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Entertainment News For Thursday 9/4/14

Updated on September 4, 2014

The Rock Officially Confirms His Character In The DC Universe

With all the speculation flying around when The Rock took to Twitter and showed off pictures of him working out hardcore like he used to back when he was in his prime during his WWE days.He also added a special ring to his pictures by wearing the superhero Under Armour that has been out for some time now but he wasn't sporting anything Marvel he was rocking the logo's of Batman and Superman and is ready to fully say now that he is on the DC bandwagon and in their camp 110% now.When you walked into certain interviews and you had either Sebastian Stan or Anthony Mackie who play Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier and The Falcon respectively in the Marvel world.Those two have each taken certain shots at DC during junkit's and interviews saying no matter what the case is Captain America would top anything DC had and that the material that DC is anticipating isn't worth it compared to Marvel's.When you look at it it's like someone talking smack about your friend or wife and you need someone who can really bring the smack talk back and better and that's exactly what DC did by getting someone who basically revolutionized himself in the WWE by talking constant smack and making people speechless by the constant things he used to say during The Rock's many championship runs during his career.Wrestling fan or not when you watch the video when he first comes back to the WWE and talks for like 10 minutes or when he challenges Hulk Hogan to a match on WrestleMania that year you can't HELP but get chills about the situation.Now knowing that he will FOR SURE be playing Black Adam and by tweeting the info also adding a very awesome picture from one of Shazam's comics that shows Adam's arm grasped tightly around Shazam's neck and their eyes just lit up like 2 snaps of lightning in the night.With this news you know The Rock is going to bring it and has been showing how dedicated he is to the character.It will also make next year's Comic Con very interesting possibly because if he shows up I could see him amping up the crowd as both Rock and Black Adam and really being one of the staples of the event if it does indeed happen.

The Boys At Broken Lizard Close To Super Troopers 2

This news is one thing that when I read it on Facebook as it was reported via I literally shot out of my bed and had to run and tell my brother because I just showed him this movie not too long ago because of how great it is.It looks like after creating SO many crazy and outlandish type films like Beerfest and Club Dread among others the boys over at Broken Lizard are deciding to go back to what made them famous and making a sequel to Super Troopers.When this movie came out it was something so fresh and different that you didn't see at the time and nobody knew who these group of guys were and they knocked every scene out of the park and having Brian Cox as the chief makes it THAT much better and I am one hoping he comes back as well.The main report stated that Jay Chandrasekhar who plays the role of Thorny or Rammathorn in the movie said that they are moving at a very good pace towards getting things done and the whole cast is back to signing with him saying they are all "Very Close".This film does have sort of a cult following because of how many quotable lines are in the movie and how it still holds up today which should help because Jay mentioned that the story wasn't going to be too far off from the 1st film like they wouldn't do anything too crazy he just said the moustaches would be bigger and they were going to try and go bigger on the whole scale of things.I can't wait to hear more about this movie as we move along and start to see things like a poster or teaser trailer because it will literally have that nostalgic feel that will make you love the 1st one all over again.

The Hateful Eight To Start Rolling In January And Has A Release Date As Well!

After the few people that went to go see Sin City:A Dame To Kill For at the theatres were lucky enough to catch the teaser trailer for the much anticipated film from Quentin Tarantino "The Hateful Eight".The film wasn't anything gigantic or over the top like Tarantino films try to be in the most glorious way possible but it just showed you who the 8 players are going to be in the film and gives the viewer an idea of what will be happening in the film as well.Another plus for the film is that The Weinstein Company is all in on the movie and getting behind the marketing and everything else for it and has set the film for a fall 2015 release which is great news for fans of Tarantino's films and people who just have plainly wanted to see this movie because of all the news that has happened with it in its history.So far the poster and teaser for it are both home runs and basically make you think this movie has no chance of losing so we will have to see what's what as time goes on.

New Girl Promising A GREAT New Season

The FOX show New Girl has been a mainstay there for some time now and has basically made Zooey Deschanel a household name along with her sister who plays the character of Temperance Brennan in Bones.But for Zooey apart from being in indie film every now and then she plays the role of Jess to the T and in an amazing form and with most of the other roommates she lives with getting just as famous as her its only right that the show get an amazing season right? The premiere will be HUGE with Zooey's character playing Jess and going toe to toe with Jessica Biel in what seems to be an unknown role at the moment but from the picture it just shows them standing side by side and you won't really know what's what until the premiere later this year.Another big plus for the show was adding cast member Julian Morris to the cast too as a possible and rumored love interest for Jess and someone who competes against Nick for her attention and love during the new season.If you don't recognize Morris's name then you may recognize him from being on Pretty Little Liars as Wren Kingston or Once Upon A Time as Prince Phillip and if your not too big on the TV watching he was a main character in the teen horror movies Cry Wolf and Sorority Row.I think he will be a good addition to the cast and definitely someone who can turn the tide and be someone for the female audience to stare at and enjoy now and maybe the writers can add some jokes involving Schmidt and him and who's the best looking cause Schmidt's character would be like that.

Al Pacino Offers Talents For Guardians 2 And Calls First Film Something Unexpected

When you look at Pacino's career and look at him as a whole when it comes to an actor he is one of the most legendary people to ever grace the silver screen and some of the things he has said will always be remembered and never forgotten.A good example is his big speech in Any Given Sunday and with the movie being somewhat overlooked cause it was so crazy and out of the way football should be perceived he did give one amazing performance and knocked it out of the park with that speech.But when it comes to the recent Guardians Of The Galaxy he is just as much of a fanboy as you or me when it comes to the film and Pacino even said the films has things that compare it to Shakespeare himself.Now with that being like calling a new hot rookie Peyton Manning or Michael Jordan but the film obviously does hold up in its own way and he is one guy who is more then happy to hold the fan flag for it proudly.He also added that if director James Gunn was looking for anymore talent for the film then he would be more then willing to join the cast or any Marvel movie for that matter but having him announce this is sort of surprising since a good amount of his track record involves movies that have won Oscars and other awards when Marvel movies are just for fun so its good to see he wants to have just as much fun as they are dishing out on screen.

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New Girl Season 4 Promo

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