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Entertainment News For Tuesday 9/2/14

Updated on September 2, 2014

Stan Lee Might Have Broken The News On A Marvel Movie

While Stan Lee was making his rounds and doing his appearances at certain festivals and Comic Con's Lee was in Fan Expo Canada and mentioned the news of the possibility of the anticipated Black Panther movie FINALLY coming to the screen.Now he didn't just come out and say "Oh yeah Marvel is doing this and the release date is this day" but he got asked the question of whether there would be a Black Widow movie coming in the future and he mentioned by saying "You might end up seeing Black Panther first".With those words the internet basically went on fire and now everyone is speculating what Marvel has going on up their sleeves for the next Phase in their set of movies that hasn't been announced.Alot of people have gotten on the topic of Black Panther before and have pushed hard for the idea of Idris Elba playing the role of the Panther which really after seeing him in everything he has been in wouldn't be a bad idea but nobody really knows how far they are ahead in making this said movie expect for Kevin Feige and the head honcho's over at Marvel Studios.It really makes you think when they are going to drop some hard evidence when they will release their long schedule and what will come around Guardians 2 and after Ant Man as well.

Pirates 5 Production Sets Sights For Australia

The 5th installment of the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise which took about a 5 to 6 year break I believe is finally setting sights on making its first shot and gets their boots dirty finally.Disney got the approval they were looking for to start shooting in Australia and they also got the approved budget needed of 20.2 Million for incentives and many other things while they are there in Australia shooting.There hasn't been a lot of big announcements on this movie because a lot of it has either been kept hush hush or they just don't have anything to report from the Disney side of things.But having Johnny Depp back in one of his biggest roles ever is something he desperately needs for his career because when he went off during the break for Pirates to make other movies on his own you figured it was going to be highway robbery and he would just make nothing but bank at the box office but over half of his films tanked at the box office and even the highly anticipated Lone Ranger which is also made by Disney ended up losing the company money and was rumored to have put a year long stall on the 5th Pirates movie while they could reset their debts over time and start new.The basic word on this movie is the tagline titile to this one is Dead Men Tell No Tales which is a nice one compared to some in the other 4 that were released and the fact they are going the extra mile to shoot on location is another way to show how dedicated they are to make this something special like they used to do with every Pirates film when they were released instead of having it be just another movie like the last two installments ended up being in some sense.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Sets ANOTHER The Summer

Well when Guardians was released people didn't know what to expect but hoped it was going to be a great film and at the end of the first showings at midnight it ended up becoming lightning in a bottle in a big BIG way.The movie shot up to Number 1 in the box office and made the money needed to announce a 2nd film in the series which was no surprise and then when each movie during the busy movie summer would come out after it some would still fall to the rag tag group of crazy characters from space.Slowly over time in the month it was out it ended up becoming the highest grossing movie in the US and then the highest grossing summer movie out of every movie released during the entire year which is like yes The Winter Soldier maybe Marvel Studios baby for the time being but don't you think they should rethink that situation since Guardians is doing nothing but winning everything left and right at the moment right now? The cherry on top of all of this was when it went to number 1 at the box office opening weekend that was expected and it almost made more money then the new Transformers movie and then out of nowhere over the month it went to number 1 again and this past Labor Day weekend when Sin City 2 and If I Stay was released nobody cared to see those films and still wanted to go see Guardians for possibly a 3rd or 4th time even and made it number 1 AGAIN and it was the only summer movie this whole summer to be number 1 3 times at the box office and it did it almost without even losing any steam at all.Guardians might be one movie that has so much steam going for it still that it will be in theatres when it comes around the week that it is going to get released on DVD and Blu Ray possibly.

