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Entertainment News For Saturday 8/23/14

Updated on August 24, 2014

Joseph Gordon Levitt Working On Sandman Script With The Dark Knight Crew

Joseph Gordon Levitt is riding high this weekend since his character Johnny is being shown all over screens everywhere for Sin City:A Dame To Kill For.One of his lets call it passion projects which has been years in the making it seems but he has had full on control on the Sandman movie which we thought we could hear some news about during Comic Con this year but every time when we are expected to hear something huge on it its either more rumors and work or just that the movie is stuck in the position its at.But now I guess Gordon Levitt is full on taking control by working with writer David S. Goyer on the script and main feel for the film so the make it as perfect as possible.So yes you might not see this film until 2017 or 2018 but as long as it is done right by him and you see him playing the character Sandman then you know that the movie is going to be a great one.

Josh Trank Releases First Shot Of The Thing

Director Josh Trank who could be most famously known for directing the film Chronicle and shooting to fame at a crazy level was selected to direct the rebooted Fantastic Four movie with one of the strongest casts I believe to date when you look at their work on paper.If you need sort of a rethought on who is playing the 4 it is Miles Teller,Kate Mara,Michael B Jordan and Jamie Bell playing The Thing.Today Josh Trank took to Twitter and released a shot of Bell as the Thing and even though it isn't a full body shot you get a good idea that he is going to be HUGE and look like someone you do not want to mess with when he finally changes in the movie whenever that time comes.There is so much anticipation and promise to this movie with the cast and director and when they added Toby Kebbell to play Victor Von Doom the expectations sort of shot through the roof because Kebbell portrayed the Ape Koba in the recent Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes movie and he literally was stealing scenes with Andy Serkis during the whole movie so having him as the possible bad guy is something to look forward to already.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Now The Highest Grossing Film Of The Year In The US

Just when you thought that we would be sitting around our New Years Eve party and hearing that Optimus Prime ruled the year with their 4th installment in the series Age Of Extinction.But then came along the Guardians Of The Galaxy and apparently when you let a talking tree and a trigger happy raccoon loose on America then nobody is safe and they just simply can't be stopped.There is the slim possibly of Guardians being number 1 again this week with If I Stay and Sin City 2 underperforming at such a low rate this weekend that it is projected to topple Transformers this weekend by 3 million then they can throw a huge party and officially call themselves king and I believe it will stick for the rest of the year given the slight and slim chance that someone make that much money in a month but that is a very hard task to do given the circumstances.

Doctor Who Begins Again Tonight

For some people this is just a normal weekend and a normal Saturday where you can do whatever and basically either go to the movies or hang out with friends but for the Whovians out there in the world it was time to sit down in front of the TV and start the next chapter of the insanely popular TV franchise that has gone through 12 actors playing the iconic character with some names being Christopher Eccelston,Matt Smith,David Tennant,Tom Baker,William Hartnell and now Peter Capaldi.If you aren't into the show as much then you might have caught Capaldi in such films like In The Loop,The Fifth Estate and World War Z.The main reviews for the season premiere tonight have said that even though Capaldi had GIANT shoes to fill from Matt Smith since a lot of fans feel as though they have grown attached to him and partner in crime during the show Karen Gillan that Mr.Capaldi would have a lot of work to do.But it is safe to say that he covered his ground well and played the Doctor to his level and didn't do it like everyone else has and stayed more grounded about it in his own way and you gotta respect him for that at the end of the day.

Amityville:The Awakening Finds Its Cast

Just when you thought this franchise was on life support or even possibly dead because so many people just ended up not enjoying the rebooted Ryan Reynolds version "The Amityville Horror" which was a big thing when it was released but now looking back on it people like to look at it along with the pack of Buried and Green Lantern as movies that he just should of said no to and walked away.But I guess there is life to any and every franchise when it was announce a while back that they were rebooting the franchise and now it is having the attached title of Amityville:The Awakening.Given it does have a good title for the start of something and with there being at least 3 paranormal horror genre films coming out every year it sort of makes you weary to think if this will stick out of the pack with the rest because of the name and the history attached to the name.But along with the new movie comes a cast to go along with it and some cast added is Jennifer Jason Leigh,Bella Throne and Cameron Monaghan.The news of this sort of came out of nowhere and when you look up the cast on IMDB it just states the film as Amityville instead of it adding the Awakening attached to it so since with the picture I found I will just go out on a limb and say that it is added on there but people will call it what they want and for the time being it is in post production and will come out on January 2nd 2015.

Sinister Six Releases 2 Players In Their New Standalone Film

When The Amazing Spider Man 2 underperformed at such a low level it sort of made all Spider Man fans take a seat and scratch their heads as to "Why can't they just get this right??".When don't get me wrong knowing that Sony wanted to release a movie a year to continue the story I would of considered it a stepping stone in their GRAND scale of the story that they are trying to tell.But for the other films they are releasing like Venom and Sinister Six the big news came on the Sinister Six side with the confirmation that Mysterio and Kraven will be part of the group in the solo film.Now you do know who some of them are because they show the set up at the end of Spider Man 2 but they don't psychically say "Hey this is our lineup and it goes as follows".So hearing the news of Kraven the hunter being one gives the Six a big boost because he could become an animal all over the city looking for Peter and Spider Man and try and tear him down in his own special way.With Mysterio it will be interesting to see how they use him because of how he looks in the comic is sort of cartoony but at the same time we have seen it done in the second Hellboy film so it is possible to see something like that done in that vein if it is done right and they were to possibly get a mean and maniacal voice actor to play him since it will be needed.There is some rumor that Sony and the higher ups are asking if it would be possible to get Alfred Molina to come back as Doc Ock and he said he would be all for it and sort of play the leader of the Sinister Six or at least the right hand man to the Green Goblin but that is of course just rumor and could cause some controversy since it would intertwine both worlds and I think that is the last thing the fan base wants to happen right now.Another thing you would figure they would want to see is Venom done right and possibly teased during this movie and showing off his character during the movie then showing his change during the after credits to get people jumping out of their seats with geek joy but of course thats just me.

Daniel Radcliffe Has Recently Spoken To Marvel

Many and I am being kind by saying many know Daniel Radcliffe as the boy who lived or Harry Potter.But he has recently been doing his own things and making his own name in movies like Kill Your Darlings,The Woman In Black and What If.But apparently taking one trip to Comic Con last year has set quite the toll on Daniel while he was there he dressed up in full Spider Man costume saying it was childish yes but at the same time it was a dream of his because as a kid he always wanted to be Spider Man and he also added that it was the only way he could walk the floor without getting overrun by fans and possibly getting hurt in the process as well.But now there is reports coming out that he had a meeting with Marvel in the past few days and the sites or trades haven't gone into details on the meeting they are just reporting that he had it and the big pinpoint is that he could be the HUGE left field pick to play Steven Strange now since an announcement needs to come for that soon if they want to keep their shooting date.Hearing this news and the possibility of him joining the Marvel universe and playing someone like Strange is surprising at the most but I could see it happening because when Marvel breaks these stories they always want to break the BIG stories and blow everyone away by doing it as well.If they add Radcliffe in ANYTHING then it would be a HUGE score and could almost even out the announcement that DC had last week of The Rock joining the DC camp in the Shazam movie.Since everything involved with the comic book movie world is one big competition and your not good unless you have the upper hand then announcing this news and breaking it soon could really rattle the cages and do some major things in the near future.

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Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer

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