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Entertainment News For Tuesday 8/12/14

Updated on August 13, 2014

Could Marvel Have Found Their Doctor Strange?

With this film being one of the biggest and most hyped in the franchise with the big heads over at Marvel only releasing that their will be a movie but no other word on actor's or story just director.With the release date scheduled for July 8th 2016 and having it be less then a year and counting they would really need to get into action but from what is breaking around certain news sites they may already possibly have.For the second season of Marvel's only show they have out Agents Of SHIELD,They mentioned that Kyle MacLachlan was going to be played by a character that is only named "The Doctor".Now this could end up just being nothing at all and he could really end up just playing a doctor on the show but if he ends up showing up and showing off that he is becoming Strange on the show then it could be one of the biggest aired shows in its history and MacLachlan could end up beating 2 of the biggest names in Hollywood and 2 Academy Award winners out for the role in Tom Hardy,Benedict Cumberbatch,Jaoquin Phoenix and Jared Leto.Since director Scott Derrickson was on board with John Spaihts writing for the film Derrickson wanted to go back to the well when he worked on Deliever Us From Evil and the little rumor that was floating around for a while was that Edgar Ramirez was going to possibly play Strange as well.With the casting news flying all over and it sometimes being hard to follow but hopefully by months end we will have an out of nowhere announcement that will help turn this project in the direction needed and get it going off in the right direction so they can make it to the actual shooting dates needed and the final release date as well.

Brad Pitt's Fury Moves To October

The World War 2 drama Fury that is directed by David Ayer and has an all star cast that is led by Brad Pitt.The other key players in this film are Logan Lerman,Michael Pena,Jon Bernthal and Shia Labeouf who is sort of a wild card for me in this film given his past few choices he has made recently.But with this film going into its final steps before being released a lot of people must have liked it because the original release date of the film was suppose to be November 14th but now has moved up a whole month to further the whole release.It will also play into the whole window of the "Award season" time and big films such as 12 Years A Slave and Argo were big players around this time and those won Best Picture.Now I am not betting on that its going to take the big prize but at the same time if it ends up being a huge war epic it is promising to be then it cold definitely take some awards home when the awards season comes calling.

RIP Robin Williams

I know I haven't ever posted anything about a celebrities death or something tragic happening to an actor but on Monday afternoon I was walking around a mall in my area with a few people and then someone showed me the tragic news on their phone about the passing of Robin Williams.He was someone I watched as a kid all the way up to today with his wide array of films spanning from everything from Aladdin and Mrs.Doubtfire all the way to the more dramatic roles like Good Will Hunting and One Hour Photo and even Patch Adams.He has been in WAY more movies that are just as memorable as the ones I just listed(I mean Hook?!?! COME ON!) But he also had one of the more memorable stand up specials ever recorded that aired on television and was also hilarious to top it off.Reading everything that was said about him from all the other celebrities in Hollywood really brought a tear to my eye because it just showed how much his acting and all the roles that he had played made such an impact on everyone involved including some of the people he even got to work with in the films he was in.There was talk earlier on a few years back that Christopher Nolan wanted to tap Williams to play the Hugo Strange role if he was going to use him in the film trilogy he used for the Dark Knight series but it ended up falling through because he couldn't make it work.Also the news that he had at least 5 films still to promote and push still means that this sadness cloud that is hanging over now about this tragic death will hang over every time that one of the films comes out.The final news on this situation was that came out today was that he was still very depressed upon leaving Hazelton treatment center in Minnesota for the time he was there and he secretly wasn't really to the point of being fixed and hearing that he ended up hanging himself was sort of the biggest punch to the gut of all.I remember thinking that when he died you always think of the death comes in 3's theory and it is VERY true because two people died in the next 2 days but for this one having someone like Robin Williams was losing something we might never see again in the entertainment world for as long as we live.

