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Entertainment News For Wednesday 5/14/14

Updated on July 31, 2014

Arrow's Season Comes To An End Tonight!

The exciting and weekly cliffhanging CW show Arrow is having it's season finale tonight.Now the coming weeks up to this episode have been something that has been watched by fans closely and every time someone were to die or something huge were to happen Twitter just erupts with giant WHAT?!? or HOW?!?! because it is definitely one of those shows where the creators keep you guessing on what the plot points will be up until the very end.There has already been a green light for the 3rd season because besides The Vampire Diaries it is BY FAR the CW's most popular show out right now with a very loyal fan base that watches every week and follows the story which has also helped spring along a Flash show as well which showed the trailer for the pilot episode and what they had in store for the first season that will be coming in the next few months.

Katey Sagal Joins Pitch Perfect 2

Mainly known for her roles in Married With Children and Sons Of Anarchy she will definitely be taking on a very different role by taking on the role of Hailee Steinfeld's mother in the new installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise.Now when the first film came out the first one was such a HUGE success that the studio fast tracked the plans for a sequel and did whatever they could to get the second film going while the first one was still fresh in everyones mind.Now I know people still remember the first one for sure but it looks like it will be sometime next year that the film will be released and it will be directed by Elizabeth Banks who played one of the announcers during the competitions and an alum to the acapella circuit.I have a feeling that no matter what the case is with this film people will see it and they will have great new music to sing and it will make amazing amounts of money so it will do fine even if they wait until 2016 to come out.

James Franco Speaks Out On Spring Breakers Sequel

James Franco has finally broken his silence on the news of a Spring Breakers sequel and he isn't too happy about it at all.Taking to Instagram of all places to speak his word he decides to place about a paragraph statement saying he is saying this and sticking up for the director of the first film as well by saying that when or if the sequel to the film comes out it WILL be a horrible film and it WILL suck.He also goes on to mention that since the parties who are making the sequel just decided to move forward with it without any consent from Franco or the director he said its like you wouldn't make a Taxi Driver sequel without asking Scorsese or De Niro's consent's on the issue first?? He left it with saying that it clearly for making money and it was going to just end up being a weak sequel that would make everyone remember the original more in the beginning.Now myself I haven't seen the first Spring Breakers film but at the same time after hearing this news it really made me want to just to see what kind of impact this film made because if it was going to garner a sequel after not making a huge box office pull then that does stand out and make people take notice.

Universal Announces Rogue Film That Might Be Mass Effect

With the high praises of the "Warcraft" film and everything that Duncan Jones has done for that film then Universal has announced a untitled and "Secret" tentpole film that has a November 4th 2016 release date attached to it.Now with much speculation this could be ANY film granted so taking this as with a major grain of salt but at the same time it was stated that the film was not a remake or sequel and it something new entirely with its story and premise and seeing as the few big films coming out in 2016 are already announced and well underway with their announcements why not this as well? It was stated that Legendary would finance the project and they have 2 other projects along with the secret one as well.One being a Michael Mann project that will release on January 16th 2015 and then Warcraft on March 11th 2016.The one possibility that sticks out is Universal trying to capitalize on the Fast And The Furious trend by starting up the Hot Wheels franchise with that secret date but they could definitely make waves and make breaking news if they decided to announce a Mass Effect title one day when it was time to become official.

Johnny Depp Steps Out In New Role

Johnny Depp has decided to show himself for his new role as Whitey Bulger in his new film Black Mass.This will be the first of 2 films about Mr.Bulger and from how its looking it looks as if Depp has the look of Whitey down to a T and now he just has to have his act and mannerisms to make it perfect.This film doesn't get released until October of 2015 but having him already look so authentic shows that he is taking this role seriously and this one may rival the Affleck and Damon Bulger film that is also in the works after Affleck gets done with his little known superhero film he is working on.

Damon And Scott Working Together On The Martian

Ridley Scott and Matt Damon have finally started working together on the film that has been sitting on the cutting room floor so to speak and now can get off and running and continue with Scott and one of his amazing trends that he knows how to pull off in an amazing way and that is Sci-Fi and working with giant atmospheric lands.The story behind The Martian is Damon's character is the first man to land on Mars but before he knows it he could also become the first man to die on Mars as well.As he starts to roam the planet without any contact to earth letting them know he is alive and still exists and is still alive.I think having a great one two punch with Scott and Damon together they can make this a great film if they decide to do this right and I mean I hope this is the last film Scott does before going back to FINALLY doing Blade Runner 2 or Prometheus 2 because millions and millions of people are just asking and asking for those films to be done and finally be made to tell the story have it be finished so their can be an end after almost 30 plus years.

Actor Edgar Ramirez Replaces Gerard Butler For Point Break

So after Gerard Butler dropped out of his role in the remake for Point Break he was quickly replaced by Edgar Ramirez who can most famously be seen in the film Zero Dark Thirty.But having two actors who aren't HUGE names might be a good thing for the remake as then the bar won't be set SO high for the film either and now that he is cast in it too they can continue where they were about two weeks ago and possibly get back in the seat of possibly maybe getting filming going and instead of having it being something that is on the back burner for months to years then now it could be something that might come out next summer now just cause of this announcement.

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