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Entertainment News For Tuesday 5/27/14

Updated on May 27, 2014

Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight May Begin Filming Soon

After the huge debacle within the grips of making this film nobody would of ever thought that this Tarantino film would ever see the light of day.But now knowing that the film The Hateful Eight may push forward and begin its production sometime this fall.As many may know but for the some that don't the earlier draft of the script for this film was leaked online and basically shopped around the net like a hot commodity everywhere and even caused one place to do it too much and made Tarantino want to sue them.In the end he wasn't able to and he let it go but now it looks like all signs point to it being a go and the light being lit and green for this film.After hearing the story behind this and how excited it made people get a lot of people were bummed about the fallout from the event I just hope that it can turn out to be a Django Unchained or Inglorious Basterds in the end.

Johnny Depp In Talks To Become The Master Of All Magic

Johnny Depp is one of those people that if you have googled his pictures before you will see a wallpaper of ever character he played and it literally spans all over the table in a crazy and out there way.But now he can add something else to his very big list of characters that he has played in now that he is being tapped to play the magic man himself Harry Houdini.The supposed title of the film is set to be The Secret Life Of Houdini:America's First Superhero.Now with superhero films pretty much running the film world right now it is clear to say that it is perfect title for the film and it is also another addition that it is in the vein of an Indiana Jones type story which it will have Depp playing Houdini dealing with a cult and the powers of the occult and everything that they bring.So it will be interesting to get a deeper and darker look into that as well.I personally would like to see this film go very dark since although he was a magician did some things that people thought were crazy and not possible and you could see that working the way Christopher Nolan made The Prestige work so well but now you have one of the greatest names to work with in that business.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Sequel In The Works

Well if you have seen the original you know that if something doesn't work you put some Windex on it and fix it! and I guess the people over at the studio did that enough to get a sequel for the surprise hit film that was released way back in 2002.This film was made for next to nothing in Hollywood terms and was pushed hard by its star Nia Vardalos and when it opened it was received overall with glowing response and was even nominated for an Oscar around the time of award season.Their wasn't a whole lot to go into story wise other then the possibility of another Greek Wedding going into play and all the fans of the original being able to go back to that goofy kind of comedy the first film brought and did so well.

Netflix And Marvel Have Found Their Daredevil

The much talked about and hotly anticipated Daredevil reboot that will be picked up over at Netflix before the end of the year or if anything the people waiting to see this will at least get a trailer for it.But before we get any of that it was released today that they have named who is going to play the pivotal character of Matt Murdoc/Dardevil in the series and it will be none other then Charlie Cox.Now I know some people will go wait what?? This isn't an A list actor who everyone knows but maybe that is a good thing that they did that this time around to help grow the character the right way.Now I am one of the few that doesn't mind the Affleck Daredevil but to a ton of other people he literally lost it and everything about it when he had the playground fight with Jennifer Garner.But now with it being on Netflix you can have as much violence as you possibly need and the dark story could be brought into it too and they could revive the story that is always remembered by that Ben Affleck movie which everyone will overlook him soon because he is basically Batman now so we will see what happens when the first images come around for this but I am for sure excited about this property moving forward.

Alfonso Cuaron Passes On Fantastic Beasts

Due to many reports and much speculation it is now reported today that Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron has said that he does not want to do the prequel to the Harry Potter series Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.To basically put together what he stated he said that he has a ton of respect for JK Rowling and the series as a whole but he feels that he needed to do something different and has been working with graphics heavy films for 5 years because of Gravity and he sort of needed to clean his palatte and do something a little more to his liking.Now there was also rumors of him getting offered the seat to do the prequel for The Shining as well and it is being called The Overlook Hotel.But in the same interview he also sort of shot those rumors down saying he was never offered that film and never heard of it to begin with.So being such a high named property right now has its perks yet but at the same time it has its drawbacks because you are apparently doing everyone's movies as well.I hope if he ends up not taking the Shining prequel film that he decides to do something a little more original and to his liking so he can control the ground and take charge his own way.

Simon Kinberg Calls The Next X-Men More Of A Disaster Film

After the ridiculous success of X-Men:Days Of Future Past and the endless amounts of money that it is making and everyone should know now about the after credits scene involving the next villain which is no surprise Apocalypse.But when talking to Simon Kinberg he stated that the next film could have more of a disaster film feel and he even said that the disaster could get so bad like a "Roland Emmerich type film".Now it is no surprise that the next film will be epic in its own right because Apocalypse is such a HUGE character to introduce and knowing what he can do and what the X team is up against really shows what can happen next and put into speculation for what the story could be for the X-Men:Apocalypse.Another thing to think about is after Apocalypse its just another solo Wolverine film then its sort of up in the air for that series but by far Days Of Future Past is the shining and I mean shining remark for how amazing it is because it is THAT good of a film all the way around.

X-Men's Final Tally Is HUGE

Days Of Future Past gets two stories today because of what Kinberg has said and the mammoth numbers that the film made this past week on only 4 days alone.The final tally for the film in the US was 111 Million which was sort of expected because people have been waiting for this film ever since the entire cast stepped on the stage at Hall H at San Diego Comic Con.But the worldwide numbers is the one thats more eye opening in the fact that it made 302 Million worldwide and broke numerous box office records in the worldwide markets.On the US side of things the film just made more then the big films that have been released this year like The Winter Soldier,The Amazing Spider Man 2 and Godzilla.But in the end Days Of Future Past just blew past them like Quicksilver shot by people on the screen.This definitely was great for this film because it was a very special superhero film and in a lot of respected markets its even being the sleeper talk for Oscar talk right now because the acting in it is SO amazing and on point from the superhero movies that just tell the story without REALLY trying to act.I mean no knocking to the other films out there but when you have people like James Mcavoy,Patrick Stewart,Ian Mckellan,Michael Fassbender,Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman etc you know the acting is going to be BEYOND stellar and out of this world in a giant giant way.

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