Batman Vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice Shows Off Bruce Wayne And Confirms Mamoa

The big news on the Dawn Of Justice front that is flying around is the news of a picture that really doesn't make your jaw drop but it still gives you the good idea of how Mr.Affleck will look as Bruce Wayne.Also a radio station in Detroit was talking about how the film was in the middle of production there and basically talking about all the hot news involving the film and then they started to sort of mock the idea of having Aquaman in the film if having him be in any film since he is such a stupid superhero and doesn't need a solo movie because nobody would go see it or want to be involved in it.Then out of nowhere the DJ's of the show who were slinging the comments needed to think about who's listening because the one and only Zack Snyder called in to defend why having Aquaman in the film would be an awesome idea and he basically told the radio show why it was going to kick ass and let them in on a little tidbit about the story involving him and they completely and totally ate it up while their feet were in their mouths.He also mentioned and said without saying that Jason Mamoa would be signed on and confirmed for the Aquaman role because when people asked Snyder about Mamoa being Aquaman he just said I wouldn't just say he is outright but if he ended up becoming the character and the news broke after seeing him in Game Of Thrones would you take back your word?

Johnny Depp's Mortdecai Trailer Is Released

Johnny Depp's next film simply titled "Mortdecai" had its first trailer be released and for the people that got to see it first they have said ok to normal things about the trailer but nothing that has blown people away.I was thinking at the same time that could be a good thing since the past 3 or 4 films he was haven't really soared to expectations and some have even lost studios money because they have tanked so bad.Depp definitely needs a win right now in the worst way and when you look at his future films after this one he also has the mob film Black Mass for which he plays Whitey Bulger and it is said to be the more violent and gritty take on the film since there was news of Affleck and Damon releasing a film about the story as well.But some other ones on his future itinerary are Into The Woods which also just released its first trailer not too long ago and looks promising and then he gets back into his game shape with Through The Looking Glass or Alice In Wonderland 2 which is currently filming and he is reprising his role as the Mad Hatter.To finish it off he will return to his most iconic role to date and get back on that ship playing Captain Jack in the 5th Pirates movies which will be titles Pirates Of The Carribean:Dead Men Tell No Tales.So in the next 3 years here we could see a resurgence for Depp if he plays his cards right and this could possibly make him the A list player that he was so many years ago.

Star Wars Episode 7 Gets Back To Work

Everyone who is a fan of the force will be happy to know that the biggest film since Episode 1(Or so they thought) will be back at work and moving full head of steam with production since they are doing preimeres for The Expendables 3 that Harrison Ford is involved in and thinking you would either see him limping or using the crutches for his leg on the red carpet? well fret no more because he was by all the other guys in the cast and laughing and flexing away like it was no big deal and is totally ready to get back to business.It was noted that JJ Abrams and crew shot some other scenes involving Mark Hamill that were shot in Ireland in July while Ford recovered and got to 100%.This film is still able to move ahead at a normal pace and is set to be the BIGGEST film of the year when it is released during Christmas time of 2015.It could be SO big that it could literally blow apart any DC or Marvel movie that is released that year by far because this film is literally years in the making and has been wanted by the hardcore fanbase ever since Revenge Of The Sith finished airing on theatre screens all over America.

Remakes And Date Changes Galore

Its rare to see 3 films get date changes on one day and if its isn't really then It is the first time I have reported it on this site for my thing so here it goes.Clint Eastwood's much anticipated story called "American Sniper" which follows the story of a Navy Seal Sniper who will be played by Bradley Cooper and it recounts his career in the SEALS and it counts over 150 confirmed kills that are on record and recorded.When I first heard of this film it was almost a thing of just take my money now and where is the closest theatre please? Because it sounds amazing but for the time being it looks to being either on its way to finishing getting done and finish to show off or at least in post production because the set release date is Christmas Day in select theatres.The next Guy Ritchie film that is a remake called The Man From UNCLE which stars Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill has now decided to pick a date to open and they have chosen August 14th 2015 which is good because this film was sort of stuck in movie purgatory and didn't move at all for a month or two until actually sticking to this release date now.The last one is the remake to the classic cult film Point Break which is directed by Ericson Core and has been releasing news every now and then about the main cast has finally decided to snag a date for this film to see if it can live up to its AMAZING predecessor on July 31st 2015.So you have 2 more movies next year that will fill up the already crowded movie summer and movie year in itself but it should be fun nonetheless for all movie fans alike.

What Movie Will You See On Its Changed Date?

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Fury Trailer

Agent Of SHIELD Comic Con Panel

Point Break Trailer


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