had going against was that once the complete show aired and was all said and done that it wasn't too high on people's reboot scale and the fans themselves weren't big fans of it so hopefully with this Beatles story they can knock it out of the park and really let it shine for what its worth.

Guillermo Del Toro Won't Be Directing Beauty

With Beauty And The Beast becoming the one classic Disney franchise to be redone with another live action one being made and making headlines a week or 2 ago.There was another film people were excited to see about the same topic but with a different vision with Del Toro being apart of it.Now there is news that Del Toro is exiting the project for "Other Commitments" and some are speculating that the big commitment is making the sequel to Pacific Rim since he was working hard on the script for the next film.But being attached to Beauty for so long people were starting to gain expectations and anticipation for the film and getting Emma Watson to play the role of what appears to be Belle obviously just adds the talent that could of been for this film.Now with Del Toro leaving and their being no director the state of the film is sort of stuck at the moment and now until they find another name it is up in the air whether or not we will know what direction they were trying to take with this film and how it will all turn out.

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling Team Up For "The Nice Guys"

It looks like Ryan Gosling might stay in the Noir type world for a big longer that Gangster Squad had in its world.Although Gangster Squad wasn't considered a great film once it was released but now Gosling has a chance to redeem himself and in a big way too.He will team up with Russell Crowe for a film called "The Nice Guys" and the story of the film revolves around the apparent suicide of a pornstar in 1970's Hollywood and Los Angeles and will have that LA Confidential feel but when you think about LA in the 70's it wasn't one of its grandest moments because of how bad the scenery looked and everything involved but it is good to see both sides of the coin and we got to see the glamorous side of it in Gangster Squad bad movie or not and now seeing the bad and dark side of it could be good and different for moviegoers to see.Also Iron Man 3 director Shane Black is tapped to direct the film so having his talents behind camera also make it another win/win that can't be denied from the business standpoint of things.

Denzel Shows First Trailer For "The Equalizer"

Denzel Washington is working with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua yet again on this film that when you watch the trailer that was released on Thursday you think the film is going to be a different film but it takes a dark turn much like the film Drive.The story behind it is that Denzel's character has a very dark background and ends up living a calm life and working at a Home Depot type place and then he gets held up with a girl he is working with and the robber takes everything and it shows Denzel being the Robin Hood of sorts and getting back things that were personal of his coworkers and not even leaving a scene or hint of anything behind.Now noticing that a young girl involved with the wrong people who is being played by Chloe Grace Moretz gets kidnapped he goes after her and then you see him turn back to his old ways.The films trailer really does ramp up and from the first 20 seconds in to when it closes it really draws you in and makes you want to see it because he has that no nonsense attitude like in Training Day or American Gangster.The film did get an extra boost of marketing because rap artist Eminem did a song for the film so he was pushing the trailers release on his Facebook and Twitter and hopefully getting more eyes onto the project that weren't already on board as is.

Kray Brothers Film Legend Starts Shooting

Tom Hardy is going into some uncharted territory that only some actors have done as of late.With Jesse Eisenberg in The Double and Armie Hammer playing the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network.Tom Hardy will play two characters at the same time on screen in the film Legend.The story of Legend seems to be that it is set in the 60's and involves the brothers that Hardy is playing and it states that he only goes after the competition.This film has Brian Helgeland who worked on LA Confidential way back when and getting the amazing feel for that film will help with this one since it is another period piece with a twist since one actor is playing two brothers with an amazing story from a book called "The Progression Of Violence".

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The Equalizer Trailer

Gangster Squad Trailer


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