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Entertainment News For Tuesday 6/3/14

Updated on June 3, 2014

Marvel Finds Director For Dr.Strange

Just when the words were uttered in The Winter Soldier a few months ago of their being talk about Mr.Steven Strange being introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe then it sent fans into a frenzy because this was one film that fans wanted to see but at the same time were spectacle about how it could be done since no Marvel film has used magic in it yet.But of course in good Marvel fashion they have moved forward with their promise from Cap 2 and they are now making a Dr.Strange movie.The director that is said to be attached to the project is Scott Derrickson.He mostly known for directing horror films like Sinister,The Exorcism Of Emily Rose and the upcoming Deliver Us From Evil.But now he will join the comic book universe and have his take on Dr.Strange for everyone to finally see.Now that they have a director that they can hopefully hang onto unlike their Ant Man fiasco they have going on and is still in process the next step is being able to find out who will play Strange.Many people were pointing at Depp to play the role but since he has more then 5 misses in the past most don't want him to try and anchor a comic book series.This news did come out of nowhere today since yes the name popping up in a film is great but having it coming into its own origin story movie is what everyone wants and will be something great for either phase 3 or early phase 4.

The Metal Gear Solid Film Finally Finds A Director

The anticipated video game to film "Metal Gear Solid" that people have been looking and clammering for for almost a decade now since the second game took off in a big way on the Playstation 2.Now after a lot of false rumors and missed opportunities the film has finally found a director to get the film going in the right direction.The directors name is Jordan Vogt-Roberts,He is mostly known recently for his work for doing The Kings Of Summer.Now any person who were to do this film whether it be someone like Roberts or someone like Robert Rodriguez or even bigger would have a big chip on their shoulder until its release because it is such a hyped project.Again much like the story above this one I am wondering what game they will go with first and who they will get to play the main character as well since by the end of the year projected the new game will come out for next gen systems or it is believed because the release date changes daily almost.This is another big one for me personally because I think growing up I beat the first and second game at least 20 times because the stories were so great and if this film were to come out before Splinter Cell and it was majorly successful then I could see the Tom Hardy Splinter Cell game coming out right after it as well and also with the hype and depending on the box office of Warcraft it could be much much sooner for video game films then anyone thinks.

Will Smith Signs On For NFL Thriller

Yesterday after I reported the news about Will Smith dropped out of the film he was attached to Brilliance for some time.But now it is being reported that he is signing on to untitled thriller about a GQ article that was written about NFL and concussions in the game.Their will be around 3 people producing the film and even as big of a name as Ridley Scott will helping with producing on this one so it does certainly amp up the level of curiosity in the film.Now it makes you think about the character that Smith is playing because is he playing a player? or the agent of a player? Because if you look at the situations lately involving concussions in the NFL a lot of big issues like with Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Kelly who after researched in the autopsy had major head injuries from concussions and he even took his truck and his wife and if you want to know the rest you can google it.But it is a serious issue that commissioner Roger Goodell and many others are trying to fix so with this film being made if a lot of people see it and it opens millions of more eyes then possibly it could become a lightning rod to speed up the process.

Empire Magazine Listed Their Best Film Of All Time

The last time this poll was taken was in 2008 so it isn't a yearly thing but the big surprise with this list is the number 1 film on the top 15 ISNT Citizen Kane which is mostly known by a lot of other groups as the best film ever created.But for this year the top 5 goes like this..5 being Pulp Fiction and one of Tarantino's best and most classic films so its no guessing why its on here..4 is The Shawshank Redemption which every time you watch it it just gets better and better with ever aspect of the film…3 is The Dark Knight which surprised me because I figured it would be top 10 but now this high up but I know everyone says that The Avengers is like the perfect comic book film but when you go into it The Dark Knight has absolutely everything even an Academy Award to its name…..2 is The Godfather and that film is like talking about Wayne Gretzky or Michael Jordan without mentioning their stats because you don't have to because its THAT amazing and at number 1(Drumroll please)…..Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back!!! Which I totally understand why any of the original 3 would be on this spot because they are just amazing and perfect films but the second one is just so like theres nothing you can say thats bad about it so I totally get it with this years list.

2008's list read as follows:5:Jaws,4:Shawshank Redemption,3:Empire Strikes Back,2:Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Number 1 in 2008 was The Godfather so going back a spot was no big deal but still its basically one big and treasured franchise to another with the swap from 1 to 2.

Possible Costume Ideas For Gal Gadot Talked About

For anyone who owns or has ever seen the cover to Wonder Woman number 600 then you already may have seen the big surprise that is being kept a secret still in the world of Snyder.Now take this with a HUGE HUGE grain of salt because everything involving this film has been sort of back and forth when it comes to news being real so this could just be pure speculation for the time being but for now lets have fun with it! But just picture Gadot in full Wonder Woman wear and then think about the number 600 cover and when you put the two together it doesn't seem like that bad of a concept to go with and I mean when you put her face towards it it sort of works with it as well so why not? I know whenever it comes out SOMEONE and SOMEBODY will hate it and rip on it no matter what but in the end if Zack Snyder ends up choosing it then we are going to have to deal with it and just stick with the fact that the bat suit is AMAZING and we already know what the Superman outfit is like and love that but at the same time until its all on screen together there won't be much else to say.

New Mortal Kombat Being Released

I know this isn't a film but since their won't be a movie for this anytime soon I figured reporting about this would be a good replacement.A week before yesterday a picture popped up on Twitter and of someone holding up a black poster that has a spine on it and it just says "Who's Next?" on it with the iconic Mortal Kombat logo above it.Now when yesterday arrived their was a trailer attached to the picture and it is about a 2 minute fight sequence involving Sub Zero and Scorpion fighting in the woods and it is all next gen graphics and for next gen systems as well but having the look and feel of a brand new movie and gets you excited for the release of it without even giving you a release date.Scorpion looks a tad different where as he is wearing a hood in this one but still has his yellow color to him and Sub Zero has the blue to him as well.I do agree that having what sounds like Wiz Khalifa was a nice touch to the trailer as well because it added a little extra "Something" to the fight and of course everyone gets to see the iconic phrase from Scorpion the "Get Over Here!!!" right before the trailer ends and it does leave you wanting more in the end in a big bad way.

Do You Expect We Will See A lot More Video Game Films In The Future?

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Mortal Kombat X Trailer

The Empire Strikes Back Trailer


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