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Entertainment News For Saturday 9/6/14

Updated on September 6, 2014

New Season Of Game Of Thrones Shows Different Cast From The Original Group

Now I know I am probably one of the like 100 people in the world who hasn't watched a full episode of Game Of Thrones and actually haven't followed the show and the phenomenon that is Game Of Thrones.But with it going at full steam ahead and entering its 5th season on HBO things for the show will look a little different and for the major fans they might not like the things that are happening to the show.It looks like 5 regular cast members won't be in season 5 whatsoever and one of them is Kit Harrington who plays Jon Snow and is somewhat of a fan favorite from what I have been seeing flying around online.The others listed are Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark,Issac Hempstead Wright who plays the character Bran Stark and another character that has yet to be named.With this big group missing from the show and knowing that they have quite the cast as it is it will be a big gamble for the series for the first time since you always see them knock it out of the park every week it is on ratings wise.So when season 5 airs it will be interesting to see what happens with the story and how the fans take the chunk of cast missing.

Promo's Are Starting For The New Season Of Castle

With one of my favorite shows picking up on September 29th.Castle has been one of those shows to always stick to its formula the correct way and tell the story in the best way possible and with season 6 they really kicked it into high gear ended the season on a big cliffhanger for all the fans out there when Rick Castle aka Nathan Fillion gets into a car accident on the way to his wedding to marry Beckett and now is completely missing and it is up to Beckett and the crew to find him before things get bad.In the season finale last year they got tangled up with one of Beckett's ex's and she was even married to the ex before but after clearing all that up they ended up getting in the middle of a fight with a crazy mob boss and it is almost a certainty that the boss and his goons are to blame for taking Castle away on his special day that he and every single Castle fan has been waiting for the second he got down on one knee and proposed to Beckett in the park.Before the season premiere on the 29th their have been promos for the show that simply ask the question everyone is wondering and that's "Where's Castle?" with the hastag on Castle for Twitter purposes but it really got started as time moved on and we get closer to the day and hopefully in that first episode we can find more answers then questions.

Joan Rivers Being Remembered By All Of Hollywood

When Joan Rivers went in for surgery people thought she would be out and kicking within a week and being able to host the new Fashion Police before you knew it and now with the startling news that something went wrong in surgery that caused her to basically stop breathing and caused her to go into critical condition and stay that way all the way until that fateful day you sort of have that deep pit in your stomach thinking that the news would come and on September 4th the news came in that she had passed away and leaving another deep DEEP hit on Hollywood's heart that had already gotten a GIANT haymaker earlier this year when Robin Williams had passed away as well from an apparent suicide.Big fans of Rivers and other people in general were given updates from River's daughter Joan who had done some red carpet's with her in the past and has always been by her side through anything and everything.When the news broke of her passing many of Hollywood took to Twitter to give their remembrances and condolences as well in her name and tonight you got to see all the hosts of Late Night doing their best to remember her by playing repeats of episodes where she was a guest for every show on tonight.Knowing the impact she made in the fashion community with her many years and time on Fashion Police and hosting or helping on red carpets for any award show she really touched a lot of people and was always a breathe of fresh air and her jokes never went too far even if they were shots left and right at one person they were always hilarious and some of the funniest you would ever hear.

Arrow Has Found Its Ra's Al Ghul

So yes about a week ago or earlier I posted a story that involved Liam Nesson saying he would love to come back playing the role of Ra's Al Ghul for the upcoming 3rd season of Arrow and he even mentioned that he would come back to the character in a heartbeat because he loved the story and playing the character SO much that he would go back to it that fast.But it seems that the people over at CW and the people doing the writing wanted to take another approach and they have found someone who will play Al Ghul in the new series which promising to be just as good if not better then the 2nd season was.The man they have casted to play the character is named Matt Nable and some of his credits are a role in the film Killer Elite and some lower budget films that aren't as big of a casting as becoming Arrow's biggest challenge to date and just thinking that Deathstroke was a big threat that Ra's might be the hardest thing Oliver and the crew have to take on to keep Starling City from falling apart since it almost happened during the 2nd season.I cant wait for the 3rd season to start because I got onto this show late and when I started watching the first season on Netflix I burned through the rest of it through a night and watched the rest to catch up on demand and was completely hooked and it is one of those special shows that just catches you and reels you in and doesn't want to let go.

Margot Robbie Has Found Her Next Project

Many will obviously know Margot Robbie as the absolutely STUNNING woman who tries to keep Leo in line in The Wolf Of Wall Street and plays his gf and then second wife in the film.Many may remember her more in that movie for her big risk to go completely naked in the first movie she did but that movie all around was SO amazing and out of this world type good that her acting overshadowed the scenes where she didn't wear much.After making Wolf Of Wall Street she was attached to be in the new Tarzan film and she is going to be the brand new Jane.But I guess she also wants to do another project as well and for the average movie fan this one comes as sort of a surprise but a very good one.Dreamworks was in line to make a Ghost In The Shell live action movie from the Anime story that has been made VERY popular over the years and now she has been tagged as the lead actress for the film.Nothing else has been attached for this or announced at all but at the end of the day getting an actress who is the next best thing right now it really makes you think it is a win win for DreamWorks and for the actresses career all together.

The Flash Show Reunites Two Former TV Castmates

The Flash TV Show on the CW is another one of those shows much like Gotham that already has tons of momentum and it hasn't even been aired yet on either of their respective networks.But with casting news coming from both shows the biggest surprise is from the Flash side with the group adding Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller as them both playing characters with Purcell being Heat Wave and Miller's character playing the role of Captain Cold.With both of these guys on the roster it really adds to some depth and grittiest to the story and their roles overall now.If you may already know or remember Purcell and Miller were castmates on the show Prison Break and they were on the show together for the entire run of the series and that show was one of FOX's top properties for a while with it having a very intriguing story and episodes that had you guessing everytime the credits rolled to the next week.So with this news along with Arrow I am overly excited to see this show start and become a mainstay on the CW and be something else to follow along with the stories of Oliver Queen and Arrow because they are both connected in their own television universe and it is a great thing for both shows at the end of the day.

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Arrow Season 3 Teaser

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