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Entertainment News For Tuesday 6/10/14

Updated on June 10, 2014

Dumb And Dumber Sequel Gets A New Poster

A new and more detailed poster for the second Dumb and Dumber film has been released today and with the first one only showing the colorful and almost iconic tuxes that they wear in the first film now it shows them causing mayhem in the best way possible.This time they also bring back another great addition that was in the first film with the "Sheepdog" truck and it is being turned on two wheels and is barely being shown almost crashing but then you see Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in the car hanging out of the window without a care in the world as usual.The main story being said about the sequel to this film that has been in the works for at least 5-10 years now and now that it is finally happening it is being left with some speculation but the story of it is that Carrey and Daniels are going to travel to search for one of their children that is in need of kidney.So I mean this film has all the tellings like The Three Stooges did I just hope that this sequel soars past expectations because the first film is such a gem in the movie world and has lasted all this time and has continued to still have legs today.

Steven Spielberg Wants To Turn "All The Way" Into A Miniseries

Right off of winning a Tony for his performance of playing Lyndon Johnson.Bryan Cranston was all the buzz for the win and now he has one of the most if not the most coveted directors wanting to turn the play into a miniseries to be seen on the screen.All The Way is the title of the play and the reviews coming from people that have went to go see it are coming back just raving about Cranston's performance and how it is a complete departure from what they are seeing on screen in Godzilla for the limited time he is on screen.But having this being a miniseries whether it be aired on HBO or Cranston's goes back to his roots and they possibly air it on AMC since he basically always has a home there.

Sigourney Weaver Will Return In Avatar Sequels

Everyone knows that Weaver dies in the end of the first Avatar film and her character was somewhat in jeopardy but according to James Cameron and his Avatar Universe "Anything is possible".He has stated that is totally willing to bring Weaver back into another character if need be and he would be fine with that as well because they have such a beautiful and great relationship ever since working together on Aliens way back when.For the people that are counting down the days to the 2nd and 3rd and so on for the films in this franchise then you have something to look forward to with a great character coming back just not as Dr.Grace Augustine so it will be something different to see and since we know next to nothing about the story so far and we hopefully will soon but for now these next 3 films are just all speculation and just rumors until Cameron puts his finishing touches on them.

Will Singer Return For X-Men Apocalypse?

After hearing the news of Days Of Future Past making more money then any X-Men movie EVER then most people over at Fox are looking to 2016 and the next installment which is X-Men:Apocalypse and people are wondering if one of their big pieces will return to direct the next step in the franchise.With the allegations against Bryan Singer not really fading in any way at all and there is some rumors that should be taken with a grain of salt but rumors are saying that Fox does want Singer back as well because Days Of Future Past was a monumental thing for them but with the sexual abuse going on in the background you almost have to get rid of that and have a total clean slate before you can feel ok about moving forward with the now 100% successful franchise.After Apocalypse there is a rumor of another solo Wolverine film and then a Gambit and X-Force film as far as it is being talked about now and once we get there which is moving like full speed ahead at the moment the plans could wrap up before we know it and we obviously need success in these coming films and less controversy because it is bad for business.

Netflix's Daredevil Series Gets Its Kingpin

With the hype of this Daredevil series amping up more and more as more news is being released and recently with this you found out who was going to play Daredevil in Charlie Cox and now we have heard who is going to play the big main villain in the Kingpin and they really picked a good one with Vincent D'Nofrio.Having Vincent playing someone who can be so crooked and vile at times if need be when his character is at his baddest you know he can pull that off because he knows to get in peoples faces with his many years in Law And Order and especially in the film The Cell like you can TOTALLY see he can pull out his twisted side if need be too because that film is almost as twisted as it gets at times.So far Kingpin is the only villain announced much like the film that had Ben Affleck being involved had Bullseye in it as well so he could possibly be involved possibly later on and with the Netflix series being SO much darker then the film with their being next to no boundaries because they give them no limits since its online and unrated anything can really happen and it can be great.Their hasn't been a release date announced yet for it but like with Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards they release a full season on one day and then gives the viewer the option to burn through the season or watch it like a regular show so it could take a year for this to get done and come out like House Of Cards won't come out again until next February like usual but waiting a year is the only drawback working for this but I think it is a good step forward for this franchise.

Coen Brothers Film "Hail Caesar" Gets Distribution And More

The Coen Brothers film "Hail Caesar" that I recently had covered on here before when the news broke on the story and plot line of the film has finally found distribution to start getting the green light to make the film and they even got the guy they were looking for to make the film in George Clooney.The story again about this film followed a fixer around Hollywood who ends up following around movie stars and people in the movie business in the 1950's and basically tries to keep them in line and makes sure that nothing hits the fan in their lives.A recent report was besides adding Clooney was also casting Josh Brolin into the film as well so right there having those two into a Coen Brothers film is such an insane idea because of the acting talent.Now people thought the cast list for Burn After Reading was amazing and that film doesn't rank high on their favorites list but then again this story is something that holds it together as well because it is something that hasn't been done recently and these types of movies haven't been done often so it could turn out to be something great when it is all said and done.

E3 Report For The Day

I know again that this is a main movie blog and about movie and entertainment things loosely but the huge conventions that come around during a given year are San Diego Comic Con,D23 and of course E3 for all the gamers out there which I am at points I don't play everything that comes out but I do follow certain games and when they are released I am in line at midnight sometimes to get certain games and special editions as well.But with E3 that convention is one where they literally give you so so much and it is for a good thing every time.I went on youtube to look at some of the trailers when I didn't watch the live broadcasts but the big one I did watch first was the big trailer for Far Cry 4 and actually getting to see the new villain and how he makes himself so much crazier then the guy in the 3rd game and the 3rd installment is one game that never gets old.One trailer I did love was the Dead Island 2 trailer which looks like it was set on Venice Beach and it has a guy running and listening to his music while pure chaos happens behind him.I watched the gameplay for the Assassins Creed:Unity and honestly I wasn't shocked that it looked so amazing and the gameplay looked great.The next Tomb Raider game looked great because it had a great drama movie feel along with an awesome game feel much like the Mortal Kombat trailer did but it was released a little before everything else was released.Another movie feel for the a trailer was the almost 6 minute trailer for the 5th Metal Gear Solid game that seems to be such a huge game that it will never come out but the trailer looks groundbreaking and absolutely stunning like trust me when you watch it it is amazing.But the last one I am going to mention TOTALLY caught me by surprise and it was the gameplay trailer for the new Rainbow Six game called Rainbow Six:Siege and it basically takes you on a basic inside look at a SWAT type rescue of a hostage and if the MGS trailer didn't look so awesome this would be the grand winner I have seen so far but then again thats just the first two days and there is so many other things to come along until it is all over.

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Dumb And Dumber Trailer

Avatar Trailer

Rainbow Six:Siege Trailer

Dead Island 2 Trailer

Far Cry 4 Trailer


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