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Entertainment News For Thursday 5/8/14

Updated on May 8, 2014

Divergent Hits HUGE Worldwide Take In

The action film Divergent that is based on the popular series of books has hit quite a mark for what it normally set out to do.With a total worldwide take in now of 250 Million it is a for sure that everyone will be getting the second book in the series and if it keeps on continuing you will most likely see the last book split into two films to just add box office potential and buzz throughout.It will be right along side with The Hunger Games series in cutting the last book into two along with the last film of the Twilight series and Harry Potter did respectively.If you dig through the numbers with a fine toothed comb you will see that Divergent raised 142.7 million in the states and the worldwide numbers went into 108.3 million in 55 total markets.

New Promo's Were Released For Dawn Of Planet Of The Apes

There was new promos and TV Spots for the brand new film Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.This one takes place some time after the first rebooted film that was wildly successful and ending up making Andy Serkis's character Caesar the ape a mainstay on the screen.But this film has Gary Oldman,Jason Clarke and a slight cameo from James Franco who was the main character in the first film and someone who basically cared for Caesar in the first one as well before he broke out into the wild.

Marc Webb Adds Another Possible Villain For The Amazing Spider Man

It was reported that Marc Webb who is the director for all The Amazing Spider Man films has added after the fact of who was going to be in the Sinister Six film that he wanted to have Kraven become one of the villains for one of this upcoming films.Now Sony was planning on having a Spider Man film at least once a year along with the standalone Sinister Six and Venom films which everybody is waiting to see but with the 3rd installment in the franchise coming it might be a bit before Webb gets to use Kraven as a main villain in the film if he actually gets to use him in the universe because he is somebody very different and not that everybody knows and it would be different instead of using all the characters that were already brought up in the Sam Raimi world.

Lena Headey Is Added Onto Clive Barker Film

Actress Lena Headey who can be mostly remembered for her roles in The Purge playing the attacked wife in the home invasion horror film and the film Dredd where she played the villain in Mama and of course being Cersei Lannister in Game Of Thrones.But she has been added on to play the main title role of Jacqueline Ess in the new Clive Barker film.Now mostly everybody knows that Barker makes things that make audiences and normal people squirm and want to look away so you can expect this one to be just as violent as Dredd was if not more violent.From what I hear the title has been Jacqueline Ess and is based off of the Books Of Blood series that was part of Clive Barker's book anthology.It will be interesting to see her play something THAT dark and out there because she was in 300 and everything else that she was in but at the same time this is going to be the DARKEST thing she will be in if it sticks completely.

Affleck's Live By Night Pushed Back

Ben Affleck's future film Live By Night that was meant to come out Christmas of 2015 is being pushed back to October of 2016.A big reason for this is because 110% of Affleck's focus is all towards the Batman Vs Superman film and that will be filming way into the projected schedule that was set for Live By Night so easily enough for Ben he just had to move some stuff around and he made it work easily and there wasn't any fighting between him and the studios so if anything it worked out for the best.The basic premise of it also is based on Dennis Lehane's novel about a cop who falls in love with the life of crime and what it brings along.So it sounds like after Affleck doing Gone Girl then we will have Batman Vs Superman then this film will be 3 great films back to back to back which is great for him and his career.

Mummy Reboot Loses Director

The Mummy was looking to reboot itself from the trilogy that was made that involved Brendan Fraser and they were looking at it to be more of a fun and based to the original story version.But the director they had attached to it to film being Andy Muschetti has dropped out and the film that sticks out for him was Mama and with the film looking for a modern day reimagined version of it just doesn't sound like it worked between Muschetti and the team over at Universal so they had to part ways but it will be interesting to see how this film runs its course.

