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Entertainment News For Wednesday 5/20/14

Updated on May 20, 2014

Gravity Director May Helm Fantastic Beasts

Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron is in talks to being the front runner for the lead director for the adaption for the new J.K. Rowling novel Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them which is another Harry Potter film loosely.The film will take place 50 years before the events of everything that happens in the world of Potter.Cuaron did direct a Harry Potter film in the franchise before out of the ones that were made in the series when he made The Prisoner Of Azkaban in 2004.This film was of course a stepping stone in the series and wasn't one that stood out in any way but after Alfonso made the film Gravity and basically cleaned up at the Oscars this past season he is known as a household name right now and having his name attached again to the project like this is a push in the right direction for the group making the film.

Channing Tatum Talks Magic Mike Sequel

Channing Tatum was asked in an interview about the next Magic Mike film that will be called Magic Mike XXL.He mentioned that he is trying to get everyone that was in the original back and trying to have "All the original gang together".He also added that the director of the first film Steven Soderbergh who is known for making other films like the Ocean's Trilogy and Traffic and was even talking about retirement from making film after making the first Magic Mike film.But instead Tatum mentioned that he will be the cinematographer for the sequel and will lend somewhat of a hand in the film and for people who wanted his keen eye on things that is good news because I do think having his eye on the first one was what made the first one so great and different so it will be interesting to see how it all plans out.

First Teaser Image Released For Minions

Those lovable little yellow workers are back and they finally got their own film and in 2015 they will be back with Steve Carell as Gru and having Sandra Bullock as a brand new character and the Minions are also characters who are loved all over the world and I don't know people that don't like them because they are so goofy and weird the whole entire time that their comedy carries the film.The film will also have Jon Hamm as another big name for the a voice in the film and the picture is something that basically tells you that the film is coming and to get ready for it but at the same time it is very vague on anything else so maybe more is on the way like a bigger poster or a trailer attached to some trailer in the near future.

New Trailer Released For James Brown Biopic

A new trailer has been released for the film Get On Up starring as Chadwick Boseman as James Brown and the film will basically be about his life and his rise to stardom.The film was directed by Tate Taylor who directed the film The Help and the reaction around that film was enormous and great so after watching the trailer and also watching Chadwick basically become Brown this looks like one of the Biopics to watch for this year and off of a trailer alone it is making some big waves so far and that is great for the word of mouth point since it isn't released yet.

2 Actresses Join Jem And The Holograms

Actresses Juliette Lewis and Molly Ringwald have joined the cast of the 80's cartoon Jem and The Holograms.Prior to today this film had nothing going for it news wise and then like a flash of lightning they cast two people in unannounced roles and now they have something going for them and are getting people excited now since they cast someone who was also SO HUGE in the 80's universe with Molly Ringwald with her being in all the films she was in.But now after her doing the projects she was in lately and having to possibly go back to her roots with Lewis it could end up being a retro hit that every wants.

Kevin Smith Talks About Suit For Batman Vs Superman

Kevin Smith got a first look before everyone else at the suit that everyone is talking about now because he is very good friends with Zack Snyder and he gave him an inside look and after giving him the look and now that we all know what the suit looks like he gave a different input to it that nobody else has.When people saw the suit it was mentioned that it was very Frank Miller guided because of the quote said at Comic Con and how it might be loosely based towards that and when it was stated that it was going to go that route that maybe for once in over 50 years the suit might be blue instead of the black we have been seeing for many many years and the many reincarnations whether they be bad or good.Smith brought about that since the horns are lowered and the logo is huge like the Miller one it could be possible that one the picture is maybe in color it could be blue since Ben Affleck is an older Batman in the film and it will stick with the story.

Aaron's Pauls Next Film Gets A Trailer And Poster

Aaron Paul's next film Hellion has had a trailer and poster released for it in the past few days.The film is a drama and the story revolves around Paul's character Hollis playing a father who must finally own up for the actions of his kids and then he decides to try and change things for the better and become a better father at the same time.With everything coming out at the Cannes film festival it is believed this was showed there and was believed to have a good response because of Paul's acting and his way to going back to drama roles after doing Need For Speed.Personally for being a fan of Aaron Paul and his roles in Breaking Bad and Need For Speed it will be interesting to see this film when it comes out and if it possibly comes to the point if he reaches the lengths of getting the film to award season too for the performance he gives and the performances in the film as well.

Jessica Chastain Offered Lead Role For True Detective

The hotly watched HBO series True Detective will add more talent to their roster with getting Jessica Chastain being offered the lead role for the next season of the show that will air in the coming months.With the first season coming off of huge numbers and being binge watched by a ton of people and being noticed by a lot of people for the characters that are played by Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson playing the big roles in the series and having others like Michelle Monaghan and Alexandria Daddario playing some of the supporting roles and is scoring a 9.4 on IMDB at the very moment and is one of the highest shows rated at the moment.With Matthew being who he is now and having a Christopher Nolan film coming and getting asked to be in another Magic Mike too people are hoping that he will also have time to do something with this as well in some way because the way that it was done was fantastic.

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True Detective Trailer

Get On Up Trailer

Hellion Trailer


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