Aubrey Plaza Campaigning To Become Iconic DC Character

Many might recognize Aubrey Plaza from either Parks and Rec or maybe even the crazy girl who always yells at Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World or if you have been following her stuff recently you saw her in the starring role of the sex crazy comedy The To Do List which was actually a very funny movie for it not getting that much tracking during release.But now with everything everyone knows her for and the many people that may possibly know her she is trying to petition and campaign to gain the role to become the new(Take A Deep Breathe) Catwoman....Yes I said it and I think the deep breathe thing is needed since the last person who wore the outfit won an Oscar for her acting chops and every other person who dons that suit is basically looked under a microscope for how they do the role and if they can nail it or not.But for how director Zack Snyder is taking some younger characters and using the "New 52" brand along with Miller's story in Dawn Of Justice and showing he knows what's going on and what's what Plaza thinks being her age she is the perfect fit to fill the role of Catwoman.Now I don't know how Snyder is going to handle the big group of characters like Cyborg and Aquaman etc. in Dawn Of Justice before Justice League comes into play but you have to think your going to see them in their street clothes and have some sort of back story from that somehow before you see the outfit come on.If things all did fall into place and Ms.Plaza did in fact get what she wanted then I could totally see her dressing in the sort of "Emo" look with the beanie and hoodie and basically ripping people off around Gotham and wherever else she goes and when it comes time to rock the outfit I could see them trying out and taking a risk and using the slick leather again and goggles but make it look updated and sweet at the same time because yes Michelle Pfeiffer like OWNED her role when she did it in Batman but we wont have the rips and tears in the outfit with just the classic rubber look and see how that would look with some heels too like how Anne Hathaway had it in The Dark Knight Rises.Now of course this is just my opinion and me totally BSing how she could look if she did it and what could work for her but at the end of the day if she REALLY wanted it she would have to do presidential type campaigning to end up getting that role because those movies are some of the biggest in the world whether people hate them or not.

Will The Boys Return For Boondock Saints 3?

When the idea of a 3rd Boondock Saints film was announced well its just like the second one and its very spaced out to the point where its a surprise honestly that people are talking about it but you know that people are going to want it because the 1st film is such a classic when it comes to great storytelling and just a straight up action film overall and its also the straight up definition of what a great cult classic film is too.But when All Saints Day was released and you had Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery coming back in their roles as the brothers people were over the moon and excited and wanted to see this movie SO much they had midnight showings at movie theatres where you could go see it.Once the 2nd movie came out it quickly became a straight to DVD thing and was something of a swing and miss attempt in many peoples eyes which wasn't good for the legacy of the fanbase and everything else involved.Now fast forward all the way to now when they announce that the 3rd films title will be Boondock Saints 3:Legion and the basic story is not as farfetched as The Purge but it does involve people going nuts and taking the law into their hands and basically running wild around the city then it comes time for the brothers to change it all and take it back.But the thing is Reedus and Flanery aren't signed on to do the 3rd film so it sort of puts it in a bind and now they are getting asked left and right whether they would come back for one last hurrah and complete the trilogy as well.It is just very hard for Reedus to come back and really do ANYTHING whatsoever because now everyone knows him as Daryl Dixon in the Walking Dead so I guess only time will tell if he could get a break and team up with his brother and do one last job and leave the franchise on good standing since the 2nd left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouths.

Wesley Snipes Considering Returning As Blade

Now the Wesley Snipes is back into the action world in the 3rd Expendables movie which ended up doing not that great to poor because of the early leaking of a DVD version of the film online it sort of hurt the run for the movie.But Snipes was happy to be back in the world and doing the thing that he does best which is kick everyone around and do the karate stuff while he is doing.Whether its The Art Of War,Murder At 1600 or his many other films many fans of his only remember him as one person and one only and that is the Daywalker himself Blade.With the Blade franchise going 3 movies and losing steam on the 3rd one and after all of Snipes legal troubles the studio that handled the films sort of thought it was time to put that franchise to rest but now with him out and kicking again why not jumpstart it to life as well? Someone asked Wesley if he would ever go back to playing Blade again in a movie and he said that he would like to reprise the character and believes that there is some storylines that the studio and him never got to continue on with and could have really followed through on to make the franchise THAT much better.

Would You Care To See Aubrey Plaza As The Iconic Catwoman?

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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Trailer

Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer


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