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Entertainment News For Tuesday 8/19/14

Updated on August 20, 2014

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Takes The World By Storm

Now a month or 2 ago I was watching the NFL network when I watched their early morning show and saw one of their newer members point to the screen and simply say he was going to donate 100 and he was going to nominate 3 people to take on the "Ice Bucket Challenge".Then when I heard it I was VERY intrigued and turned up the volume and he went on to nominate someone from other sports channels and Rich Eisen from ESPN as well.Then he just went for it and poured the ice and freezing cold water all over him and before you know at least 10-15 people a day are doing this now and posting new videos in new ways contributing to fight against ALS and Lou Gehrig's disease.Some people like Chris Pratt were nominated twice so he went as far as taking two shots of "Ice" type alcohol before surprisingly getting doused with ice cold water by his wife Anna Faris and friend.Then he nominated costar and wrestler Dave Batista who sort of lives in Ice at certain times because some people consider him an athlete so being in that isn't a HUGE deal but he does mention that Gehrig is an idol of his and he does have a tattoo dedicated to him so he of course had to do it.Now a lot of other people have tried to do many other crazy things like the Foo Fighters recreated the iconic prom scene from Carrie but instead of blood its ice water and ice in the bucket and you get to see Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins in drag so its pretty great.So far it was added that the whole "Awareness" factor of it has raised over 15 million dollars and its growing at a soaring and rapid rate and if it keeps going like this through september and maybe even through the year this could raise enough to fund for years and years and years and years to come.

The Rock Confirms Involvement In Shazam

The Rock FINALLY broke some sort of news involving the Shazam movie that everyone has wanted to know and sort of told people something to give them some sort of direction to keep them guessing even if its not a complete answer.He said he will be in the Shazam film and will most definitely be a character in the world and he is putting his heart and soul into it like 1000%.Then he also brought up how he said the clue about how his character has the strength of Superman and has one name and he said "Just say it…".But upon saying that he added today by adding a picture of Superman basically tussling with Shazam and Black Atom and its a drawing and the caption for the picture is "Someone's gonna get it..".When you look at the picture you do start to think that he resembles Black Atom more then Shazam but at the same time if he were Shazam at the time of announcement it would literally light the internet on fire because like I had posted earlier last week I believe in a post involving the Rock and his involvement joining the comic book world he would literally be the BIG push that DC needs to sort of shut Marvel up because all Marvel has been doing is talking smack about them while they have been planning these films and if they get him who is basically the "Ultimate" entertainer then its a win/win for DC and comic book fans everywhere.

Nightcrawler Gets Pushed Back After The Move From "Fury"

The brand new crime thriller involving Jake Gylenhaal is being hyped as one of the bigger films to close out the rest of the year much like how he surprised everyone last year when he had one of his better performances in the film "Prisoners".But in the past few weeks there was news about how the movie Kingsman:The Secret Service which looked like a VERY promising movie from the director of X-Men:First Class and Kick Ass was pushed back from October 2014 all the way to February 2015.Then you had the Brad Pitt World War 2 drama Fury also being moved around as well and that film is looking like you might hear from it again during awards season but then again time will tell on that.But now with Nightcrawler the push was only a few weeks when it was supposed to be released on October 17th and now it will come out on Halloween instead.I am not sure it will add to the holiday and be a film that people can see during the season since there isn't really a "Scary" movie this year like the Paranormal or Saw's have been holding up over the past decade so maybe this can hold up for one good year.

Benedict Cumberbatch Joins The Jungle Book Remake

First Bendict Cumberbatch was locked in the clear cell and stake his claim in the deep brooding tone that he in fact was Kahn in the second Star Trek film then after doing that film in the best way he could he could it a step further and decided to take on the voice role of Smaug in the Hobbit series and knocked that out of the park and literally made his character one of the most exciting characters and most watchable ones ever since Gollum was on the screen for the first time.Now he has decided to tackle the character of Shear Khan in the brand new adaption of The Jungle Book which is becoming an all star party of sorts for everyone who is joining in on working on the film.There are two versions coming out of The Jungle Book being done one that is being reported now and one that Jon Favereau is doing with a bigger cast but with the one I am reporting they snagged Harry Potter director Steve Kloves and even have Andy Serkis doing his directorial debut and he is overseeing the entire thing and if you have looked over Serkis's resume then you know just adding his name gives the film a GIANT boost of confidence with just one name.The release date of Jungle Book:Origins is slated for October 21st 2016.

Could Scoot Mcnairy Be The Flash In Hiding?

In today's Dawn Of Justice news that has sort of sparked all over the internet and Facebook and Twitter and so on that actor Scoot Mcnairy who acted alongside Ben Affleck in Argo and got major acclaim for his performance in that film for his role in it as well.But when he was cast in Dawn Of Justice he was cast in an "Unspecified Role" and it is still considered that to this day with no movement on the character whatsoever.But in the past few days some pictures have leaked online showing shots from Detroit and none were like a "Smoking gun" on who he would be playing but at the same time many people are either speculating he is going to play Lex Luthor's press guy/hype man when it comes to on air interviews and pushing Lexcorp.But many have seen him wearing his signature glasses like he always does then in some shots he doesn't and you see him in just a suit but his legs of the suit are bright BRIGHT green like they are being capture by CGI and might quite possibly give the notion that his legs and feet move so fast that you can't catch him or see them so giving the guess that he is Barry Allen AKA The Flash.If he is The Flash and is in fact in the DC Universe for many years to come then you know that he will have his own standalone film since they released the big slate and since the titles are a mystery you do know that either way for the next 6 years its gonna be comic book film glory for all who go to watch.

Ant Man Starts Shooting And Shows Off First Image

Ant Man is making waves in the movie news as of late since at Comic Con when they thought that they were in trouble by losing to cast members during the big festivities then just basically releasing a Comic Con poster and a little tease during the Marvel panel to keep the fans going until the films release.But now the news about the film has been churning out non stop with the fact of rap artist T.I.,Gregg Turkington,Bobby Cannavale and John Slattery reprising his role as Howard Stark.But also on top of adding the numerous cast members they have released a pictures as well that shows Paul Rudd from the film as Scott Lang.Now you don't see him in full Ant Man get up yet but you do see he has been in a fight or two so far because he has a few cuts and bruises to go with the motorcycle helmet and the hoodie he's wearing in the picture but he definitely has the look down of someone who is can pull off a superhero because when people heard that the guy who did Sex Panther from Anchorman was going to be Ant Man??? They weren't really on board with it but maybe this picture will start to show you otherwise and give you a different aspect of what to expect with the film before it is finally released in July of 2015.

How do you feel about the rumors involving Scoot Mcnairy being The Flash?

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Compilation

Nightcrawler Trailer


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    • Tttschida1988 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tyler Tschida 

      4 years ago from St.Paul MN

      Yes Billrrr I agree Ant Man sounds like a crazy idea but a lot of people were sort of sided about a talking tree and a trigger happy Racoon and they did good things with that so we can only wait and see.I also should have added the Stephen Hawking credit to the Cumberbatch article so good point to that.

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 

      4 years ago from Cape Cod

      How is "Ant Man" ever going to be able to fight crime? I heard he cannot pass a picnic without crashing it! Ouch! Sorry.

      Great hub. I enjoyed reading about Benedict Cumberbatch. He has remarkable acting chops. His list of list of credits is diverse. For two or three specials, he even portrayed Stephen Hawking.


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