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Entertainment News For Thursday 5/29/14

Updated on May 29, 2014

New Set Pictures Released For Terminator Genesis

When the pictures for the brand new Terminator film were released today a lot of people were wondering what it could be of since most of this film has been in mystery as of late.But today it looks like 3 to 4 pictures were released and 2 of them show an up close shot of Arnold in his full get up and gear but instead of having his awesome black biker jacket he has grey hair and actually looks old and looks like he fits in with the world now.Now I did love the iconic look of course but now that this is a new group and different story why not change up his look as well and make it even better and give it more hype then it already has since the hype level on this film is making the roof almost come off with the anticipation.Another added thing you see if Emilia Clarke in the pictures in what looks to be doctors scrubs and holding a gun trying to protect Arnold and her brother in the film that you can sort of see in some shots but in others you can clearly tell the person taking the photos was all about trying to get those first shots on Arnold.This film won't be released for a long while so there will be a lot more to be released on it and given that they are releasing this stuff now expect to see something big and concrete during San Diego Comic Con and try to rock the house with whatever they bring to show the fans.

Jurassic World Explained More By Director

When questioned by reporters Jurassic World director Colin Trevarrow basically took a different take to answers the rumors to the film.He just went out and agreed to the rumors and said if anyone's plans was to ruin the news for this film then your doing it wrong cause I'm holding nothing back.But onto his news,he said that the world would basically be like a futuristic Disney World with the whole place having hotels and covering the whole ground but the special part of it was while your done with your golf game you can go get 15 feet away from a dinosaur because in this film they are closer then ever.Trevarrow also understands about how people want to see something new and the fact of seeing the same Dino for all those films can get old so he confirmed that one dinosaur will be spliced with something new and having more capabilities and teeth along with it.From the time this was leaked of course there was going to be negative backlash about this from somebody because there's always negativity but at first the positive thoughts came flying in from all over and a lot more trust went into the directors hands after these comments because he is not afraid to hold back and just say it like it is.The film won't be released until the movie summer of 2015 but nonetheless you know people are going to go in packs to see this off of the title alone so it will definitely be something special to see once it is done and put together.

Stargate Is Getting A Reboot

Just when you thought that all the 80's movies that are being remade are being played out and overdone since a certain few can only be consider great.But now you get to see the studios working their way up and now Roland Emmerich wants to make another Stargate film and possibly even extend the film into a trilogy format.Now most people know the popular film and the cult success it had after being released but a trilogy could be possible since their was a tv show about that universe so the material is there in a big huge order for Roland to get his hands on and start to direct.Also I wouldn't hold your breathe towards this as well because Emmerich is working on a certain classic alien disaster sequel right now and that's been slowly moving for over a decade now and is still in a dormat state which means that Roland can want this but in the end it could be in his pipeline and just not happen for him until 2028 for all we know because of how he's handling his properties.I do know quite a few people who don't want this to happen because the film is so beloved to them but at the same time when you see what Hollywood is doing it's crazy to think they are already starting to remake films that are in the 90's that are somewhat relevant still.

Anthony Mackie Will Play Jesse Owens

After the report of Anthony Mackie possibly playing Hendrix in a film he is now going to be playing olympic runner Jesse Owens in his own biopic.The timing and story of the film is around the time when he won the medals in Berlin and basically blew a big hole in Adolf Hitler's theory's at that time and upon winning those medals sparked a revolution and basically is like what Team USA did in 1980 with hockey against the Russians which basically halted a war and changed things Owens did for the events at that time.There has been stories written about him and what he did is definitely significant and this film could be an Oscar bait type film too because Mackie could end up playing Owens beautifully and walking away with tons of statutes for telling a beautiful story as well.

Whiplash Gets A Release Date

The Miles Teller led film Whiplash that was a hot topic while being screened at Sundance is getting it's due finally with it getting a release date wide in theaters on October 10th of this year.This film will be interesting to see because I am a sucker for music films and Teller I have yet to find him in a film I didn't like and the story of this one is such a different and good story to check out.If you haven't heard of this film you should definitely google it and look into it because this one as well could be an Oscar contender with it coming out in October and being fresh in the voters minds and having the young Teller playing such a great role as well.

FX Series The Strain Gets Trailer

After releasing news about a poster and images coming out for this show and not knowing a whole lot about it except that it was Executive Produced by Guillermo Del Toro and a few others that are good in the genre of horror and thrillers.But when I watched the trailer for the first time and my god was this thing creepy! It really sets up the fact that it is about a vampire outbreak and it is like an an ancient vampire coven and people are like gheez here we go with this Twilight or Underworld stuff that has been overdone SOO much already.But no it looked fresh and new and scarier then anything on cable television like it was creepy.On the same network as American Horror Story I think it's good that FX got this because it is a good one two punch for them and if the Strain is successful as they want it to be it could go for as many seasons as they want it to be since some of their key shows are closing out their runs here in a season or 2 and they need to keep big core audiences and keep it that edgy tv network everybody loves.

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Whiplash Sundance Interview-Miles Teller


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