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Entertainment News For Sunday 8/17/14

Updated on August 17, 2014

Hateful Eight Footage To Show Before A Dame To Kill For

Just when the news was released about the poster for the next Quentin Tarantino film that has everyone talking you just might be able to see some footage for it before you even think when you pay to go see the new Sin City.Of course you all know the news that is surrounding this film because of what happened with the script and what went on after to basically put Tarantino in the position he is in now to be able to still make it his next film.But seeing a poster that already looks cool and good to see for the film itself and now hearing that we could get anywhere from 30-50 seconds of footage from it as well?? Its like Christmas coming early to all the Tarantino fans around the world.I really hope it stays in the same vein that Django Unchained did because that was a special one that he really took the reigns on and knew what he was doing when everyone thought he couldn't.

Dawn Of Justice Plot Details Delivered

There is news swarming all over online that an extra on set that will name unknown for the time being because I don't think they want a media circus following them spilled MAJOR details about the film while they were walking around on set and gave some of the details away to Geektyrant.The extra who was working on set while they were filming in Detroit mentioned first and foremost that the ending of the film has already been shot and it is in the can already.Another juicy detail she mentioned was that a scene that was shot showed Batman breaking into Lexcorp going to steal Kryptonite.The other big juicy detail is that Lexcorp and the people working there have recovered General Zod's body after there crazy fight they had at the end of Man Of Steel and is going to use it for science and they some how find a way to get to the Kryptonite without destroying the world and it was also mentioned that Lex Luthor who is being played by Jesse Eisenberg is synthesizing the kryptonite into the rubble from World Engine and calling it the "Key to his master plan to finally defeat Superman".This news while all of it should be taken with a grain of salt is interesting because you do think it does makes sense because they are using crazy scientific ways to actually get to Superman and not just thinking that Batman can grab this stuff without hurting himself as well like you should finally start to think that they are trying to be adult and safe about it instead of getting crazy about making this film something it shouldn't be.

Could The Joker Be In The Gotham TV Series?

When you see the first full trailer for Gotham it does get you excited for the show and also show you that they are not messing around and lets the audience know that the hardcore fans that love Batman and the Batman universe will have nothing to worry about.But if you dig around and watch the trailer another 2 or 3 times you will start to catch things involving the bad guys that everyone knows and loves in the series even a little nod to one HUGE character that hasn't even been revealed yet.When you see Gordon walk through the crime scene you start to see the likings of Penguin,The Riddler who you don't think it is him until you see him writing little ?'s all over his notebook,Fish Mooney who works with Penguin on his jobs,Catwoman as a young girl,Bruce Wayne somewhere in there because you know they HAVE to mention him,a young redhead with thorns on her arms which turns out to be Poison Ivy and then when he lifts up the tarp turns and looks away and puts the tarp back down you see the slight reflection of something staining the tarp of a red and black smiley face which is YOU GUESSED IT The Joker!!!!! Yes the TV Show might just possibly bringing back THE most iconic character in the universe and one that is hard to touch ever since Heath Ledger covered the character almost Flawlessly in The Dark Knight which won him an Oscar.Also to make it even more obvious in the first poster released as well they have a neon sign at the top that you REALLY have to zoom in on to see but it says something along the lines of "Joker's Poker and Billiards" or something but just the name and clown head on the sign is all you need.When they showed off scenes at Comic Con they mentioned the news about a comedian who works for Fish Mooney and is going to be played by Jon Beavers.When you see him doing his bit you just thinking he is a regular guy doing comedy until you start to look at the history of things then you start to suspect everything JUST a little more.If anyone is as big of a die hard as I am when it comes to the Batman stuff and has possibly read The Killing Joke which is a PIVOTAL novel by Alan Moore and is considered a classic in most circles you start to notice that this comedian is much more then meets the eye and could end up eventually becoming the man himself later on in the series which will definitely be something to see and if it is known before it is aired it will be a FOR SURE GUARENTEE that it will be the highest rated episode of the season by far.

Scream TV Series Adds Cast

The MTV Series Scream that is based off the hit horror franchise has added quite a bit of cast members including one well known person from another hit show that is going on right now.The show has cast Bex Taylor Klaus who plays Sin on the hit TV Show Arrow on the CW for one of the lead characters in the show and will most likely be the lead from what reports are saying.From how everything is shaping up with this show I am excited to see where they go with it and this definitely does have some promise for sure because with MTV basically being its own fanbase and most of their shows lasting and not getting axed 5 episodes in you know this one could at least last a season or 2 before we get into that talk.Another added thing for this is they aren't going to stick with the classic tale from "Woodboro" instead they changed the scene to Lakewood and Lakewood High.With a new sheriff and new other characters so watching the show will be a lot of change to take but at the same time the 4th one was sort of the same thing so if you really thing about it this could be like Scream 4 round 2 but a lot longer with it being television.

Ving Rhames And Others Returning For Mission Impossible 5

The big Mission Impossible film that everyone wants to see after the big success that was Ghost Protocol is really being made finally and you can rest assured that Tom Cruise is still in the drivers seat as your Ethan Hunt and he still has his team of players coming back as well.Now you aren't going to get Paula Patton back or his wife from the 3rd one either but you are getting Ving Rhames and Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg as well so no MI fan has any reason to complain with that lineup whatsoever.Director Chris Mcquarrie tweeted the news from his Twitter account and let everyone know that the next step in the franchise is in good hands and nobody has anything to worry about at all.The big rumor that hasn't been confirmed as of yet is that they have also snagged Alec Baldwin to play the role that Laurence Fishburne had played for so long or maybe even possibly the villain role that people are voting for instead because so many people want to see Baldwin as a villain for once.Filiming for this film is expected to begin on or around the Christmas holiday and is expected for a Christmas Day 2015 release date.

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Gotham TV Trailer

Sin City:A Dame To Kill For Trailer


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