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Entertainment News For Wednesday 5/7/14

Updated on May 7, 2014

A Power Rangers Reboot Film Is Coming

Yes you read that subtitle right the entertainment world is giving us a rebooted version of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.Before ever getting another Mortal Kombat or even getting a Wonder Woman film as well as I am hearing that a lot of the comic book fan universe like REALLY wants this even though with the news of a Justice League film and that Gal Gadot would play her in the film that people still want a standalone but nonetheless back to the story.People at Lionsgate and Saban reported that it was obviously going to an updated and to the point reboot with up to date costumes and actual characters that aren't as cheesy as the show although it is still beloved by some people who grew up as kids in the 90's which is great that its going to actual teenagers with possibly actually issues too to go along with it so people aren't thinking that this will just be a complete bust.But overall there isn't a director or set of actors to play the Rangers but overall you can bet that news will start coming in soon.

2 New Trailers Released Today

2 brand new trailers were released today for the films A Million Ways To Die In The West and 22 Jump Street.Although the A Million Ways trailer is a red band one showing exactly what you would see in the film the 22 Jump Street one has some new footage and will get people more excited for it although Jump Street is basically in early contention for the biggest summer comedy along with Neighbors and A Million Ways holding up that genre for the summer which should be very exciting to see.

Another Secret Scene Revealed From The Amazing Spider Man 2

After talking about how people who saw The Amazing Spider Man 2 said that some were scratching their heads at the mid credits scene which was basically involved for X-Men and their new film X-Men:Days Of Future Past.So people thought why? Because Spider Man is owned by Sony and X-Men is Fox and rumor has it that Marc Webb was working with a Fox based films and then being under contract he possibly could of used this way as to get out of his contract since his entire world is Spider Man and the universe that they are developing everyday for a new film every year.But the additional scene being talked about is and if you haven't seen it just STOP reading because it does include spoilers.But their was a picture that can be found of when the secret man who helps Harry develop the Sinister Six he walks by like Doc Ock's arms and Vultures wings and kind of telling who is who but in the 3rd chamber is just a silver box on a stand that happens to have Norman Osborn's head in it and he is still VERY alive.Like if you have seen the film you do know that it is REPORTED that he has passed in the film but you psychically never SEE him die and it gives more speculation with the fact that he could help the mystery man develop the Sinister Six because there was a line in the trailers where you hear Norman say "We Have Plans For You Peter Parker" like maybe if people saw that then possibly that was where it was said and you could learn SO much more.Like I didn't mind the movie I mean I did hear that it was the worst rated Spider Man film ever but if they could of added this little scene at the very end of the credits it would have made the film better by like a MILE.because having the X-Men scene in the middle kind of left that open but I guess we won't get that until possibly the DVD and Blu Ray comes out.

SLC Punk Sequel Coming Later This Year

A Sequel to the cult classic SLC Punk is coming later this year to early next year.The outlook of it so far is that the director wants to shoot as soon as possible and everybody's favorite people are looking to come back even with Devon Sawa as Sean and most of the people in the first film have been largely rumored to be in the second one and their is news also of a concert being done with 2000 fans just for the film and along with the breaking of the news of their being a second film rap artist Machine Gun Kelly will be added to the role as the character Crash so adding him if anyone knows who he is although he is a rap artist he basically lives to be in this film because when he performs he is a maniac on stage and just has the look with him 24/7 so it will be a good addition to the film.

New Pictures Were Released Of Meghan Fox In Turtles

Some new pictures were released today for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that comes out later this year.The one image I saw was Meghan Fox as April O'Neil in her yellow coat and just looking at the table full of weapons that the Turtles use in the film.This film seems to have some legs going on it because it does look different and the trailers have gotten some good responses and seeing it in 3D does actually have its advantages compared to some films that push it to the limit and then when you go pay 18 bucks to see it you find out it lacks in that overall.

Frozen Soundtrack Tops The Billboard Charts ANOTHER Week

Now I know this is technically a music based article but overall it is about a movie soundtrack so I figured that it would be a pass for this.The animated film Frozen which seems to be taking over america every day and continues to do so.But with its soundtrack filled with the songs from the film it has topped the Billboard 200 chart again for a whopping 13th week.When a soundtrack like this has that type of staying power and is THAT power and along with the fact that they re released Frozen with lyrics to the movies because everybody would be in the theatre singing along anyways so why not add it? But the last film's soundtrack I could think of that has done this kind of damage on the Billboard Charts and doesn't look like its going away is the Titanic Soundtrack with the Celine Dion song "My Heart Will Go On".It would be a surprise if next week or the week after the soundtrack just fell off the face of the earth but I doubt it because every time someone releases a new album now since that movie came out their is articles asking will (Insert Name Here) end up dethroning Frozen on the Billboard Chart because it is THAT Much of a monster and doesn't have any indications of stopping.

The Office Actor Joins Jurassic World

Actor Andy Buckley who is most likely known by most people as David Wallace from the U.S. version of The Office.Having another casting to this although I am seeing pictures and set photos from the much anticipated Jurassic World this will be a good addition because at times on The Office even though that show was hilarious when it was on the air but he could still be serious and play his role well.So I could see some comedy coming from his character and then at the same time since it has to be serious and action filled he could be able to play out both since he will also be cast alongside Bryce Dallas Howard,Chris Pratt,Vincent D'Nofrio,Irrfan Khan.

New Guardians Of The Galaxy Pictures Released

Some new photos were released for the anticipated film Guardians Of The Galaxy.One of the most pushed around pictures is Chris Pratt wearing his Star Lord mask and a few others involving the crew wearing all yellow suits and one with Chris Pratt talking to Zoe Saldana's character in more of a personal role.This film coming out on August 1st is one of THE most anticipated films of the year being as it is made by Marvel and this seems to be like the goofy type of team that will hold you over and you will hopefully fall in love with until the second Avengers film comes to play next year along with every other film coming out that is hotly talked about.

A Million Ways To Die In The West Trailer

22 Jump Street Trailer

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