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Entertainment News For Thursday 8/7/14

Updated on August 8, 2014

True Detective Eyeing New Cast For Season 2

With season 1 of True Detective in the bank and earning itself tons of nominations at the Emmy's from the outstanding roles from Woodey Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey.I caught onto this show late but when the first season came out MY GOD was I hooked because it has all the deep dark storyline of trying to find the killer much like the Hannibal series does over on NBC but at the same time since it is on HBO it is able to have that creative freedom and basically go wherever they want and the creator can go and do whatever he likes with it.Now with the casting news creator Nic Pizzolatto has been eyeing such talent like Colin Farrell,Taylor Kitsch,Vince Vaughn and Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men fame.Now I know some people are kind of shaking their heads and possibly wondering like "Why John Carter??" or "Are they REALLY gonna choose the guy from SWAT??".But when you think about it Harrelson had his own issues back in the day and Mcconaughey was basically known to be stuck in the Rom Com world until he set the world on fire in The Lincoln Lawyer and Dallas Buyers Club.So if you look at what they try and get their core cast to do I really think they can get the job done no matter who it is.I mean not a lot of people were able to get out to the theaters to see Savages when it was released but even though it wasn't highly received well that film was one of the darkest and most violent films I have ever seen anyone do and having Kitsch in there helps that enormously because he could go to the big limits that Pizzolatto would want from him.None of these castings are "For Sure" yet but just hearing them floating around names and names that everyone knows and follows is a good thing to hear since the creator was just slapped with a pretty big accusation involving Plagiarism.So for the near future only time will tell what will come of the show but I doubt that HBO is going to cut ties with it since besides Game Of Thrones and True Blood it is their highest rated show on the network.

FOX Pushes Back Kingsmen

When I was sitting in the theater to see one of the most anticipated films of the year in the new X-Men film I got a littler treat with the trailers when I saw the first trailer for the Colin Firth led spy film Kingsmen:The Secret Service.The film felt so different and sort of a breathe of fresh air compared to everything else out there and it made you actually get excited to see the film when it was going to be released this October.But now it seems that the company over at FOX handling all the details on it and director Matthew Vaughn have decided to push the release a couple of months and it will come out in 2015 instead of coming out and being released this October.The new release date is marked as February 2015 which is scary because to people that know and see movies on a daily and weekly basis January through March hasn't produced the best films in the past years.I wont go into detail of what they call that 3 month window but this could possibly be the tide turner for that because when you watch the trailer you seriously do get amped for this film and since we might not have a Bond film until late 2016 or 2017 it makes you think having spy movies like this may be the best thing we can get for now which is fine by me.

FOX Schedules 2 More LEGO Films

Have you ever heard of a film being SUCH a sure thing that if you were going to sign on to do it or be a part of it in any way you knew you would be coming out on top??? The only film I can think of that does that in the best possible way is The Lego Movie because the anticipation for it was amazing and then when it was released it made tons and tons of money making it one of the best films of the year if not top 2 of the year.Now FOX is playing their cards right and setting up 2 more movies that will be released in 2018 and 2019.Many people were wondering when the sequel was going to come for this film and if they have to wait 4 years for it I bet fans will be bummed about that but at the end of the day if they can make it to 2018 then they could definitely handle 1 more year for the 3rd installment in the series which would make it a full trilogy and the last film series that was aimed at kids to do that was Toy Story that I can think of and the 3rd installment is almost a classic in the field it was released in so it will be great to see who joins the cast for the next two and who comes back and everything involved with that.

Anne Rice Gets Trilogy Picked Up By Universal

When Anne Rice's book Interview With A Vampire came out way back when it was a smash hit and the acting in the film was one of the main things that stuck out in the film and making it so great.Now when it came time to make her next book Queen Of The Damned and releasing that with singer Aaliyah and whoever else was cast in the film it ended up being called "One of the worst films of the year" and has the tagline of "So bad its good" in some aspects.To many Queen was just a few steps back from what they are trying to do in making a great and gripping trilogy from her books and now she might actually get her chance with the dream team of Kurtzman and Orci taking up the helm to do it right and get the job done.Now if it were anyone else in the world I would of still reported on it but with a little bit of hesitation because I didn't know what to expect and where to think it was trying to go but when you have Kurtzman/Orci together again and they have made hit after hit after hit with Star Trek and Transformers and doing a great job with the Sleepy Hollow show this news is a no brainer and something that Anne Rice can hang her hat on knowing that she did an amazing job knowing that her coveted books and stories are in good hands for the time being.

The Interview Release Date Pushed Back

When this film was being made I first thought it was a joke but when I went to see 22 Jump Street and saw the trailer I was actually for once extremely delighted to see another Franco/Rogen team up film because yes This Is The End was good but it didn't blow me away like I thought it would.But now having this film to look forward to I was excited to see it and all the goofiness that would entail with it.Then came all the crazy news that if we released the film here in the US that Korea would actually not show the film at any theatre which honestly isn't shocking but at the same time adding that they wanted to basically throw down and start war over a comedy film that might end up not being that good??? So now the studio heads and everyone over where they are making it have decided to go with a bigger game plan because they have decided to push the release from October 10th of this year to Christmas Day 2014 now.With it now being a Christmas film it makes you wonder what they are planning because pushing into next year is saying one thing but pushing it to one of our national holidays is another so we will have to see how big the backlash is on this...

Deadpool Writer Starts Campaign To Get Film Made

Writer Rhett Reese's credits include such films as Zombieland,GI Joe Retaliation and even Monsters Inc. but earlier on apparently he was attached to write and make the infamous Deadpool movie before everything in the entire world under the sun went wrong for it.The most we obviously saw of a live action Deadpool was Ryan Reynolds in the beginning of X-Men Origins:Wolverine before Brett Ratner totally ruined the story of him and basically putting the idea of a Deadpool film in the ground.Until the past few weeks where someone released anonymous test footage which looked most CG and showed Deadpool causing all sorts of trouble and kicking butt against the bad guys with Ryan Reynolds voicing over the whole bit.When this was released the internet literally lit on fire and Youtube almost broke when it came out and then it was like a complete shot to the heart for the franchise and now Rhett Reese's dream could possibly become a reality.When you think about what Zach Braff did with his film he was getting funded and of course the Veronica Mars film that people wanted to see but it had to be funded and ended up making the money needed all from the campaign that Reese is trying to start.One of my best friends is a Deadpool fanatic and the idea of film actually coming in the next 2 years is something that could totally stir the comic book movie world and give Marvel that upper hand they need now since DC is throwing all the punches in the future it seems like so I can't wait to see how this is going to play out and if I end up seeing an actual trailer in the near future.

Would You Be Excited For A Deadpool Movie In The Near Future??

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True Detective Season 1 Trailer

Kingsmen:Secret Service Trailer


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