How I Met Your Dad Getting A Series Order

The spinoff series to How I Met Your Mother is getting a full season order in "How I Met Your Dad".It will star Greta Gertwig as Sally who will act as the female Ted Mosby for the series.The original writers and creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are back and all in on this spinoff as well along with adding the writer from the series "Up All Night" Emily Spivey.It was reported a while back that Meg Ryan was going to play the narration role much like Bob Saget played the voice of Ted in How I Met Your Mother.A premiere date hasn't been announced as of yet but it is possible to start its run on CBS during the fall again following in the lead of How I Met Your Mother.

Better Call Saul Adds 3 More To Cast

The Breaking Bad Spinoff "Better Call Saul" has added 3 more people to their list of characters along with Bob Odenkirk coming back as the unforgettable role as Saul.The new additions are Patrick Fabian,Rhea Seehorn and Michael Mando joining in on the cast in starring roles.Along with those 3 being cast it is hoped that some of the favorites who worked in Saul's firm will come back and we will be able to see some old characters that we fell in love with during the Breaking Bad run.Including the story that had said that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were more then open to making a cameo appearance in it to help bring in those characters if need be.

Ben Affleck,Matt Damon Film "The Trade" Gets Director

It was reported that for the film being called "The Trade" is about two New York Yankees players who will be played by Affleck and Damon who instead of getting traded to different teams with the MLB like anyone would expect but the twist into the story is they instead decide to swap wives and makes it an interesting story.The film added director Jay Roach who has been made famous by directing the Austin Powers films and the Meet The Parents franchise as well.So if Affleck and Damon are looking for a goofy type of movie finally with them in it again then this will be it and if it is made it will be nice to add some comedy to there much dramatic roles.

Quentin Tarantino Withdraws Suit From Gawker For "Hateful Eight"

Famous director Quentin Tarantino was in a bit of a rock and hard place when his most recent script for his Western film "The Hateful Eight" which was ALREADY building tons of hype and the script was just being finished.But when he gave the script to his set cast of actors and place of people somebody somehow leaked it amongst the entire world and then one person had found it and wanted to use it as his own and then started to post it online and added a link that basically advertised "Hey everyone!! Come and read Tarantino's new film!!".Then when Tarantino came to finding out he was so furious about it that he said it was a done deal and The Hateful Eight would never see the light of day anymore.But after doing something that could of turned out to be for the better when he took out some space in Los Angeles and charged 500.00 a ticket to come in and he did a full table reading of the whole entire script basically saying that if you want to come hear my story then come right along but he wasn't going to have it passed along by somebody who didn't do it at all.After it being a complete success he has decided to withdrawal his lawsuit against the man and is looking forward to getting back to the work at hand instead.

Lethal Weapon Getting A Reboot

It is now being reported that there will be a reboot to the much beloved series of Lethal Weapon films.The big news behind it all is that Chris Hemsworth who can be known by everybody as Thor in the Marvel Universe will play the possible character of the son of Gibson's character and is something that has a lot of stories not known yet so more will come as the days come along but for now it looks like there is movement on a Lethal Weapon reboot.

Flintstones Getting Another Film

The famous family from Bedrock will be getting another film over at Warner Brothers.The Flintstones remake is looking like it will become a animated feature much like they had re done The Smurfs and finally getting The Lego Movie off the ground and Lego ended up being a monumental success when the Smurf films are just liked amongst some and hated by a lot more.So it will be interesting to see how Warners handles this project and who will voice the family all together if they do decide to go digital and animated because the two live action films for them that were made in 1994 and 2000 were poorly received so maybe Warners has something up their sleeve to make this film franchise work but for now we just have to wait and see.

The Next Bourne Film Gets A Writer For Script

The next installment in the Jason Bourne series will be penned by Andrew Baldwin.Universal has hired Baldwin to pen the script and they are also tapping director Justin Lin to direct the new film.The next film does not have a title yet or a title that has been announced but the film will still star Jeremy Renner as he took over the Bourne helm from Matt Damon a few years back and Renner's first film wasn't a bad showing at all so hopefully this one will be another hit for him and everybody working on it.

What Reboot Would You Be Most Excited To See?

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Divergent Trailer

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer


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