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Entertainment News For Tuesday 5/6/14

Updated on May 7, 2014

May 6th 2016...

The reason why I just simply put a date as the title is because if nothing changes up until like possibly January of 2016 then we could see THE biggest showdown in movie history.The big first film that was announced by Warner Brothers at San Diego Comic Con was the Batman Vs Superman film and is the sequel to Man Of Steel and when this news was announced this took the world by storm for a few days and then after about 2 months it was announced that Kevin Feige who is basically The Don of everything that is Marvel added that the 3rd Captain America film is going to come out this day as well because of the recent success of Winter Soldier and he basically said without saying that "Marvel WILL NOT MOVE" like if anyone will blink and move here it has to be Warner Bros. and moving it a week before so people can see Batman Vs Superman first.But still if they end up both standing ground like two captains on a ship staring each other down side by side before battle it will literally be people going into IMAX type and 3D cinemas and they will go see Batman Vs Superman then run across the hall to see Captain America or vice a versa for whatever you would like to see although since Batman Vs Superman is such a BIG thing people would want to see that first.But nonetheless before comic book fans start ranting and raving about what is better we do need to think about the fact that for a comic book fan and fan of these types of movies this is like Christmas,Your Birthday,New Years Eve and St.Patricks Day all rolled into one.It will definitely be something special and the only thing I think that can sort these two out and topple both is Star Wars Episode 7 because that has been wanted for SO long but as we all know it is a wait and see thing.

Netflix Series Orange Is The New Black Gets A Third Season

The highly popular Netflix series Orange Is The New Black about Piper Chapman and the crime that ends up with her in the slammer with a group full of women who you end getting to know later on in the series and as Netflix goes about their series they release them in full so you can binge watch the whole season at once if you like instead of having it be a week by week thing.But nonetheless I haven't quite jumped on the bandwagon for this yet but have heard nothing but good things and its not just because of the show either because when their first hit House Of Cards was going into their second season they already green lit it up for a third season as well because of people subscribing to get all the movies you can watch and shows on Netflix having these shows at your expense at ANY time is a major thing about it too.Another thing showing the turning of the tide is when Taylor Schilling got nominated for her role as Chapman and having House Of Cards get nominated like 5 times as well is showing that Netflix programming is taking over in a big way.

Ronald Reagan Biopic Heading To Cannes

A biopic for Ronald Reagan is coming and it is simply going to titled "Reagan".It will be told through the eyes of a veteran KGB agent Viktor Petrovich who was someone who closely followed Reagan into his days going into Hollywood.The script is being made by Howard Klausner who also made the film Space Cowboys and I heard he is basing it off of two New York Times bestselling books for Reagan.It is being produced by Mark Joseph and Ralph Winter and at this time their isn't a director attached or a name for someone playing Reagan in the film quite yet but since this has come out and it has to be done before the Cannes film festival I believe that we will hear news of it soon.

Two More Additions For Pitch Perfect 2

The much adored film Pitch Perfect is getting a sequel which isn't a huge surprise because it made tons of money and so many people loved it.But there is news of a person coming back along with Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson and someone new joining the ranks of Barden Bellas.It was confirmed today that Adam Devine is coming as his character Bumper Allen or as some people saw him as the bad guy from the other group of singers.Also Hailee Steinfeld was cast into the film as a new character and it is set in stone what her character is doing but people are speculating whether or not she will make it on the Bella's and join in on the story that will continue and hopefully be as good and rememberable as the first one.

Trailer For TV Series Gotham Has Been Released

The around 3 minute trailer for anticipated TV series Gotham which is about everything that involves the characters around Batman before you actually see Bruce Wayne put on the infamous and iconic suit.When I was watching the trailer it was nice to actually see and comforting to know they were taking a very dark approach to it and even before the trailer wraps if you haven't watched it it has little flashes of the city and warns you that "Before Penguin,Before,Catwoman,Before,Before Batman There Was Gotham" and having it end that way made me get like Nolan Dark Knight excited which could be an overstatement but still having another look at the universe is a good take to have on it since Arrow has been so good and has had some legs on it for a while and now were getting a Flash series as well that it will be good to have some great DC programming to watch during the week.

Sequel For Spring Breakers Coming

Whether you like it or not there WILL be a sequel to the film Spring Breakers.Although the film didn't completely rake in at the box office like most movies should to make a sequel but the cult power and the performance that Franco gave in it as Alien which even got him some awards for his performance in the film because he basically lost himself in the character.I myself haven't seen the film and get some backlash as to why!! from people because I heard it is one of those "So bad its good" films but still hearing about the fact of a sequel should tell anybody in Hollywood that basically anything can happen but virtually 80% of people that saw the film hated it yet it still gets a sequel because of word of mouth so never say die for certain films.

Star Wars Episode 7 Has A Title?

So according to loose sources from Ain't It Cool News reporting and giving most likely the biggest news of the day in saying that they have released the attached title for the brand new Star Wars film that comes out in December of next year.The attached title everybody is talking about is apparently "The Ancient Fear" which is hinting at Max Von Sydow's character in the film and how he could end up being part of the Sith world and maybe even an apprentice to the famous Emperor Palpatine.Now we all know that casting isn't quite done on all this yet so hearing at D23 and San Diego Comic Con are two big chances for the head honcho's at Disney to act and make announcements to get Star Wars fans going and then possibly show some more texture to that amazing black and grey picture they released a few days before May the 4th.

