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Entertainment News For Wednesday 6/4/14

Updated on June 4, 2014

Star Wars Adds Another Director For Its Standalone Film Series

After hearing the news of Godzilla director Gareth Edwards getting the chance to direct the first standalone Star Wars film in the new extended universe that they are creating.They have now added another name to the list of people they are trying to get to start making the films while the basic episodes 7-9 are being made by JJ Abrams over the years.But with Gareth Edwards getting his chance it is now known that Chronicle director Josh Trank is also getting a run at the the series himself.With the speculation being that Edwards will do the standalone Boba Fett film because of its darker tone and Edwards special way of handling that with his films.Now Trank will be able to start helming the younger Han Solo film so that film can have more of an adventure and action taste to it then the dark and brooding that the Fett film may have.Also if Trank does the Solo film it will be nice to see if he adds all the right story lines in the film like him going through the big race to win the Millennium Falcon and then being able to meet Chewbacca and so on.So when you step back and look at it the Star Wars camp is doing a VERY good job placing out their directing duties and making this work well in their favor.

Star Wars Director Abrams Teasing Something For Fans

Today Bad Robot's Twitter page was being retweeted at an insane rate by many film fans and others alike because JJ Abrams took to Twitter and just left a note on what appears to be some equipment and he basically asks in somewhat of a nice tone to "Stop leaking stuff for Episode 7".Now just doing it and leaving a picture kinda of will make people want to do it more but at the end of the day it does leave things up for speculation when it does come time for the first trailer to come out so you as a fan aren't sitting in the theatre going "Oh I have seen that and that".Especially with a film like this this should be as kept as close to the chest as possible since it is a LONG time coming.Also either before or after posting the postcard saying to stop the leaks their was a picture added of a picture that shows Abrams and the core of people there building the Millennium Falcon from the ground up and making it real instead of it being all CG instead.

Dr.Strange May Have Found Their Steven Strange

Now with this report coming out like an hour or 2 ago it could be shot down from Marvel by the end of the night but before you know it it could be confirmed from them as well.But right after signing Scott Derrickson to direct the highly anticipated Dr.Strange film they may have just found the guy to play him in recent Academy Award winner Jared Leto.Leto won his most recent award off of playing transgender Rayon and almost stealing the screen from Matthew Mcconaughey and his character portrayal of Ron Woodruf.He also has had a very chameleoneque type career doing some big budget films and also doing some indie type films that nobody has seen and he only wanted to do for him.The big ones that everyone knows him by is Requiem For A Dream,Panic Room,Fight Club,Lord Of War and some lower known films like Chapter 27 and Mr.Nobody.Back in 2001 He and his younger brother started a rock band called 30 Seconds To Mars and that sort of has been his thing since and oddly enough acting has taken a backseat as of late because his band has become SO popular with the things they have done and the fan base they have gained with their music.I honestly can't go too deep into how I feel about this casting because he is one of my idols and someone I do follow quite a bit so having this casting be true would be HUGE but at the same time it isn't confirmed as of yet so it is a wait and see thing for now..

Jupiter Ascending Pushed Back

The Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis led Sci-Fi film Jupiter Ascending was supposed to be one of the most different and fun films of the year and now it has all changed since it has now been pushed into next year and it isn't even a short push since the film was supposed to be released on July 18th and now it is going to be released in February of 2015.The main reason for the films pushback is the directors of the film needed to do some adjusting on more then 2,000 special effects shots that are in the film.When you read that number I bet it takes you back like wow that is a bit much to do but with the Wachowski's having done The Matrix and Cloud Atlas and those films being visually different films I think they will make up the time just fine and everything will be ok for the film.The only thing that sets them back is trying to add marketing with the right dates now that EVERYTHING has July 18th on it and needs to be changed but it can be handled.

3 Directors Added To Short List For Second Snow White And The Huntsmen

With the production of the 2nd Snow White And The Huntsmen film being on the go but not on the fast track until Chris Hemsworth is done with the second Avengers film the company working with the film has found a short list of 3 directors to take over the project.The 3 names being listed are Frank Darabont,Gavin O'Connor and Andy Muschietti being the front runners to direct the project and yes lets get all the Kristen Stewart jokes out of the way now after what happened in the first film with the director.But when you look at the directors on the list and their bodies of work you and everyone knows that Darabont has done quite a bit of time on The Walking Dead and if he were to join I think that the story could be darker then the first one and even better because certain moviegoers ended up not liking the first one because people thought that the story and Stewart's performance was very dull in the film.But whoever does this they technically don't have a high bar to jump over much like the people over at FOX do with their X-Men franchise because the new film is SO good now they have to build on that but with the first Snow White being sort of a dud then people can maybe be the sequel can be a great one and make people forget how the first one was.

Naomi Watts Joins Divergent Franchise

Naomi Watts has been added on for the rest of the Divergent trilogy as it ends up being released because her character is coming in during the second film Allegiant as the character Evelyn but she will continue her role until the end of the series with the next film as well.Adding her acting talent into the film is great along with having people like Kate Winslet in the first film and her acting talent is just a great thing to have to begin with.But also having the young and ever rising Shaliene Woodley playing the main character and everything she does in her career is just being a hit and with the first film making tons and tons of money overseas it is a no brainer to add an all star cast to the sequel to the next installment of the book series.

The Fault In Our Stars Will Make You Cry..

Now I haven't seen it but with the apparent consensus of the people that have is that the performances given by Woodley and Elgort and company in the film will basically grab your heart and make your tear up as much as possible.If you couldn't tell from the trailers and from the TV Spots that are running around television right now the film is very sad and looks sort of depressing and is in that strain of the occasional Nicholas Sparks books and films.I heard this story is very different from that and I have not read the book I think the last series to film that I have gotten intertwined on was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series but I'm not much a reader but I have heard it is a very special story and something that would be worth seeing on screen.

Penny Dreadful Renewed For Season 2

Showtime's new show Penny Dreadful is getting stronger and better legs with it getting a renewal for a second season.I have heard nothing but good things about this series and how dark and different it can be since most series out right now that are running television are mostly about housewives or mainly reality series so this series being also on Showtime with True Blood closing its doors over at HBO it is nice that Dreadful is getting some more time to tell its story and be able to keep its core fans interested and watching week by week as the season goes on.

How do you feel about a film getting pushed back for re shoots or any other reason?

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Penny Dreadful Trailer

Chronicle Trailer

The Fault In Our Stars Trailer


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