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Entertainment News For Wednesday 6/11/14

Updated on June 11, 2014

New Star Wars Set Photo And Possible Story Rumor

Since we haven't had an update about whats going on in the galaxy far far away with JJ Abrams world and Episode 7 we finally got some sort of an update today.The update came from Twitter with George Osbourne who released a picture with the caption saying "On set of Episode 7 tonight,Can say that another Star Wars film will be film in UK".Possibly mentioning that the Gareth Edwards led standalone film will be filmed there and the speculation has everything pointing to it being a Boba Fett film which I think any Star Wars fan could get excited about.But the picture that is being talked about has Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy posing on set with just a bunch of random things in the background not giving any real indication where they could be like when Abrams had his Force For Change video and was totally on set and had someone in character come by and even forced him to stop talking mid sentence.No matter what this means which is next to nothing but in Star Wars fans minds it just gets them more and more excited for the film that isn't coming out until next Christmas so they have a while to wait for the greatness to come.

Frank Miller Releases Another Sin City:A Dame To Kill For Trailer

Frank Miller had a conference today just taking questions from fans and hardcore lovers of his work and since he had some hand in making the upcoming Sin City:A Dame To Kill For he decided to treat everyone with the next trailer for the film and it is longer and shows a lot more then the first trailer did which pretty much just teased all fans of the novels and first film that big things were coming in the sequel.Now with the second trailer you see the governor basically getting to everyone in the film who is played awesomely by Powers Boothe in the film and you see Joseph Gordon Levitt,Mickey Rourke,Jessica Alba and many others team up to take down arguably the most powerful man in all of Sin City.Having Gordon Levitt narrate most of the trailer gets you excited because you can tell his character has something to prove and he wants revenge more then anything.Also with the big Marvel news coming out involving Josh Brolin and how some are nervous about the announcement after watching the trailer you do see he has the angry demeanor that he carries in No Country For Old Men and thats what people wanted and missed from him in his other films.I am a fan of the novels as well as the first film and after watching the second trailer it does get me excited for August when it is being released because it shows more onto the story that took so long to come to play but will continue nonetheless.

Standalone Boba Fett Film To Possibly Be Written By Lawrence Kasden

When you look up Kasden's name in you IMDB app or on the computer on the same site you look at his picture and some people would be like "Who is that guy and why is he so special to this universe?".Well once you look into what he wrote screenplays for he did screenplays for Raiders Of The Lost Ark,The Bodyguard,Return Of The Jedi and Empire Strikes Back.I don't know if anyone read the article I did that involved Empire magazine doing the best film ever created but they had just recently listed The Empire Strikes Back as the top film so having him doing two of the main 3 Star Wars films in the main universe you know he is going to have a good hold on the character and be able to embody what is needed for Gareth Edwards to make a great film as well.

Magic School Bus Coming To Netflix In 2016

I think everyone in the world or at least the United States who went to a public school has watched a Magic School Bus episode before to learn something over time.Those episodes are always remembered much like when you got to watch Bill Nye in class as well.But with Magic School Bus they are getting a updated version of the series coming to Netflix in 2016.The show will use CG animation like the original one did so long ago but instead of using the original title the will call it "Magic School Bus 360".I think this is cool for kids growing up to sort of still have something us kids who are in our mid 20's now had when we were younger and maybe it can be more relevant and obviously last longer on Netflix because their isn't a lot of push to do certain things on there just do your own thing and everyone will be happy.

Paddington Gets A Christmas Release Date

The classic children's book about the lovable Paddington Bear is being turned into a film and it has finally gotten a release date.The Weinstein Company has decided to give the film a Christmas 2014 release with a December 12th release to be exact but with it being released around the holiday season then you now know that the little ones have something to see in theaters if you were thinking of going that route this year as well.A picture has released of the bear just standing in front of the house he lives in but a lot of people have taken to mock the picture because it has sort of a creepy feel and in my opinion it does somewhat but who says the story isn't going to be like UP and just be crazy adorable and not like the picture at all? Because thats the first thing you don't want to do is freak out your kids on the holiday season.

Sonic The Hedgehog Just Might Get A Movie

All you Sonic fans out there who still love playing the video games and possibly watching the cartoon series that is now streaming on Netflix.But now their is discussions and talks in the works over at Sony that there could possibly be a feature film about the little blue speedster.The look of the film is looking to be a hybrid of CG/Live Action type film where obviously you would have Sonic and possibly Tails and everyone else if they really wanted to treat the fans and then the character people would be live action players to make it a story and I hope they do decide to do something great but at the same time I want it to be whacky and goofy as well because that sort of is what Sonic is because he is like the calmer Ninja Turtles for how he acts and I think that can be awesome and if they get the same guy that voices him in the cartoons to do it for the films then that would be perfect and already one cast member down and the wagon will start going from there.

Is There A Possibility Of A Mighty Ducks 4 Coming

Now I know the chances of this happening are like a billion to 1 but then again a lot of people in Hollywood didn't think we would ever hear from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers again either and yeah we all know how thats going now.But with the sport of hockey being popularized at an all time high and when the playoffs are on it is sometimes rated as some of the best stuff to watch on television.But could there and would there ever be a chance to get our favorite gang of hockey players together to make one more film just as adults now?? When someone was interviewing Joshua Jackson he said that if the script fell on his table and he was offered to come back as Charlie he would actually consider doing it again to see where all the characters are.When you look at where all the other characters are you have the guy who played Fulton Reed in the films just being attached for the last two Hunger Games films and the man who played the legendary Goldberg acted every now and then but sort of fell off and did his own stuff and now just thinking about it that if they ended up playing in a tournament in the minors then it could be something awesome and even add the plot twist that since Adam Banks was always so much better talent wise that he would be in the NHL already playing for a pro team and decide to come back and play with the old crew again and just having that old feel and being able to hear We Are The Champions attached to a Mighty Ducks movie is like the cherry on top of a very VERY awesome cake.

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D2 Mighty Ducks Trailer

Paddington Trailer

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie-Why Not??


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