Legendary Entertainment Snatches Up Two Big Titles

Legendary Entertainment which has produced up 30 big films including the Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy and have accumulated up to 9.3 BILLION dollars in every film they have done.Have snatched up the rights for two more big and anticipated films.The first one being Jurassic World which is the hotly and highly anticipated film to the Jurassic Park franchise and another film called Dracula Untold.Now when I read the second one about Dracula I thought this one could still make money but so many people are so over the vampire genre as a whole with all the Twilight films then Vampire Academy and The Vampire Diaries running as long as it has it would have to be a very dark film for it to actually be taken it and perceived very well.On the other hand with Jurassic World I think this is going to be their one film that makes that 9.3 billion crank over into the 10 Billion dollar world and that is a TON of money and with Legendary knowing what franchises to pick and movies they have to be one of the smartest studios along with what Marvel is doing on doing things successfully and making money doing it.

New Poster For Interstellar Comes Out

There is a new poster for the new Christopher Nolan film Interstellar has been released and there has been nothing but good responses for it since reading the premise for the film it sort of made people scratch their heads along with people saying it sounds like something where Nolan could stretch how things were done and get on a "Gravity" type level and make people stand up and take notice to his film that he is releasing after the heavily favorited Dark Knight Trilogy.The film also stars Jessica Chastain,Anne Hathaway,Michael Cain,Casey Affleck and the one and only Matthew Mcconaughey who is by far having the greatest year of his life with everything that he has done so it should be a great film to watch.

Warner Bros. Will Release 2 Films In 2017 and 2018

It was reported that although that the titles are still being kept secret but Warner Bros. is planning on releasing two big animated films and the slated dates are Feb.10 2017 for the first one and Feb.9 2018 for the films respectively.Now with the word of D23 coming however many times before those dates it could be possible to see something then or one of the big conventions to show and shed some light on what they are doing.The whole reason on the big kick towards it is because The Lego Movie and Frozen just ended up owning the animation world when those films were released and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there was a new and second Lego Movie as one of those or they could just totally blow the world away and name something new that everybody would go crazy for like a new Shrek or a Toy Story 4 possibly.Now both of those are just speculation for sure but still people have been asking about Toy Story and Shrek since the last ones ended and we already know that everyone is getting a new Incredibles so only time will tell.

Scarlet With And Quicksilver May Be Trouble For Avengers

There was an interview done with Aaron Taylor Johnson who is cast as Quicksilver in the Avengers:Age Of Ultron where he was saying that first he was asked by Joss to do the second Avengers film and he didn't understand why because their was already SO many people in the first film and people that they are adding into Age Of Ultron but then Whedon said that having Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch who will be played by Elizabeth Olsen as more of someone in the film who will be more of a pain for the Avengers at first before actually becoming part of the team possibly and then when they are needed and the villain starts to show up because Ultron is promised to be a giant of a villain so maybe having them be the thorn in the groups side for a bit could be the comedy for the film like having Hulk do whatever he did was the comedy for the first film.The screenshots and crowd pictures taken look good and I do like that they are keeping the Avengers Quicksilver so to the story with his suit and his hair is more of a silver and grey when the Evan Peters version for the new X-Men film looks like a guy you didn't want to run into at a rave.But nonetheless after seeing how both are done and if all of this is true we will see what is what when Avengers 2 actually comes out.

Melissa McCarthy Shows New Trailer For Tammy

There was a new trailer released for the film Tammy starring Melissa McCarthy as most people know of her from Bridesmaids and The Heat.But the film looks like a very normal girl at first then she tries to hold up a burger joint and she does an absolutely terrible job at it but still manages to make it funny and her own little form of comedy that everybody loves.I did see that Susan Surandon is cast in this as well so it will be interesting to see what role she will play in the film but still if she sticks to her funny and awkward stuff that she had in the roles I had listed for her above then the movie will make money and be a hit because she has that going for her and I think that is a great thing for Melissa McCarthy for her career.

Emma Stone Added To The New Woody Allen Film

It was stated today that Emma Stone was added to the cast along Joaquin Phoenix in the brand new Woody Allen film that he is working on.As it is being told right now there is no title and the plot titles are unknown but will most likely come out soon because of this announcement.It was also stated that Allen is going to write,produce and direct the film as he usually does.So Woody Allen fans will be getting anything film here in the near future.

Matt Damon Would Go Back To Bourne If Asked

Matt Damon said in an interview that he has always liked working with director Paul Greengrass who directed the Bourne films that Damon was in and he stated that if the story was good enough he would love to come back and play the character of Jason Bourne.This isn't a full blown statement saying I am coming back but he is saying that if their is an interesting enough of a story then why not go for another round at it?

Gerard Butler Drops Out Of Point Break Remake

It was reported that Gerard Butler's popular film Olympus Has Fallen was getting a green light for a sequel and it was going to take place in London and be called "London Has Fallen".Now that he is full blown into that movie now that it is full steam ahead he was also signed on to play the role of Bode in the remake for Point Break which was made famous by Patrick Swayze back in the day.But now if he had to make a choice now he just decided to drop out of being Zeus and decided to go back to his bad ass action role yet again.So now with them in the Point Break camp already having cast Luke Bracey in the famous role of Johnny Utah which was made by Keanu Reeves they now have to take a step back and figure out their steps and see what is what and now this film might be put on hold until further notice if that is the case.

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