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Entertainment News For Sunday 9/7/14

Updated on September 7, 2014

The Avengers:Age Of Ultron Comic Con Preview Leaks....Sort Of

When Comic Con was happening the big news flying around the weekend was the footage that was shown online and at San Diego with Batman turning on a searchlight in the rain and showing Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader in motion for the first time and then out of nowhere comes Henry Cavill as the big man Superman in the middle of the searchlight.The news of the footage sent a stir throughout the place and undoubtedly ended up winning the weekend for DC.But its not like Marvel just sat there and did nothing because they did actually show the whole first trailer for the new Avengers:Age Of Ultron and all people who couldn't afford to go to the convention let alone get in had to read descriptions on how the trailer played out.Now as it was released online yesterday were one step closer to the real thing with a video coming out that has images attached and then it has full audio throughout the whole thing with major crowd reaction.At first you might think the video is fake and doctored but after about 40 seconds you hear James Spader's voice echo throughout Hall H and you know its real from then on out.By the end after only seeing about 3 pictures in the whole video you get an actual video to go with it and it shows a super up close shot of a helmet being made and banged together and when you see that you suddenly think "Iron Man" but this time around when it pans out you see the eyes turn red and it has antenna on its head then the video shows the title like it came by on the screen through the wind.The video isn't mind blowing and doesn't really show much but when you think about it I think they are trying to cover their rear end over at Marvel about this as much as they can when DC just thinks "Well you got your hands on 40 seconds of a 2 and a half hour movie?? Good For You".So its not like its going to hurt or help the movie in any way but for the die hard fans and just fans of the movie all together it is a little interesting tidbit to watch and listen to if you can still find it and want to give it a quick view.

How I Met Your Mother Finally Gives Fans Both Sides Of The Story

When How I Met Your Mother ended I was ridiculously bummed about it because it was one of those special shows that you might not see again for another decade or anything even close to it at all.I used to tell my friends and others who brought up the show that even though its a tall order they are like the "21st Century version of Friends".So for your parents they basically watched Friends every Thursday night and grew up with them while their kids have How I Met Your Mother and get to enjoy the stories they bring.Although the show was a MASSIVE success even though a lot of fans and viewers just were not on board with the Series Finale episode that aired.Just the way the creators left the show sort of left a bad taste in peoples mouths and compared to how some shows were just knocking it out of the park when they went out (IE:Breaking Bad) the last episode/episodes didn't seem to live up to the anticipation.The big fanbase the show had still had a hard time watching it end as when you looked on Twitter you saw a lot of people getting over it by crying through the whole episode and some just not wanting to watch it because of that fact.But for Ted going back to Robin and getting her back with the blue French horn that started it all in the beginning was a good way to top it off for me but for others they didn't like that the mother was introduced a season ago and then gets killed off on the last episode because of old age and other things.But now with the entire series coming to DVD and the last season as well the creators have added the "Other" ending on the DVD and it did in fact leak online to give people a different perspective on the story so for the people who hated the original ending they can watch the new one instead now and it would be "Their" ending to make it right.

Denzel Washington Expresses Interest In Two Big Properties

Denzel Washington is going to light the movie theater screens again this September with the release of the film "The Equalizer" coming out on the 23rd Denzel has expressed interest in future projects as well and they are BIG ones.If I were to come up to you being the reader and ask you "Would you like to see Denzel in a James Bond movie or playing the Black Panther?" what would you say? Because hearing that he wants to get involved in 2 of the biggest franchises in being Bond and Marvel is huge news because for Washington it would be another great addition to Marvel's big roster if they also get to add Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange they would be piling up the Oscar talent left and right.As for the Bond side of things it is something that would have to gestate more as time goes on because there isn't a release for a title for this new movie and with Skyfall being a MASSIVE success and completely giving the Bond legacy a total shot of life to continue you for another 10 plus years.But either having Denzel come up in either a cameo role or possibly playing the villain which would be the only thing that could blow away the Chewitel Ejifor rumor that he will play the villain in the new Bond movie.Don't get me wrong Chewitel is amazing and he was just unstoppable in 12 Years A Slave but when you have someone like Denzel in talks then its like having the choice of either playing with Sidney Crosby or Mario Lemieux on your line in a pick up game.Also this whole thing could end up dying in a week or a month because things just fall apart or become "Rumor" at the end of it all but just the idea of getting him on either side would be an amazing thing for both camps and be great to see on his career as well.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Marvel's Golden Boy After Breaking ANOTHER Record

Guardians Of The Galaxy was something that came out on August 1st and with the busy movie summer people thought it would make its 80-90 Million and then be done since it was so close to the end of the summer and everything involving the movie summer is essentially done by then.But not for Guardians the movie basically blew away everything that decided to show up in a movie theater that given week.With the film most likely looking to be at the number 1 spot yet again the movie will break The Avengers record for "Most weeks at number 1" and making it a major achievement for it and the Marvel Studios all together.With it being number 1 at least 5 or 6 weeks in the time it was released it just shows the watchablility factor for the film and how many people went over and over again some might have went to watch the film for their 4th or 5th trip and still walked out just as happy as they did the first time they saw it.The film is set to be a guarantee to have the budget covered to do the 2nd film and then some so it makes you wonder how big they are going to go with Guardians 2 and you already know it will be better that really isn't a surprise but just how big and grand they will take the scale the second time around.

Robert Downey Jr. Has Fun With Vincent D'Nofrio's New Look

There was a picture released yesterday that showed Robert Downey Jr. having a good old time with Vincent D'Nofrio who is now a member of the Marvel Universe and it looked like they were having a good time being goofy.The picture showed Downey trying to lick Vincent's cheek and instead of you seeing the same guy you saw most of the time on Law And Order he now has his entire head shaved and is ready to take on his role as the villain "Kingpin" in the new Netflix Daredevil series that is being produced.With a picture being released and Vincent having to do this already to himself you know that the show is moving right along with what it needs to do and it will be exciting to have a whole season of Daredevil to watch when it is available to stream on Netflix during the premiere day.

Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover Is Just Truly Amazing

Just when you thought you would never see The Simpsons and Family Guy ever cross paths on a TV for as long as you lived the creators of both shows are making it a reality for every fan old and young.The promo for the episode shows the Griffin family walking and bumping into a small town and not knowing what to expect of this "Springfield" the ran into but once they start to walk around and get into the town they start to see some recognizable characters and it even starts one of the greatest fights that's ever going to take place on TV this year.You were also teased in the trailer for seeing Peter and Homer get to each other and automatically hate each other to the point of it causing a fist fight and going downhill at a very fast rate.You also get to see Bart and Stewie hanging out and causing trouble and making prank phone calls and trying to get a rise out of Moe the bartender as usual.This episode is definitely going to be a classic when both of their series are done and will be one of those big first steps towards being able to do whatever you want on TV and making anything happen.

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The Simpsons Family Guy Crossover Trailer

How I Met Your Mother Alternate Ending

The Equalizer Trailer


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