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Entertainment News For Wednesday 6/18/14

Updated on June 18, 2014

New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Released

Now I know this trailer was released a day or two ago but with its release it is still flying high off being one of the best trailers being released on the year and having some of the greatest lines and memories that will be seen in the film coming to theatres August 1st.When you watch the trailer you are expecting some amazing song to be played that will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day much like Hooked On A Feeling or Spirit In The Sky did when they were released but with this new trailer you don't get any songs just a score and some awesome new footage.Some great additions to it is new footage of Rocket that everyone will love including Star Lord trying to rally the group together and then Rocket just laughing uncontrollably at him and then yelling that it was real.This trailer was meant for audiences in the UK and it is lucky for them because they get some great footage and something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Next Bourne Film Being Pushed To July 2016

The next installment of the Bourne series will have to wait a bit longer.The films original release date was normally set for August 14th 2015 but now is being delayed until July 15th 2016 which is quite a delay.The last big delay we have had when it has come to something like this was the film Jupiter Ascending which was about 2 weeks to being released then got pushed back to next February for reshoots and fixing of the overall graphics.Jeremy Renner is in place to be back for the next film but the reason stated for the film being pushed is to help polish the script and get everything in order.Director Justin Lin is in the chair and ready to direct for this installment of the series and I know many people want to see another Bourne movie and have the story continue so it should be interesting to see how this plays out.

Doctor Strange Has A Writer In Negotiations

Jon Spaihts who is more famously know for writing the scripts for the films like Prometheus and the new reboot for The Mummy for Universal has been tapped in negotiations to write the script for Marvel's Doctor Strange.With having Scott Derrickson on board to direct and having a short list of 3 names to be the "Sorcerer Supreme".The short list of names started with Jared Leto a few weeks ago then added with Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch being the contenders to forever be known as Steven Strange.Although me myself being a big Leto fan I know that he has a giant tour coming with his band and he has his music career just shooting through the roof right now it could possibly be one of the other two.The Executive Producers on the film are going to be Louis D'Esposito,Victoria Alonso,Alan Fine,Stan Lee and Stephen Broussard.

Jared Leto Replaces Smith In Brillance

Although this report is in early talks yet again much like the Doctor Strange film he is talks for as well Jared Leto is in talks to replace Will Smith in the starring role for the film Brillance.The story that was supposed to be in Brillance was a small 1% of people who have special X-Men like powers keep them in hiding in a futuristic world and when these outlaws who are considered rogue agents try and take over the world Agent Nick Cooper much try and keep everything that is wrong in line with his special powers and there was talk of a partner or love interest as well with Noomi Rapace was in talks to be in the film as well but since Smith left then the whole film sort of stalled out and now everything with it sort of went to a halt and everything with it is now on hold.It would be interesting to see him in something like this and at the same time it is one film and when he passes up the Marvel movie where he could be immortalized as a comic book character he would also have to sign a 8 picture deal because that's the way Marvel does it ever since Robert Downey Jr wanted to get paid for making movies with them so with all these offers coming his way he definitely does have some thinking to do and I never thought I would see him on screen this year or maybe even next year but it may come sooner then that from the looks of it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reveals Shredder

So now after watching many trailers for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you would think we would want either a break or just something brand new and totally different until the films release.Because seeing all the turtles right away then getting a glimpse of Master Splinter in all of his glory which did look sweet and I didn't mind that either but now they basically already played their biggest card in the resort of Twitter.When the picture was released a lot of people didn't know what to think because when you see Splinter you see Shredder and he looks like he is 11 feet tall and is unstoppable.By the way could I also mention the fact that wherever you look in the pictures there is blades and swords and knifes out the wazoo like oh my god.They really nailed the fact that if the Turtles wanted to climb Shredder and then take him down they couldn't because he would just have to lift his arms and then boom! its done because Michael Bay and crew are making it seem like he is going to be THAT powerful.I was one of those people that thought it was going to be weird having the guy from The Dark Knight or Armageddon to be the biggest baddie to terrorize the amazing Turtle crew but at the same time were looking at Mr.Michael Bay who had said that he wanted the Turtles to be aliens from outer space and then when he heard the utter outcry and backlash from it he retracted his statement and made it the way it should be.I do have some faith in this movie but at the same time I am still a little nervous because that Bay name could do so much in little bits of time which is the worst part of all.

First Official 50 Shades Image Released

This image isn't something that will make your girlfriend scream until your brain explodes or totally makes you think like "Oh yeah I get it,I will go see that movie!" but for all the die hards that are patiently waiting and counting down the days for the film to be released next Valentines Day this picture was a highlight of the day for them.The picture basically shows Jamie Dornan or as he likes to be known in character or basically nowadays as Christian Grey just driving a car and you can see him through the window and that's all and this is the first OFFICAL image but getting fans psyched for the film they did release a tiny shot of Dakota Johnson just walking in a hallway so basically for a film being very anticipated and for many MANY fans wanting to see anything and everything about it the films company is keeping everything right under wraps in the best way which is great for them so when it comes out so when it finally comes out everyone that goes will get what they want from it with no disappointments.

Jurassic World Teases Us Some More With A Dinosaur Silhouette

Jurassic World brought the big news today as well with a picture coming from director Colin Trevarrow.The picture which was posted to Twitter is arguably the biggest tease we have gotten for the film so far with what it looks like coming from the grounds and all you see when you look at the shot is a shadow of a Dinosaur.It is something new and something we haven't seen yet in the first 3 films and could be the mentioned dino that has been spliced together and teamed with other mutants and things on the island to make this mega Dinosaur.All you can see in the picture is the GIANT row of teeth and big mouth that it is big enough to swallow a tank.That's all you really get from it for now and I mean I could speculate what it could look like from there on out but I would rather just see for myself when the next picture comes which I have a little feeling is going to be during San Diego Comic Con during one of the big Hall presentation's and possibly even an updated poster as well that people that see and look at until the films release date next year.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy UK Trailer

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

The Bourne Legacy Trailer


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