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Entertainment News For Sunday 5/11/14

Updated on July 31, 2014

Neighbors Wins Over Audiences On Mothers Day Weekend

The comedy film Neighbors starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron was the first film to unseat The Amazing Spider Man 2 from the top spot this week as people came out in a big way to go see the film this weekend.The final tally was at a surprising high when it was announced that the film made 51 Million dollars in the US market.The film sets the bar very high for other films like 22 Jump Street and A Million Ways To Die In The West that are also coming out during this big summer movie time.It is also a big thing to note that since yes Amazing Spider Man was on its second week but the fact that like every other week is either a giant tentpole film or superhero movie that will come out over the summer and for Neighbors to grab it by the horns and control it to their favor and everything I have heard about it has been good things so thats good for the film.

Godzilla Is Coming

The highly anticipated and much talked about film remake "Godzilla" is being released next Thursday and early reviews are starting to flow in after the big premieres it had.It is from the start getting mixed reviews but most are saying that director Gareth Edwards did the film and the character of Godzilla major justice for how he chose to show the monster with the story.It is stated in a lot of the early reviews that you do have to wait about an hour in time to actually start seeing Godzilla on screen and it was stated as well that instead of the characters or civilians just playing mindless and helpless people running through the streets you instead see the fights and images of all the monsters and Godzilla through POV view.Overall for it being such a hyped film and it being a remake of the 1998 Roland Emmerich directed film with the same name that had more comedy to its own where this one actually shows the pain and danger that all the main characters are in while trying to figure out why all this is happening on earth and everything that is involved with Godzilla as well.I will personally tell you that I will be one of the many going to see the film at 7:00 on an IMAX 3D screen so I can get the absolute most from the film as a whole and I am guessing it is going to be a thrill ride from the very start.

Possibly 3 More Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Films?

Actor William Fichtner will play the character of Eric Sachs or if you have seen the first trailer of the film you would know that he also plays the ultra villain named The Shredder.But and take all this with a grain of salt because it isn't confirmed at all at this point it has just been set as a rumor.But when you take a look at everything that is done with the film on wikipedia there is a link to a site stating that Fichtner's character is stated to have a 3 picture deal with the studio playing the character.Now that this is released there is much speculation that it won't take just one film to kill off the infamous Shredder and he could become just as big of a mainstay in the films as the turtles are themselves respectively.

Rosemary's Baby TV Series Debut

Recently NBC aired the first episode for the new and fresh series "Rosemary's Baby" and the story of it is the exact same as the film that was done by Roman Polanski way back in 1968.But instead this time it is modern day and the new series has Zoe Saldana playing the role that Mia Farrow has made famous so long ago.They also have tried to make the series a bit more darker and visually scarier then the film was and although the film was told to have creeped some movie watchers out it seems like the TV series is going for hardcore scares and suspense this time around.The whole series will also be short lived as it has been stated by NBC that it is a "Two Night,Four Hour Miniseries" that will tell the whole story in that time frame and be able to still hopefully keep audiences watching in suspense.One big thing I noticed while watching the trailer for the series is that the new tagline is "Fear Is Born" and they do focus on how powerful of a nature this new child is and when it comes time to see the baby they keep it a big secret that will be revealed during most likely part 2 of the miniseries.

Star Was Episode 7 Set To Start Filming

Out of all 3 of the highly anticipated films coming out next year with Batman Vs Superman,The Avengers 2 and Star Wars 7 the main one making daily news and gaining traction to letting the world know that the cameras will be rolling is Star Wars.It was announced yesterday that principal filming will start this Tuesday in Abu Dhabi.So many Star Wars fans are wondering just what exactly they are going to shoot in Abu Dhabi since it is mostly a desert area and if anyone has seen the most recent Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol then you know what they are working with and how big their scape is for filming which is a GIANT set comparing to just creating something on a studio lot which I know they will do but having them use Abu Dhabi as the set up for one of the areas possibly used in the original trilogy will get people very hyped as the fact they are going back to these places and will give fans and Star Wars fans alike a sense of nostalgia because nobody ever can forget the original 3 Star Wars and anything that is taken from them is certainly a win for and any other fanboys eyes.

First Set Pic From Crimson Peak Shows Chastain At Her Creepiest

A set photo was released recently that showed Zero Dark Thirty actress Jessica Chastain shooting for her period horror film Crimson Peak and if I had to compare it to anything she looks like a darker and more creepy Mary Poppins which makes you wonder what her character is going to be and her whole story since it is a period piece but at the same time it is a horror film so you know that it will have all the basic things that will creep you out and make you jump in your seat in the theatre so it will be interesting to see when they release a trailer or a first poster for the film.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Cast Does Premiere Without Director

The premiere for FOX's X-Men:Days Of Future Past had every cast member come out and be more then ready to start the media and advertising blitz for their new film.With members like Jennifer Lawrence,Hugh Jackman,Patrick Stewart,Ian Mckellan,Peter Dinklage,Ellen Page,Nicholas Hoult,Michael Fassbender and James Mcavoy just being a good quarter of the cast.Now one piece that was missing is director Bryan Singer because he is still stuck in legal troubles with the most recent convictions and statements made against him so in that case he kept himself out of the limelight for the big premiere.But nonetheless the hype on this film being FOX's version of The Avengers with everyone and I mean everyone teaming up to try and stop the sentinels and Peter Dinklage's character from what his plans are in the film.This film is being released on May 23rd one week after Godzilla's big release so it will definitely be a good season to see movies with X-Men,Godzilla,The Amazing Spider Man 2 and Neighbors taking over right now so it is definitely the start of the summer movie season in a big way.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

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